Monday, January 2, 2012

Flash Report! PhillipsPet Back @ The Lido Theater in Dallas (& 6 More HOT Pics)

Doc here with the 2nd dynamite report from one of the Lone Star State's naughtiest girls, PhillipsPet.

Her first report was a huge hit here at The Journal, and received a TON of pageviews from you, the good readers of The Journal.

The good news is that PhillipsPet is back for more, and I think you'll really enjoy this tale from The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

So I recommend you sit back, relax, and enjoy this ribald tale from PhillipsPet and her bad behavior at one of the top adult theaters in the country, The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas.

BTW, all the pics below are the real PhillipsPet (Remember to click the pics, because they are hi-res and absolutely will make your day much better).


Dear Doc-

As you requested, here is another installment of my fun at The Lido with some attached photos.

The Friday evening began with my using an enema to cleanse my rear end and prepare it for fun I was told would occur later in the evening.  I put together an outfit that would allow easy viewing of my titties and access to my pussy and rear end.  Just before we left, my boyfriend lubed my ass and inserted a butt plug there to begin to relax me so it would make the first time easier.  I grabbed my handy breast pump so I could arrive with plump and very sensitive nipples and took turns pumping both of them as we drove the 40 or so minutes to the theater.

We arrived around 8:45, paid the money, and were buzzed into the upstairs theater area.  The place had a nice collection of men but I knew they'd soon be swept away in preparation for the couples only period that was to begin soon.  I went into the ladies room and made sure the plug was well seated and would not fall out at an inopportune time.  All being in order, I rejoined my boyfriend and went into the empty theater.  He had me sit in a chair in the front row and took some photos of me, one of which is attached.  My nipples had responded nicely to the breast pump and looked ripe for the evening!

We were alone in the theater for the longest time before a couple of couples walked in and sat on the other side of the theater opposite from us.  We watched the movie, the usual porn with a white woman with nice titties being fucked by several hung black men.  THAT was exactly what I was wanting to happen that night.  I was openly playing with my exposed nipples and my boyfriend was finger-fucking my pussy bringing me close to the edge and then backing off in a pleasant teasing manner.  I wanted to explode!  I needed some cock in me! 

I told him that and we looked around to see what was happening.  We had not realized that there were more in the theater than before as we had been preoccupied.  He suggested that we leave the theater and stretch our legs with a walk down the hallway to see what was happening.

Various rooms had couples standing in the doorway who smiled at us as we walked by.  I was not totally exposing any part of my body but the outfit clearly suggested I have large breasts and my nipples were feeling proud.  It was also obvious my guy was sporting a rather handsome cock in his loose pants that would love to come out and play.  Our stroll reminded me of movies where sailors walk past doorways with whores standing in them wanting to play for pay.  We wanted to play and it was obvious that others wanted to as well.

We struck up a conversation with a cute black couple slightly younger than us.  He was tall and striking and she was cute and very busty.  Both were nicely dressed and professional-looking.  We went into the room with them to watch a video, popped some quarters into the slot, and walked over to the black couch.  My guy asked the gentleman if he'd like a blow job from me.  He smiled and unzipped his pants and out popped a delicious black cock.  I took him in my mouth as I pulled my top back exposing my titties.  My guy asked the woman if she liked receiving oral sex.  She hesitated for a moment then said yes.  He knelt between her legs and started to do his magic with his lips and tongue. 

While I was sucking her man's cock, I used my free hand to caress her breast.  I am a 38D and her breast felt much larger than mine.  You have no idea how much I enjoy a woman with large breasts!  Fast-forward a few minutes and my black lover is not buried deep in my pussy driving it home and my butt plug is still in place.  My boyfriend has brought his black beauty to several orgasms while I have been sucking her black nipples that were nearly as large as the ends of a man's thumbs.  I felt my lover stiffen his body some as he asked if he could cum in me.  How sweet.  And, of course it was okay. 

Moments later, he pushed his cock into my cervix and we experienced a glorious shared orgasm which almost pushed the butt plug out of place.  We stood up and put our clothes back in place as my boyfriend asked the woman how long she had been teaching school.  Instinctively, she responded with 11 years then, realized she had popped the answer out with out thinking.  She asked how he knew and he had no answer for that.  Obviously, he had shown her other answers.  And, they said we were the first white couple they had ever played with before.  I was doing all I could to squeeze my pussy closed to retain the nice load of cum just given it and we walked out to find another opportunity to add to it.

