Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flash Report! Chauncey Gardiner at The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here, a man who some say can kick a meatball with enough force to break the sound barrier, with a Flash Report.  Senior reporter Chauncey Gardiner made a recent trip to Hartford's always awesome Art Cinema, and has filed this report with the news desk (me).

Take it away, sir...
Hello Doc and readers,
Had the chance to go to the Art Cinema on a Friday afternoon to see a couple that advertised on Craigslist that they were coming to put on a show with some possible touching at 12:00 noon.

I arrived at about 11:50, and Ralph had already started the movie for the dozen or so early arrivals, including the couple who advertised. At precisely noon, the regular feature started up, and the couple started putting on a show from the front row of the balcony, and the wolf pack started to assemble in front of the screen and the seats below.
After about 20 minutes, the couple came down stairs and apparently met a gentleman they knew in the lobby. They proceeded to the open row at the middle of the left hand side of the theater, and sat down right next to me, where I had been patiently waiting, as all experienced participants in this thing of ours do.

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT

The lady was very attractive, with shoulder length black hair, wearing a black dress that was unbuttoned down the front to reveal her black bra & panties. She started by kissing one of the guys, and then the other.

At that point, the pack swarmed around her, and most of the 40 guys who came to the theater were in her face and space. I put up a hand and said, "guys, you need to move back and give her some space." They did, but it was too late. The three of them got up and lucky for us, instead of leaving, headed back up to the front row of the balcony where they proceeded to put on quite the show. She was very vocal and at times was louder than the movie.

They played until 1 PM, and then the 3 left.Guys, I cannot emphasize this enough. You got to give the ladies their space and be patient, otherwise everyone loses. If you are that horny that you've got to swarm a woman like she's fresh meat, then you need to take a cold shower or rub one out before you get to the theater. What could have been a really fun time almost turned into a total disaster.
-- Chauncey Gardiner
Doc here again... Many thanks to Chauncey Gardiner for another insightful report from Hartford's Art Cinema.  Chauncey is 100% correct - Guys, please give the couple's space and BE PATIENT. I have been preaching Dr. Emilio's Golden rule for years now: "Be patient, and good things will happen."  This almost disaster could have been avoided if the guys took a deep breath and let things happen organically.
As you were...

Flash Report! Stick Envy Hits Airport Video in Everett, WA

Doc here with a first-time Flash report from newcomer Stick Envy. SE visited Airport Video in Everett, WA, and came up a winner (more than I ever have there).

Fasten your seatbelts...



Just discovered your site a few weeks ago. Relative newbie to the scene. I've checked out Airport Video in Everett a couple of times, never any good results. Usually the older guys sitting in the theater watching you stroke your cock.
However, this past Wednesday, 9/25, had a great time! I saw a post on Craigslist, a guy was taking his girl at around 9pm to suck some cock. So I showed up about 8:45 and got my theater ticket.
Airport Video
Everett, WA
As I was buying my ticket, a couple came in behind me. She was a bit curvy, but cute, and looked like some possible action. I saw they were buying tickets to the theater, so I hastily made my way in to find a good seat.

There were only about 4-5 others in the theater, everyone perked up when they walked in. Alas, they sat in the front row and whispered to each other about the movie, never looking back at all. When they got up, a few of us followed and they went to the video booths. Someone slipped into the booth beside them. Didn't look like much action, if any, from her going on.

However, in walked a 40-something MILF with her BF in a tight dress and looking good. They went into a booth and before I could get there, someone hopped in beside them. I milled around a bit, waiting for my turn in either booth (there were now 2 couples in the booths). I could see there was definitely some cock getting sucked by the newcomer. So I milled there with the others waiting for a turn.

The first guy left with a smile on his face and another guy quickly took his place. Apparently this guy was a dud, he just sat in the chair watching. He wouldn't leave, so they switched booths and I happened to be in the right place at the right time to get in beside them.

I peeked through the hole, she was in the chair, her skirt up so that you could see all, and her mouth working her chaperone's cock. I whipped mine out, waited for the beckoning finger, and slid through into a heavenly mouth. Being a gentleman, I politely tapped the wall as I was about to blow, she kept working on it and swallowed it all. Hoping that these ladies frequent this place often, I'll definitely be back!

And to the respectful, be cool, and don't ruin it for everyone else. Patience. The ladies will not tolerate otherwise and we want them to keep coming back!

Stick Envy


Doc here again... Many thanks to Stick Envy for his first Flash Report!  Welcome to the club, sir. Keep the reports coming fast and furious.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flash Report! One Shot @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago on 9/21

