Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flash Report! Gusher Hits Excitement Video in Wichita, Kansas

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from regular contributor Gusher. His location is Wichita, and this is where we pick up our report.

Take it away, sir.


Hello Doc...Gusher here.

I went on June 14,2013, to Excitement Video, Wichita, Kansas. There was a couple inside the store so I went into the theater. They were in their late thirties or early forties. She had a sun dress on and was very good looking. They sat down in the third row and she got up and went back into the store. When she returned they started to play.

I asked if I could move and it was ok. They played then moved to the back row and continued to play. She used the clit stimulater to get off. Another regular came in and he continued to play. He exposed her lovely breasts . Then he had her show off her tight ass. I thought we were going to get some action when another couple came in and sat on the other side of the theater.

He continued to show off the lovely lady. Then when a single male came in and got too close they left. That was it for the rest of the night.
Thanks to Gusher for his report.  Keep them coming, sir.

Coming Attraction! Owlshley at the Adult World in Pioneer, TN TONIGHT!

Doc here with another couple's Coming Attraction!

Tonight between 9 and 10pm, the very lovely Owlshley and her guy will be at the Adult World, 383 Luther Seibers Lane in Pioneer TN.

They are looking for couples primarily. If you are a couple, and want to join them tonight, e-mail me HERE. Please note: Single guys, do not e-mail me asking for their contact info. Just don't.

Long time readers know how hot she is, and are in for a treat if you can get there. Tell them Doc sent you!

Here are a few pics for you...

Owlshly's Gallery