Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Public Service Announcement! Adult Super Center in Paaltka, FL - RAIDED!

Doc here with a Public Service Announcement from senior reporter JaxBchBum...



From the posts sure looks like you have been making the rounds and enjoying the good life.  My assignment outside the country has ended so hopefully can start providing some reports again.  Had a chance to visit Pure Pleasures in Orange Heights recently with a rewarding experience.

Wanted to let you know that I picked up a story in the Jacksonville paper that the theatre and arcade area at the Adult Super Center in Palatka FL was raided late last month with 4 arrests plus the clerk on duty at time.  Four arrested were charged with lewdness after an undercover detective went into the theatre and witnessed the men masturbating.  Clerk was also arrested for "operating a structure of lewdness". 

They must have just been cited as there is no record of them being booked in the Putnam County jail.  One news report said all 4 men were from outside the area and gave their names but not their cities of residence.  Business has operated there since 2001 with an arcade, although the theatre was added maybe 5 years ago when they remodeled.  Not a hotbed of couple's activity as the theatre layout is not that conducive to couples play, but hate to see a theatre put under this spotlight.  I'm sure that the fact that this is a first-time sheriff who is facing a tough re-election and the primary coming up in two weeks had nothing to do with conducting the raid. LOL.


Flash Report! Swing Shift Theater in Toronto by Asslvr

Doc here with a terrific first time report from Asslvr.  His travels take him far and wide, and in this report, he reports on Swing Shift in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill.

Enjoy the report!


Hey There Good Doctor,

Asslvr here. I've been a recent new fan of your blog and been fairly new to this "Thing of Ours" as a participant. Definitely been interested in the Theatre fantasy for quite some time but just starting to venture out and explore. I'll submit a few more reports in the future.

I'm based in Toronto and been to Swingshift a number of times. Got word of this place thru Velvet Skye but never met up with her. I've also had some fun at Loft 18 downtown TO and visiting the classic Metro Theatre.  

The Lovely Velvet Skye
Swingshift theatre is a great place in Richmond Hill with two small theatres with TV's, 1 gay and 1 mostly straight but with two open adjoining rooms. I previously thought it had closed down but was recently advised it's still open but you need to enter thru the back of the building. Basic metal seating chairs in each room, no leather love seats or nice theatre chairs like at Jolar, Bartnette Superstore in San Diego or Deja Vu in Ontario CA. Small and good exposure for exhibitionists that want to get down to business. Two private rooms that can be rented for a very low cost. Management is very accommodating.

I had visited SS a number of times without any luck in couples play. Eventually I got to first base on a Sunday late evening. A couple had come in, an attractive blond medium build blond with an older gentleman. Both were intent on watching porn in the front room without much interaction with others. I positioned myself across from them standing stroking my cock as well as 3 other men in the room. I kept making eye contact with the blond and she had this disgusted look on her face. I found this a bit odd considering where they were. This went on for about 30 minutes with no activity.

The couple  then got up and moved to the adjoining theatre in the back but took the front row and left a seat beside her on the left. I quickly fill this spot with her hubby on the other side. Others went behind and another guy with a huge cock positioned himself in front but back a few paces. It was obviously "Go Time" as myself and other started to fondle Blondie. She was definitely enjoying this and it quickly expanded to her jerking off my cock as well as the large membered guy in front. Her skirt was pulled up and panties pulled aside. I started to finger her wet pussy as she started to suck my throbbing cock. Her sucking didn't last long (not sure if she was into sucking) and resumed jerking off me off and others groping her. At one point the big cock guy was trying to position himself to fuck her but she pulled back,

With a flurry, both myself and guy in front came on her tits and then the door opened and the staff was getting ready to close up for the night. Quite literally everyone zipped up and was out of their in 60 seconds with out talking.  Quite a funny abrupt ending as I was sitting in my car thinking "What Just Happened????"

