Thursday, May 17, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Jim & Chris' Latest Adult Theater Adventure (w/6 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with big smile on my heavily mustached face... Jim & Chris are legendary in this thing of ours. Photos of their theater play have been spotlighted on the interwebs for years, and feature the lovely Chris with playing nicely with strangers and semi-strangers. And the photos that accompany their reports are of the actual scenes in which they participated.

This report is no different.

Here is Jim & Chris with their latest adventure, and with 6 very real HOT theater sex photos of the actual event! (Click on the pics to ENLARGE them!)


Hey Doc,

I haven't sent you anything for sometime, but here's a report of an incident a few weeks ago. And again, it's about my wife and her boyfriend who loves taking her to a theater and sharing her.

We entered the bookstore where you pay to get into the theater, and I was a ways behind my wife and her boyfriend. When I got there he'd paid for himself and my wife. I paid my fee and followed them to the theater. Upon entering, there was 3 other guys there, as it was in the afternoon and not too busy.
My wife and her boyfriend immediately went to one of the wooden speaker boxes and he took her coat off and put it on the box. She was left naked except for the hose and garters (the only things she was left wearing). He laid her on her back on the box and he stripped down and went right between her legs and started fucking her.

Two of the guys had followed them to the back and had their dicks out stroking them. After a few minutes, her boyfriend told them that they could jack off on her tits if they wanted, and if they had a condom, they could fuck her too. One of the guys, an older guy quickly left and returned with condoms he'd just bought in the bookstore. Her boyfriend, slipped out of her pussy and let the guy take his place. He had a bit of trouble staying hard as the situation was unusual and he kept saying that no one would believe him and it'd never happened to him before.

The old guy fucked her for a bit and backed up and her boyfriend told her to get up and go down in front of the screen. He and my wife walked down naked and me not hearing what they were saying, she laid on the floor and he proceeded to get on top and fuck her there. After several minutes, he got her up, took her back to a speaker box and fucked her again, this time the old guy jacked off on her tits. Her boyfriend fucked her to completion and then had her clean off, get dressed and we left.

Jim & Chris


Doc here again... In terms of documenting an event inside an adult theater, we have seen the two best in that department today @ The Journal. M&S do a great job at The Art Cinema in Hartford, and Jim & Chris perform at a very high level inside their local adult theater in Colorado.

Speaking for the rest of the readers at The Journal, we thank you and please almighty God, don't stop doing what you do.


Couple's Flash Report! M&S Add In Their Two Cents On The Art Cinema and Route 20 News

Doc here with a couple of observations from the naughty two-some of M&S from Hartford.  And of course, and bonus photo of the lovely S.

Hi Doc, M&S here...Just wanted to drop you a note on 2 stories you recently published.

Regarding the story on May 9th by Tomkat, where he talked about the couple in the balcony at the Art Cinema with the camera light on for the guys downstairs to view. The guy was actually taking a video with his camera phone. I grew up in the same town as them and have known them for about 25 yrs,and they usually visit the Art during the afternoon on weekdays.

2nd story is the one by Chauncey Gardiner on May 14th. The Route 20 ABS and Theater is a nice clean place, but don't know about too much couples playing in the theater (maybe in the booths). What Chanucey didn't say in his story is that there is a video surveillance camera right above the screen and is VERY obvious, and it is being watched by the counter person. I have actually seen the counter guy come in and stop a guy watching his wife take on about 4 guys in the theater about 4 months ago.

Finally, this weekend or next we should be back at The Art Cinema playing and taking pics in the balcony. Also want to wish the owner of the Art a big GET WELL SOON from M&S (doing that thing we do).

We tell lots of couples from The Art about your site and wish more would submit stories of our great times there. Here is a pic of (S) doing a little solo act! I hate submitting a story without pics LOL.

Talk to you soon.   
The Real "S"


Doc here again... Thanks again to M&S for another solid report from The Insurance City of Hartford.  We are looking forward to your next report and gallery of new pics from The Art.  And I'd like to join M&S in saying GET WELL SOON to the owner of The Art. 

Also, a friendly reminder to all the good readers of The Journal...  Comments are now activated on all reports.