Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio

Happy Sunday to you, ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea from The Good Doctor.  It's been frigid here in The Valley, but that won't stop us from sharing a few minutes together.  So pop open a Fanta and pull up a chair.
  • A big thank you to you, the good readers of The Journal.  The Journal experienced it's highest traffic week to date, and it's single busiest traffic day ever this past week.  You folks are awesome, and the e-mails I get from new readers on a daily basis show me that this thing of ours' still has plenty of life left in it!  To that point, check out the world map on the right hand side of The Journal to see how wide-spread interest is in adult theater sex.
  • I am very encouraged by the positive reports I am reading from The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta (Doraville).  The reports have consisted of one and two-liners posted in various Yahoo Groups, so I hope some of you out there who have visited TCABH recently can provide a solid Flash Report for us. Please and Thank you.
  • There was a rumor going around the intertubes last week about possible vice squad activity at The Lido in Dallas.  I got in contact with The Good Doctor's good friend Larry in Dallas, and he wasn't aware of any issues @ The Lido.  Can anyone out there provide any additional info?  E-mail me direct at
  • Another adult theater that is doing better and better is 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater (and Spa) in Melrose Park, IL.  Mid-week reports are frequent at what is possibly the best overall facility (theater cleanliness, spa and locker room conditions, discreet parking) of any adult theater in the country.  If you read The Good Doctor's Twitter feeds, hardly a day goes by where there isn't a Clicker tweet from 15th Avenue.
  • A big thank you goes out to Kitty Kat and her guy, Tom Kat on their regular contributions to The Journal the last few weeks. And there is much more to come in the form of great stories and hot pics.  Join their Yahoo Group here.
  • Speaking of Tweets, follow The Good Doctor on Twitter at The tweets highlight adult theater action taking place in locales like Chicago, Gary, Portland. I will also re-Tweet my good friend Major Voyeur's Tweets of adult theater activity in the St. Louis area. Anytime you see "The Clicker", you should take notice.
  • Adult theater activity in Las Vegas continues to be very hit and miss, according to our good friend Velvet Skye.  She is out in Vegas for the AEE and the AVN awards. She stopped by Babes Adult Theater on Monday night, and it was DEAD (even after I promoted in frequently here at the Journal, and she at her own website). She and Mr. V ventured downtown  to another theater with similiar results.  Disappointing.  The real question is how was the action at the Green Door, Power Exchange, or the Red Rooster?
  • Coming up this week will be the long-awaited New Years Eve report from Brent in Portland, as well as Bob in Biloxi with his new regular column, "Cruising the Coast".  A new House Call Report from The Good Doctor on his recent visit to CTs in Gary, IN. Sprinkled in between will be much more from this thing of ours'.
Have a great week everyone.


Field Report: 7 Theaters - 7 Reviews by Sam

And now for something a little different... Doc here with a report from first time contributor Sam.  Sam was kind enough to provide a mini-review of 7 adult theaters, complete with a rating for each.  This kind of report is exactly what we (OK, I) are looking for: Recent in the field intel on adult theaters that don't get the type of publicity that the theaters in Portland, San Diego, and Chicagoland receive.

Here is Sam's report...


Hello Doc,
Came across your blog by chance, when I was in search of good adult theaters. I have been to several theaters in various states. The best so far is the Lido in Dallas, TX.  Here are the reviews:


VA - Waverly - Waverly Adult Books &  Video: Rating 1/5

Took a long ride to reach this place in the middle of nowhere. Several
video booths with glory holes and one theater with cushions. Pretty
worn out place, and old movies and setup. This place is good mainly
for men2men. Got a theater and plenty of booths with gloryholes. Around
15-20 men all over the place. so couples may not really seem
interested in playing in the theater. Video booths are so small that
couples cannot do anything thing inside. Maybe they can blow someone
in the next booth. If u r a gay or a bi, then this place is for you,
otherwise not. Can go in and out of the shop, but cannot leave the
parking lot.

NJ -  West Berlin - Berlin News Agency: Rating 2.5/5

One small theater and several small lounges. Lots of men. Entry
only once into the theater/lounge area. No in and out of the theater.
Good quality screens and videos.

NJ -  West Berlin - Red Barn Adult Theater & Arcade: Rating 3/5

One small theater, several small lounges, and video booths. Lots of
men. I was lucky to see some action from a couple. Can go in and out
of the shop, but cannot leave the parking lot. Good quality screens
and videos.

NC - Gastonia - Carolina Video Exchange (CVE): Rating 3.5/5

Large theater and several video booths with GH. Good quality screens
and videos. Staff somewhat intrusive. Can go in and out of shop 3
times, but cannot go out of parking lot. Lots of men, but few couples
come in during the night.

NC - Raleigh - Capital Blvd. Books and News : Rating 2.5/5

Dirty booths and lounges, not very inviting, but has a small room for
couples which is somewhat better. Can go in and out any number of
times, till store closes. Average quality screens and videos.

NC - Raleigh - Triangle Video Fantast: Rating 3/5

Lots of booths and lounges, good quality screens and videos. Can go in
and out any number of times, till store closes. Lots of men, did not
see any women or couples. Overall average place.

TX - Dallas - Lido Theater: Rating 4/5

By far the best theater I have been to. 1 straight theater , 1 gay
theater and several private rooms. Well maintained, friendly crowd,several
couples and woman come in all the time. Couples night on weekends.
Lots of action. No in and out of the shop, but can go in and out of the theater.
Doc here again... A great report from first-timer Sam.  That's how you do it, ladies and gentlemen.  Put pen to paper, and put down what you saw and experienced.  Send it off to The Good Doctor, and bada-bing, bada-boom, you report is up. 

Thanks again Sam! Looking forward to your next report.