Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blast From The Past: Dr. Luv Reports on Jennifer @ The Pussycat Theater in NYC

Doc here with the return of one of my favorite features here at The Journal, "Blast From The Past".  This series of reports focus on the glory years of times past, where the adult theater scene was very different that it is today.  BFTP typically are centered on the pre-Reagan era, before the Messe Report (read about that here) in 1986.  Adult theaters were mainstream, not tucked away inside adult bookstores as many are today.  The marquees of the porn palaces often stood on the same block as legitimate theaters. You might see "The Right Stuff" on one marquee, and "Planet of The Gropes" on another. 

In the words of Henry Hill..."It was a glorious time..."

Luckily, we have my esteemed colleague and brother physician Dr. Luv here to help us relive those days.  His following report on his friend Jennifer @ The Pussycat Theater in Manhattan from 1980 is an instant classic, just as his report about The Bryant Theater in NYC from this past June (read that article here).
The Pussycat Theater
Manhattan, 1983

Jennifer at the Pussycat Theater
This event happened at the Pussycat theatre in NYC in about 1980. I was dating this brunette at the time named Jennifer who was cute, huge boobs, a little on the chunky side but not so much as you would call her a BBW. I had taken her to see a revival of the King and I (with the now deceased baldy himself - Yul Brenner) at a 45th street theatre. The play was fabulous – even if you’re like me and not a fan of musicals. Jennifer loved it. Afterwards – at her suggestion – she wanted to see a “porn film like Deep Throat because I’ve never seen such a thing”. I thought about it for a half a millisecond and suggested an upscale place – The Pussycat – then located on Broadway (where the Marriot Marquis hotel is now).

The Pussycat was a “high end” porno place (for the time) that had more expensive admission then the grotty versions on 42nd street, and was generally cleaner and had fewer hobos and junkies in the lobby. It was also huge, probably sat about 800 people with a lot of red crushed velvet drapes and seats. When we arrived in the late afternoon of a scorching August Saturday, we slipped into the back row of a virtually empty theater. Jennifer was agog with the action on the screen and whispered in my ear that she could hardly wait to go back to my place to fuck. I remember thinking I didn’t want to wait.
We had been there for about 15 minutes and our eyes had gotten adjusted to the light when there was the unmistakable sound of carnal knowledge floating down from the heavens. Turns out there was a balcony above us and someone was making some very lusty noises. Jennifer said: “I think there’s someone fucking in the balcony…wanna go watch”?  “Ya think”? I responded.
It took us a minute to find the stairs to the balcony and we crept up so as not to disturb the fornicators. We needn’t have bothered. There were two couples with one woman watching as her husband and the other man double penetrated the second woman. They seemed completely oblivious to our arrival.   One of the men was completely naked sitting in a seat with the woman astride and the second dude (who was wearing nothing but a leather vest) pile driving her ass from behind…not a simple task in a cramped theater seat. We stood about 3 feet from them and watched. Jennifer seemed apoplectic with excitement.

Dr. Luv

After a few minutes watching these three fuck and snort poppers, Jennifer pronounced – seemingly to herself – “I want to try that”! The three fornicators stopped and gave Jennifer a long look. There was absolute silence until the woman in the middle of the fuck sandwich said: “do you want to take my place honey”? Jennifer stammered that she hadn’t meant for them to hear her and demurred completely until I gave her some encouragement. Next thing you know her dress is off, she’s impaled on one dudes dick and getting her ass lubed up by one of the woman who was sucking her tiny hard nipples at the same time. The next 25 minutes was some of the finest theatre sex, I have had the privilege of watching…and I got my dick sucked by the second woman. Jennifer kept shouting “fuck my ass” and “give me more poppers” while she gyrated her backside and hovered the cum out of the two guys.

The Pussycat Theater
Manhattan, 1979

Finally, it was done and our four new friends got up to leave. Jenn put her dress back on, sat beside me in the empty balcony and said she felt great and did I feel badly watching her fuck other guys. I told her it was incredibly erotic; what I didn’t know was that I would spend the next 30 years trying to replicate the experience in adult theatres across the continent.
That afternoon wouldn’t be the last time Jennifer and I would see or experience theatre sex together…more about that at another time…
Doc here again... Now that brought back some memories for The Good Doctor from The Monroe Theater in Rochester and The Bexley in Columbus, OH.  Good times.
Thank you Dr. Luv for a great trip, and we are looking forward to your next installment with Jennifer at your side.
Do you have a Blast From The Past from days gone by? E-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Our team will edit your story, format, and put it up at The Journal.  You'll be glad you did.