Monday, October 29, 2012

Flash Report! The Watcher Hits CTs Adult Theater in Gary on Saturday 10/27/12

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from Chicago's southern burbs in Northwest Indiana.  Yes, the scene of the fun was CTs Adult Theater in Gary, and luckily senior Journal reporter, The Watcher, was on hand.

I saw all the reports coming from Gary last night, and was considering fueling up The Lizardo 3000 for a run to Gary, but I was shot by 9pm Saturday night.

Luckily, The Watcher was there, and we are the lucky recipients of his reporting skills.

Take it away, sir.


Your old buddy Watcher here - sending you another report from CT's in Gary.  
I was driving back to the Chicago area Saturday night after a couple of days at my tropical southern retreat.  I was torn between a stop at CT's and a visit to 15th Ave in Melrose Park, and was keeping an eye on the email alerts from both of the establishments.  I chose 15th Ave and was about 20 miles past CT's when I caught an alert that the couple from Kalamazoo, MI had just arrived at CT's and would be staying until the cocks ran out, or until they were kicked out.   I couldn't find the next exit soon enough, and soon was on my way back to Gary.  
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
When I arrived, I saw Miss Kalamazoo and was glad I had made the U-turn.  Miss Kalamazoo is an attractive brunette who is HWP with medium breasts and a nice curvy ass.  Her best feature is a pair of beautiful blue eyes.
I went into the theater to see a nearly full house watching another couple having fun in the front row. There was a chair open next to them, and I started to sit down when the guy barked at me "No touching unless you're invited!"    Doc, the last time I checked, that's the number one rule anyway.  I sat down next to them and watched as they continued their fun. BTW, Mrs. No Touch is a tall brunette who is on the heavy side, but cute in the face with a nice little button nose.
Mr. and Mrs. Kalamazoo came into the theater and sat in the back, and I moved into a seat next to them. They watched the action up front for a while, and after a few minutes they stood up to leave the theater.  I knew they had been going back and forth between the theater and the booths, so I followed them into the booths.  Behind door #2 they went, and immediately rooms #1 and #3 were occupied with hopeful men. 
I waited out side one of the rooms and couldn't help but think how much this reminded me of an x-rated version of "Let's Make a Deal".  I knew where the big prize was, but had no idea whether my choice of doors would end up being the right one.   After a few minutes, out came the couple.  I asked if they were going back to the theater, and they told me they weren't interested in the guys in either room, so they were just leaving until those guys gave up.  I hung close and sure enough, after a few minutes - Kalamazoo and I went back into the booth area.  
They must have liked their choices on both sides, because as I settled in to watch through the hole, Mrs Michigan went to town on the cock on the opposite side.  She sucked, while her husband fucked her from behind.  After contestant #1 spilled his prize, Mrs. "Smitten with the Mitten" turned her attention my way.  
Doc, let me say that I'm always a bit apprehensive about glory holes.  My mommy and daddy didn't name me Watcher for nothing.  They knew how important visual stimulation was to me. I love glory hole porn, but actually participating is a different ball game. You can't see what's going on, and without that visual stimulation, it's very difficult to cross the finish line. 
I've since looked up the origin of the word Kalamazoo, and apparently it's a Native American word that means "the area where animals wounded by Indians crawl to die."   That seems about right as after just a few minutes of what felt like incredible oral talents on the other side of the wall, my balls were empty and the one-eyed Watcher was curling up to die.   Mrs. Kalamazoo didn't seem to want to say goodbye to my meat and she kept playing with it for a while after I came - not giving me a chance to pull away.  I could have stayed put and she probably could have gotten me ready to round two, but I didn't want to deprive others from experiencing her incredible mouth.  I finally pulled back, looked through and said thanks.  
I did stick around, and upon returning to the theater, Mr. and Mrs. "Don't Touch" were still at it.  She was still sucking and fucking and he was still barking orders at everybody not to crowd them.  About the time the exhibitionist couple was finishing up, another couple with a BBW showed up.  I was in the back row again, and next to Kalamazoo one more time.  We were all watching as this new slut wasted no time taking off her clothes, sitting on the table, and announcing to the packed theater "well, doesn't anyone have a cock for me?"   A group of guys quickly surrounded her, and she made it clear that condoms were required for everything.   She proceeded to give attention to as many covered cocks as she could.  
After a few minutes, Kalamazoo was up again and headed out to the lobby. I followed, because as great as it felt to have my cock drained by this Michigan cutie, I was hoping to make it happen again where I could see her in action. It felt like she had some serious deep throat skills, and (being the Watcher) I wanted to see them in action. To my disappointment, they headed for the parking lot.  I soon found out they probably weren't done, just taking a break in the car.  
About that time, another couple with a BBW came in, and headed quickly into the theater.   It was certainly an action filled night at CT's and it wasn't slowing down.  I stepped into the theater, but knew I probably wasn't interested in playing with either of the ladies that were there. I wanted to find a place to sit to continue my reporting duties, but I don't think there were even enough seats for the new couple that had just arrived.  I returned to the lobby, and decided that it was time for me to hit the road.    
Another fantastic night near the Gary Airport for this reporter, and for a lot of other participants in "this thing of ours."
Watcher, signing off.

