Thursday, January 6, 2011

Field Report: Annabelle's Adult Superstore in Winston-Salem, NC by Alex and Lauren

Doc here with some very good news.  When a new adult theater opens, it is always a time to be grateful that there is still life in this thing of ours'. Case in point is the following Field Report from long-time contributors to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Alex and Lauren

Enjoy and take notes!
Happy New Year Doc,

We wanted to alert you to a new spot with great potential in North Carolina. We have done a full review on our site (1PlayfulCouple), but thought you might like to pass along the pertinent details to your vast audience.

Annabelle's Adult Supercenter is in Winston-Salem, NC. They have recently opened a theater room, and it is one of the best layouts we have ever seen. After walking down a short a hallway from the retail store area - complete with a cool little window for "peeking" in on the action - you enter a good sized theater room.

Directly in front of the large screen TV is an L-shaped sectional sofa. Think of two couches joined at the corner. They have oriented this like a large V with the "top" of the V facing the screen. This would be a great spot for couples who like their audience to be up close and personal. Even better, this would be an ideal spot for two (or three) couples to play.

The other couches in the room follow this same angle, letting you see the screen and the other half of the room at the same time. These couches are VERY comfortable, by the way, and the mind reels at the possibilities of using them in a variety of ways. Rolls of paper towels are scattered around the room, indicating that ownership has a pretty fair idea of how the room will be used.

At the back of the theater room are two smaller rooms. Both of them have large windows that face the theater. Miniblinds can be opened wide to let the theater crowd see what is going on in the room, should you choose, making this a nice spot for exhibitionists.

Here are the details:
Annabelle's Adult Supercenter
3804 N Patterson Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC

Theater $8
Arcade $7
Discount for admission to both
Ladies are admitted free (with an escort).
Monday is "Alternative Day"
Couples are free on Sundays, Tuesdays and the first Saturday of the month.
We look forward to being able to send you some reports from here in the future. It is a good distance from our place, but I think we can figure out how to make the trip from time to time. There is a lot of buzz among area couples about this place, so we are optimistic about its future.

Alex and Lauren
Doc here again...This looks very promising, and I'm sure I speak for everyone that we are looking forward to the first Flash Report from Annabelle's.  Thank you again Alex and Lauren!


On The Prowl With Kitty Kat: Chapter 2 (with more HOT pics)

Doc here with something even more entertaining than watching Zombie Dick Clark counting down the New Years ball drop this past year. Yes, it's the next installment of "On The Prowl With Kitty Kat", titled "Christmas Shopping and Cock Sucking".   What could outdo Kitty Kat and Tom Kat's first report and smoking hot pics?  Um, this one does. 

Fasten your seatbelts...

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And also remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them, since they are hi-res images.


The good thing about shopping for Christmas presents is not having the kids with us. Luckily, the malls and the adult shops are not too far apart. We started early in the morning giving us enough time to finish off the day with Kitty Kat sucking cock.
We walked into the bookstore and all eyes were on my hot wife. She likes to stroll around  looking at the various toys for  a while and get the guys all worked up. Then she walks towards the booths slowly and lets the men follow her, so they  know what booth we're in. There was only one guy in the store that seemed interested, and he was right behind us.
As I put the money in the machine, she assumed her position on her knees with a few fingers in the hole. Kitty Kat unzipped my pants and pulled them down a began to suck my dick. Soon after, the strangers cock slipped through the hole. Kitty Kat tugged on him pulling him closer and continued to suck on me while she stroked him.
After a short while I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face towards the strangers cock. (Kitty Kat is submissive and enjoys being told what to do). She sucked on his cock and stroked me and vice versa for a good while. Then I got closer to the strangers cock and told her to suck them both at the same time. She has never done this before she told me and was unsure if she was able. I simply told her to do it, with my "daddy knows best" voice, and she did. It felt so good sharing her mouth with another mans cock, and looked so good see her mouth full of dick.
Kitty Kat would suck them both, then his and then mine, then both again, then mine and then his. This continued for a while, and at one point when both cocks were in her mouth at the same time, I came all over her pretty little mouth and the other mans cock.  She moaned and as I slid my dick out, she continued sucking the strangers dick with her mouthful of nut. This must of felt great to him, because it wasn't but a short while until he exploded in her mouth. She then showed me both nuts mixed in her mouth a displayed on her tongue, then swallowed them.
All she could say was "yummmmm".

(Click on the pics to ENLARGE)

You are welcome.
Stay tuned for more pics from Kitty Kat on Friday... Remember to check back to The Journal and check them out.