I did return on a Sunday a few weeks later and saw the same couple. Being new to "This Thing of Ours" and not well versed on etiquette, I was too eager to get things going based on my previous experience.  They were in the same seats as the previous "Go Time" so I took the same seat and pulled out my cock. I must say I was really throbbing in my pants leading up but got quickly deflated when she leaned over and said "No Thanks". Big shrinkage after that. They stayed a bit longer and had a private room but didn't invite anyone back. Pickings were few that night and I guess I was not their type or came on too strong.

I have a few more recent experiences that I can share at Swing Shift, Loft 18 and Jolar in San Diego but this was a starting point for my reporting. Hoping to meet up with a couple this weekend and also going to try to visit Hollywood Erotic Boutique next week in Seattle. I'm still a rookie at "This Thing of Ours" but willing to learn.

All the best.    


Doc here again... That was a terrific Flash Report Asslvr!  Written like a seasoned veteran of this thing of ours.  Keep the reports coming, sir!


Flash Report! JaxBchBum Reports on Pure Pleasures in Orange Heights, FL

Doc here with the return of another senior reporter here at The Journal, and it's none other than JaxBchBum.

It's been a long time since JBB has submitted a report, and that is about to change. 

He's back. He's personable. He's an excellent driver.  JaxBchBum is back and better than ever.

This is an action packed report, so let's jump right on in...


Hey Doc,

Back in country after being on assignment in lands far away for last 6+ months where even the thought of viewing porn will get you arrested at a minimum and possession could get you executed.  Nothing like being back in the good ole USA and the land of freedom and being able to enjoy this thing of ours.  Tried to make up for lost time with frequent visits to some theatres in FL and GA but nothing of any merit to report until my latest visit to Pure Pleasures (address located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Arrived on a Sunday afternoon about 1:00, paid the $20 admission (couples free) and went into the cool, dark theatre which was a great escape from the 100 degree temperature outside.  Looks like they have exchanged out some of the couches and even added one.   I was the only one there and took up a spot in the second row where I could see others when they came in and have a good view of where action normally occurs.

Pure Pleasures
Orange Heights, FL
I had been there for about an hour with some single guys coming in and out, but not much else.  After a bit, I heard the door open and a female voice.  A couple in their early 30s came in and stood at the back.  She was attractive with shoulder length dirty blondish hair wearing an orange T-shirt and jeans (not a good sign).  She had a pleasing smile and looked a bit like Deborah Messing except for the hair color.   He had a crew cut and was built like a defensive lineman; nobody was going to mess with him.  They stood there for a bit and then exited the theatre.  I figured they were just curiosity seekers, but about 10 minutes later they re-appeared.  Again they stood at the back although he was mostly behind the entry door partition so I could only see her. 

After some casual conversation between the two of them, the action started to heat up.  I noticed his hands come out and slip under her T-shirt and start rubbing her ample tits.  He kept trying to lift the shirt up but she would keep pulling it down for a bit.  Finally he moves directly behind her and reaches around and starts rubbing both her tits.  After a bit he lifts the shirt up and exposes a pair of lovely D-sized, natural tits with erect nipples.  This goes on for a bit and then I notice that her hands are working behind her.  She has been either rubbing his cock through his shorts or has taken it out and was stroking - I couldn't tell for sure.  After a bit, the answer was revealed as they move away from the entrance way and to the side of the back row couches and she squats down and starts sucking his cock.  She was quiet but took him all the way in while playing with his balls and he kept rubbing her tits.  I was hoping to see more of her, but after she got him to cum and swallowed, they left.  But the best was yet to come.

About an hour later an older man (late 50s, early 60s) and a younger (40s) woman comes in.  He is wearing shorts and a T-shirt and she is wearing a short sun dress top and pair of short-shorts.  He looks like your typical older college professor (University of FL is 12 miles west of the theatre) with balding forehead, wire-rimmed glasses.  She was attractive with light brown hair and was very slender. I will call them the Professor and Ginger.  The sat in the back row corner right behind where I was seated so my view was limited unless I turned around.  They chatted back and forth for a while and I thought nothing was going to happen.  Next thing I hear is a bit of a slurping sound and Ginger has bent over and started sucking his cock and she is still fully dressed.  This would go on for a few minutes and then he would evidently get close to coming so she would sit back up wait a bit and then resume.  This cycle repeated several times until the door opened and another couple came in and sat down in the couch next to them.