Doc here again...Many thanks to The Watcher for a action packed yet entertaining Flash report from CTs, one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country.  Keep up the great work, sir.


Couple's Flash Report! Sexy Cpl From Wisconsin at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a dynamite First time Couple's Flash Report from Sexy Cpl From Wisconsin.  Their first trip to an adult theater happened to be at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL  (in Chicago's western burbs), and luckily for them it's one of the best couple's friendly theaters in the country.
From their account, not only was their first trip a good one, they are coming back for more.
Here is the Sexy Cpl From Wisconsin and their Couple's Flash Report...
Hi Doc,
This was the first time S & I ever done this type of thing, and we both enjoyed it. The 15th Avenue Book Store and Theater was a very clean place. We ended up being the only couple there.
We checked out the whole  place and found the video booths. After entering and bringing up a movie, S sat and I unzipped my tool. She took it in her mouth and started to suck and stroke it as a pro that she is. After several  minutes of  enjoying her mouth I  pulled her up and turned her around. As she  bent over I lifted her short denim skirt exposing that perfect ass and pussy to my now throbbing cock.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
As I slid my cock in S, I heard a moan of pleasure come from her. We fucked for a few minutes to get her pussy well lubed, then stopped to go into main theater.
We took a seat in the last row of the couples section. There were 10 to 12 guys watching us. S took out my cock and leaned over and started to suck on it as I pulled up her skirt to expose her to the guys moving closer for a good view of her now very wet shaven pussy. Now the guys pulled out their cocks and started stroking to her rhythm as she went up and down my cock. I was fingering S's hot pussy, which was making her even wetter. She then sat up and said she wanted her pussy eaten, so I knelt down between her now wide spread legs, and began a ten minute munch and lick session. She was moaning in pleasure as I licked her to a long orgasm.
We then sat back and she spread her legs over the row in front of us so I could rub her clit and swollen pussy. As I started to suck on one of her exposed tits, she motioned for one guy to come closer that was stroking his cock. She started playing with it as she leaned forward to lick the head of his cock. Very shortly afterwards he shot a very large load of his cum all over her arm, chest and inside of her leg.
After cleaning up we got up and went to the bookstore and purchased a t-shirt and a outfit for S to wear next time. As we where doing this, the young man came out and thanked S for getting him off and she told him "no, thank you! It was my pleasure."
We then left saying we will be back soon. S says next time if he is there, she wants to fuck him. Will let you know how that goes.
Sxy Cpl From Wisconsin
Doc here again... Many thanks to SCFW for an outstanding first report, and it was good to see that their visit to 15th Avenue in Chicagoland was productive and fun.  Keep up the great work, and keep submitting reports.