Sunday, June 3, 2012

Masturpiece Theater! A Poem by Master Mitch (an ode to CTs)

Doc here... Every so often, I get a submission that is so far out of the box, that it grabs my attention.  This is one of those submissions.

Master Mitch has submitted the first poem in the history of The Journal, and possibly the first poem ever about an adult theater.  So, in the spirit of the 1st Ammendment, and completetly unedited, here is Master Mitch and his ode to FuckMe Fanny, and their fictional (so far) trip to CT's in Gary, IN.



'Twas a slow summer day at a place called "CT's",
99 in the shade, with scarcely a breeze,
Twelve cars in the parking lot, covered in grime;
The owners inside, looking for a good time.

The glory hole booths were not busy, or full;
Just one lonesome faggot, who was seeking a bull.
The guy at the counter was falling asleep;
The boss was too tired to tell him to sweep.

The dancers were bored, the men just weren't attractive;
No wonder their dance cards were totally inactive.
Some bad techno music was thumping away;
Causing some white men to just go away.

The theater held about 8 or 10 guys;
All watching each other, with their beady little eyes.
The movie was dull, very lifeless and boring;
All about some dumb cunt who was constantly whoring.

The A/C was laboring to keep the place cool;
Some perv in the 4th row was stroking his tool.
A slow boring afternoon, no hope for improvement;
When suddenly, within The Force, came a movement.

It started in Orland, and quickly spread east;
It caused a vibration, like the growl of a beast.
A low rumbling sound that gathered in strength;
It gained in it's girth, it grew in it's length.

The windows at CT's were the first to perceive it;
The clerk at the counter was next to receive it.
The dancers looked up, sniffed the air, and exhaled;
Knowing their mission today had just failed.

The guys in the theater sat up with eyes wide;
Feeling, more than hearing, something happening outside.
The fag in the booth sat up straight with a shock;
For the first time he wanted some pussy, not cock.

The rumbling increased; product shook on the shelves;
And those with religion were crossing themselves.
It got ever louder; there was lust on each face;
When a nude FUCKME FANNY strolled into the place.

She followed Mitch in on her leash, that's her duty;
Stood totally still as they gazed at her beauty.
Her nipples were hard; her pussy was drippin',
Her head was a'buzzin', her stomach a'flippin'.

Her beauty was such that it captured the owner;
Pete let her in free, just to service his boner.
First he ran to his 'putor, and sent out the "NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!"
Then into the theater, gettin' ready to plow.

The theater guys, filled with anticipation,
Were busy with their forms of prep masturbation.
Then Fanny, all naked, came into the room;
And every grip tightened, on every womb broom.

She spoke not a word, as Mitch lead her around,
As they all groped and poked her, she made not a sound.
They grabbed at her tits, they pulled on her twat,
Their rough hands and comments just made her more hot.

And what nasty comments they hurled at the girl!
The kind of invectives that make your hair curl.
"SLUT! WHORE! PIG!" They yelled, while copping a feel;
Then Fanny obeyed Mitch's order to kneel.

Mitch picked out 3 twistos, inviting them up;
As Fanny sat back on her haunch like a pup.
"You'll suck these three cocks", Mitch commanded the whore;
"And then they will fuck you, right hear on the floor."

She opened her mouth, and took in the first cock;
A 9&1/2 incher that gave her a shock.
Her hands wrapped around the 2 dicks by her side;
As her pussy grew hotter, her throat opened wide.

She swallowed that dick in a Deep Throat-y way;
Her teeth at his pubic bone, in all the way.
Her newly-found talent amazed Master Mitch;
And He knew right away this was one special bitch.

As she moved back and forth from one dick to another,
A feeling had started that felt like no other.
From her scalp to her toes, such a hot vibrant feeling;
The first 3 dicks set her poor brain a'reeling.

She wanted, [Nay, NEEDED], a whole lot more dicks;
She had a huge hunger that 12 dicks can't fix.
She felt a large cock prodding at her fuck hole;
She wiggled her ass to help slide in the pole.

It stretched out her hole to the point that it hurt;
But Fanny just stuck her head into the dirt.
She soon grabbed another, and licking his sack,
Some perverted damned twisto shot his load on her back.

"MmmmHMMMM!", she sighed, "Cum again if you will.
"Cum wherever you want to, I can't get my fill."
So the hooligans swarmed ever closer to her;
Each wanting to be next to plow her cunt fur.