I thought I had seen this couple before but it had been so long ago I wasn't sure.  She had a solid build (not heavy at all but not thin) with a large set of tits under her navy blue knit top and was wearing a dark blue skirt.  Like the guy earlier, he was built solid as a rock.  I will call them Rock and Lady.  As they sat down, Lady's skirt rode up her leg and I could tell she was either panty-less or wearing a G-string as there were no side panty panels to be seen.  After giving them time to get comfortable with the surroundings, I glanced back and saw that Lady had her legs spread with one draped over Rock's leg and he was rubbing her smooth pussy.  This apparently gave the Professor and Ginger the green light as they resumed their action while being watched.  Clearly she had no panties on coming in.

The professor got bolder and stood up, slipped down his shorts and stood in front of Ginger while she gave him a loud, slurping blowjob.  He was well hung with a thick 6-7" cock and she was taking every inch of it.  I noticed that he turned to give Rock and Lady the best viewing angle and they both watched off and on, while Rock's fingers became more and active on Lady's pussy and he started finger fucking her as well.  Lady evidently was getting turned on by the action as she would push against his hand at times and often would lean her head back and close her eyes in a sign of ecstasy.  After a bit Lady's skirt came off completely.  The couples were feeding one another as the next thing I know, the Professor has Ginger laying back on the edge of the couch with her sun dress top pulled up, her shorts off (how did I miss that?) and he begins to fuck her all kinds of ways.  They change positions from front to doggy with intervals of him eating her pussy and she sucking his cock. 

Action is going full steam when all of sudden the door opening is heard and everyone quickly covers up.  One guy comes in and sits in the row I am seated followed by another guy a couple minutes later.  They evidently were more interested in a sausage fest as they took little interest in the couple play that had resumed albeit at a more discrete level and then left after about 15 minutes. 

The Professor and Ginger quickly resumed their fast-paced action with him eating her pussy and then starting to fuck her.  Meantime, couple #2 was watching with excitement while he continued to give her pussy loving strokes.  Interesting, I never saw her rub his cock through his shorts so he evidently was all about pleasing her.  After more fucking, with Ginger pleading for the Professor to cum inside her, he evidently did so.  They relaxed for a few minutes and then got dressed and left telling Rock and Lady to "have fun". 

It was seriously past the time I was supposed to leave to get back to Jacksonville but I wanted to hang around to watch Rock and Lady some more.  I stood up and slipped my shorts down to show my erect cock and watched while Rock finger-fucked Lady.  After I bit I sat back down and turned in the couch so I could watch them.  They clearly enjoyed being watched and I was trying to determine if they wanted more as each time she would look at me and see me watching she would push out with her pussy or spread her legs a bit more.  After a bit, she pulls her arms out of her top and slips it down to expose those lovely breasts and begins rubbing and licking them.  Lady must sun or tan nude as there wasn't a tan line on her tits or her waist and she was well tanned.  She could tell I was getting turned on by the action and slips off her top and comes and stand behind me.  I reached up and begin rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples that got harder and harder.  Her skin was so smooth and soft and felt so wonderful to touch.  She bends over and begins stroking my cock and I seize the opportunity to lick and suck on her breasts.  She gets me close and backs off and I reach down and begin rubbing her ultra smooth pussy lips and clit which turned her on.  This went on for a few minutes and then she went back and sat down. 

At this point I was almost 2 hours past my planned departure time and needed to go.  Lady had told Rock that she needed to go out for a minute.  After she left, I pulled up my shorts to leave and told Roc that he was lucky to have such a beautiful and hot lady.  He said thank you.  I was hoping to see Lady on the way out as I thought she said she was going out to the car, but I didn't see her.  Hopefully they might be readers of your blog and recognize my description of them.  I hope to see them again in the near future and continue our mutual pleasures.



Doc here again...Good to have you back, sir, covering Florida like a blanket for the Journal.  Keep the reports coming!