We walked back into the theater and found the back standing area filled with couples.  We walked in and joined several of them to see what was happening.  My labia were swollen with lust, my nipples hardened like pebbles, I could feel the cum start to run down my legs, and I smelled of fresh sex.  In moments, couples were on either side of us.  I watched as a woman rubbed my guy's cock through the cloth of his pants and felt multiple hands on my body.  I did not care whose hands they were; they felt wonderful as they caressed my titties, pinched my nipples, and rubbed my pussy. 

The lower seam of my dress was lifted and I could feel a cock pressing between the cheeks of my ass, probing me.  I pulled away from the mix for a moment, removed the plug, and dropped it in my purse.  I wanted to feel that cock and take it wherever it wanted to go.  My guy opened my front exposing my breasts even further and started to suck one nipple and soon a dirty blond haired woman was at the other with her guy probing my rear with his cock, which felt larger than most. 

I wanted to take him in my mouth first and make sure he was wet for me.  I turned around and bent down to take him in my mouth.  What a surprise.  She knelt down beside me and joined me in taking turns sucking him.  After swapping back and forth, she turned and spit out a load of cum.  What a waste.  I wanted it.  He was not growing soft so I took him in my mouth again and pulled on his ass to force him deeper.  I could taste the remainder of the load he had fed the other woman and greedily wanted more.  In a few minutes, I was rewarded with a nice mouthful of pleasant tasting cum,  I did not waste a drop and swallowed it all and stood up.

He zipped up and they moved away from us.  Other couples pressed in on us.  My pussy and mouth had gotten the nice gifts from men in the form of creamy cum deposited within and my ass needed some next.  A nice black cock was put out for my inspection.  My God, it looked huge.  He was standing there without a woman next to him but I wanted that think thing badly.  I quickly knelt down and took him in my mouth so see how large I could make that monster grow.  Grow it did. 

I had to feel it in me and stood up taking his black trouser snake in my hand to the back of the closest seat and bent over offering him the pleasure of my body and the entrance of his choice.  In truth, I did not think I'd manage him in my ass and was glad that he chose the other option.  I felt him slide into my very slippery pussy and start to grind.  Hands were on my titties and things were starting to make my head spin.  I was lost in the thing when I felt that familiar build up inside my body.  I had several small orgasms followed by one that weakened my knees.  His nuts emptied into my pussy as he shoved deeper than most can go.  Had my ovaries contained ripe eggs, his sperm would have been most of the way to them because he blasted beyond my cervix deep within my womb.

That was two nice black loads in my pussy and one Hispanic one in my mouth.  My ass was still in need so my guy and I went trolling to satisfy me.

It was not long before we spied a decent-looking single guy standing in the hallway in front of one of the smaller rooms.  After striking up a conversation, my guy asked the gentleman if he liked to give a woman anal and, upon hearing yes, my ass was soon to get its reward.  We went inside and my guy sat down on the couch and told me to make the guy hard. 

When his cock was revealed, it was partially there and of decent looking size.  Longish and thinner, a nice partner for my ass.  When it was hard enough, I turned facing my boyfriend on the coach and bent over offering my ass to the handsome stranger.  My boyfriend started to suck my nipples and finger my clit.  I used one hand to pull one butt cheek away from the other to make the guidance into my ass easier for him.  Cum had seeped out of my pussy and made nice lube and he slid right in.  The finger on my clit, the state of my being turned on, the sucking of my nipple, and the cock in my ass all combined to make me hotter than I had been all evening.  I was ready to use cock and be used by cock.  I wanted it.  I needed it.

I got it!



Doc here again... Thanks again to the lovely & extremely friendly PhillipsPet for another top-shelf report.  I am a big fan of her reports, and cannot wait for the next one to hit The Good Doctor's in-box.

One of the things that makes The Lido a terrific play place for couples are the 16 private rooms available on the 2nd floor.  The rooms are large, and can hold a small or large gathering for a controlled group sex romp.  If you have the chance to visit The Lido, do so.  I guaranty to that it is different than any other adult theater you are likely to visit.

Do you have an adult theater report than you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail J. Jonah Jameson The Good Doctor at , and your resort waiter looking editor will get to work on it.  You get the byline and the glory, and the readers get to live vicariously through you.