They picked up our Fanny, laid her down on her back;
Her legs were spread wide, exposing her crack.
Two hands roughly held each leg up high and wide;
While Master Mitch slid a speculum up inside.

"Wanna see what the doctor sees?" Mitch asks the men.
"Look but don't touch, I won't tell you again.
"Later today we will all fuck this bitch,
But for now take a look-see, and thank Master Mitch."

After 33 men and 12 sluts took a glance,
Up what FuckMe Fanny's got inside of her pants;
Mitch asked that the hooligans turn the slut over,
They're eager to help; this is life in the clover!!

With her ass in the air, her head flat on the table;
All three holes are open to all that are able.
Her cunt's been invaded, so now this young lass,
Is about to get really well fucked in the ass.

The room is now filled, with about 50 men,
They're here to do Fanny, again and again.
A line has now formed, the order preserved;
But one VIP has had first place reserved.

Pete steps to the forefront, his smile open wide,
And soon Mr. Pete shoves his tool deep inside.
FuckMeFanny just grins, she's grateful for cock;
And willing and able to fuck 'round the clock.

And that is the plan, fucking all night and day,
To spread her legs wide, and do nothing but play.
To pig out on peckers, and suck lots of pricks;
To open her pussy to scores of big dicks.

Her ass needs a hammering; she's thirsty for cum,
Her pussy is FLAMING, she'll fuck any bum.
The hooligans swarm to the table at will,
All ready to help give the fuckpig her fill.

One by one they invade her, and then two-by-two,
The Chicagoland Twistos won't disappoint you.
However you want to get fucked at CT's,
The hooligans always will do as you please.

So Fanny laid back, all her holes hot and needy;
This was her chance to be selfish and greedy.
Today she can have all the sex she can take;
Like a hungry-ass fatman alone with a cake.

She didn't wait long; in less than a minute,
Our girl had her mouth open, with a prick in it.
Her pussy then felt an invasion of meat;
Slamming home hard with a pain that was sweet.

The cock in her cunt made her cum hard, and twice.
The cum on her face made it feel twice as nice.
When suddenly she felt a big cock at her butt;
It forced it's way in, proving she was a slut.

"Well since I'm a slut," she muttered aloud;
"I may as well do what I can for this crowd.
"Whatever Mitch wants, no matter the act;
I'll do as He says, and that is a fact."

But Master Mitch had nothing more he could say;
The Fanny gangbang was well under way.
The dicks kept a'coming, and cumming, all night;
All Mitch had to do was keep everything right.

The dozen-odd guys that were there at the start,
Turned into a hundred, plus more than one tart.
The ladies were looking to fuck this whore too--
Give a dyke a big dildo, and watch what she'll do.

FuckMeFanny felt raped, invaded, degraded,
This made all her previous sex seem just "G" rated.
She decided to count all the cocks that she fucks;
With a separate column for pussies she sucks.

For no matter how many, or rough they may play,
FuckMeFanny is totally committed today.
"I'll fuck 'em ALL!" She promises, then sucks on a dick,
And opens her asshole to it's 40th prick.

As that cock burrows deep, all the way to her soul;
The hooligans fight to fill her other hole.
Not her mouth; that's already been cummed in a lot;
they turned their attention to her lovely twat.

"Give her ass a nice break, start fucking her good,
"Her pussy could surely use some of your wood."
The rowdies responded, and fucked her cunt, HARD.
The waiting line stretched out the door to the yard.

She felt a big bruising, from pounding her clit,
Her cunt was so sore she could not even sit.
Her pussy's insides were rubbed totally raw,
Her fuckhole spread wider than you ever saw.

She felt such relief, when the last man had cum,
She reached for some water, to clean off her bum.
"My God, I'm exhausted!" She said with a grin;
And thought about all the cocks she let cum in.

"I'm glad that I did it, I'd do it again,
"But let me just rest a bit", she said to the men.
But it wasn't to be, 'cuz that prick Master Mitch,
Brought in 50 more guys to ravage the bitch!

And that is the story of young Fuckme Fanny;
A memory to last till the kids call her Granny.
The total that night was two hundred and six,
And thirty-four pussies, to go with those dicks.

She didn't regret it, Oh No! All was well!
So Mitch then arranged a GB at a hotel.
"I'll need time to recover, till the pain goes away",
So Mitch set it up for the very next day.

"No-no! that's too soon! I'll still be too sore!"
Then Mitch reminded her, she was His whore.
"You'll do as you're told, and you'll like it, you bitch!"
And Fanny remembered, why she loved Master Mitch.