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from an adult theater near and dear to your old friend's heart: 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs (address in the database).  Regular contributor One Shot has stepped up to the free throw line, with a 3 to make 2.
Take it away, sir!
Hi Doc,
I’m older and I’ve been in this thing for a while. It takes a lot to blow me away. But Saturday afternoon (9/21) was that kind of day.
I heard there was a pickup game over at 15th Ave Bookstore & Theater. So, old One Shot headed out to join the fun. The lot was full of cars. That, however, isn’t always the perfect indicator but it usually portends good things to come. I step into the theater, let my eyes adjust – aka scan the couples section—and there was no one there. But behold the familiar sounds of my kind of game. The live moans drifted upward, floating in the air with the sounds on the screen. In this thing of ours it’s the call of the wild.
For those who don’t know, the movie screen at 15th is, well, like being at the movies. And the room behind the screen is a dimly lit play box. It’s not tiny but it can fill up quite quickly when things get cooking. I walked in and the game was in progress. A bbw and another sexy chick with tats were on the massage table. The bbw was sitting on the edge of it sucking cock like a hoover. Good lord that woman had focus! The sexy chick was taking her man’s cock from behind and waiting for cock in her mouth. Believe me she didn’t have to wait long.
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
Now the guys at 15th are well behaved for the most part. But they have a tendency to gawk like stalkers. They crowd around, which is great for women who like to be watched by the wolf pack, as they are endearingly referred to, but guys standing there jacking it with a glazed look in their eyes can be off-putting to some.
In this instance there was a huddle in the corner of the room. The pack was staring, the dull glow in their eyes letting me know they were more into watching than touching. So I cut into the line of self-serve cocks and oh my God!!!!!! Two gorgeous women were making out in the corner. One had on heels and a black top and dress. The other beauty had on a blazer and jeans, a playful scarf wrapped around her neck. They delicately exchanged tits and tongues in mouths. One of the milf’s husbands eventually joined in. He, a handsome black guy, moved her scarf to the side and nibbled her neck. He looked like a vampire toying with his prey, while she caressed his wife’s face as the wife nuzzled her breasts.
Don’t want to lose my man card here, but the energy between them was awesome. It wasn’t just theater fun, Doc., it was magic. They looked like they were ready to make love. And I gotta’ tell you, nothing says lovin’ like beautiful lips on tits. Imagine a high school make out session with the smoothness and ease of mature hands and welcoming lips. It was sensual! It was utterly Roman!
You didn’t want to touch. You didn’t want to bother them at all. You just couldn’t penetrate the magic. So I stood there with the pack. I don’t know how long, maybe a minute maybe an hour, that glazed look finally overtaking me. My zipper at some point opened, and I took my one shot, right in my hand.
You know what? That day I understood the wolf pack. For a few moments there was nothing I could do but watch. Freakin’ beautiful, really it was….
One Shot

Doc here again... Many thank to One Shot for his outstanding report.  One Shot, while not contributing that often, makes it count when her does.  I like his writing style and pacing, as he transports you to the middle of the scene he is witnessing. Keep up the great work, One Shot!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Wednesdays > Tuesdays

Doc here, a man who some say speaks 8 languages, all badly, with a quick note from my desk deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.

The Good Doctor wanted to get an additional report out yesterday for you, the good readers of The Journal, but this was not meant to be.

Wow, did Tuesday suck for The Good Doctor.  The day started off great, with a very productive meeting in regard to the secret project I am working on with one of the top adult theaters in the country. That meeting took me until noon, and then the wheels came off.

Then in an effort to put this day into perspective, talk it through, and move on, and with daylight just around the corner, the fenders then came off the wheel-less car. It was like Wile. E. Coyote gaining clarity, feeling pretty good about himself, and then the ACME anvil falling from the sky and hitting point blank on Wile. E.'s head.

I could not wait to get back to the Chez Lizardo, turn out the lights, and go toes up.

Wednesday will be better. In the immortal words of Arthur Jones, "younger women, faster airplanes, and bigger crocodiles."



Flash Report! Adult Shop #2 in Phoenix by Mikeynylons

Doc here with a Flash Report from Adult Shop #3 in Phoenix, AZ from regular contributor, MikeyNylons.
Here we go!
Hi Doc,

Phoenix Report from the Adult Shop #2 on 2345 West Holly. 

Thanks for your diligent work on the blog and the information for the fun people out there.

This theater is located  north of the airport along I17 in an industrial section.   There are many strip clubs in the area.   The parking lot is well lit and safe.   There are two main areas each with two screens for a total of 4 large showing screens.  2 straight, 1 gay, and one TS.  

There is a separate private room capable of a private party of several and a twosome couples rooms you can select your private movie. The two main areas are separated by the an adult bookstore. You must be buzzed in to each theater by the attendant which allows forewarning to all patrons someone is making their entrance.  There are options of 24 hours entrance fees 7 hour entrance fees.  The screens are in good condition and the movies were a good selection.

The theater is relatively clean and while dimly lit there is enough light here to easily see what happens around you.    The people there were pretty laid back and easy going.   No pressure and actually some chit chat between folks.     Many of the patrons seemed to know each other. 
I had some bad timing again during my visit and as I arrived not one but two separate females were finishing up their carnal visit.   It just happens like that sometimes but it is part of the fun hunting isn't it?   Like Christmas morning you never know what your are going to get.

I'd say this place is very female and couple friendly.  

Thanks Doc!

Doc here again... Many thanks to MikeyNylons and his terrific report.  Keep them coming, sir.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! UL & D at CVE in Gastonia, NC on 9/12/13 (w/PICS)

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from UL & D. This hot couple stopped by CVE in Gastonia, NC several days ago, and this is their report (and pics too!)

Here we go!


Hello Doc,

The crowd on this day was small but very enthusiastic at CVE.

Due to some traffic issues D got there a little later than expected but walked into the first theater wearing a front zippered t-shirt and min denim skirt. As she walked down the aisle, the zipper came down, her beautiful tits came out, the skirt was rolled up and that world class ass was fully exposed. It was on!

She sucked off several in the first and third theater taking multiple loads. In fact at one point she was sucking a very nice cock, while being finger fucked to several very loud orgasms.

One of the reasons we like the CVE is the staff and management. They are doing some renovations and during this visit, Keith the owner, told D he would be around" to make sure the crowd remained respectful and she could get everything she wanted." She did! They are very 'couples friendly' and go the extra mile when a single woman is there.

The booths had to be removed due to local ordinance, but with recent additions of private rooms and 3 theaters, it is a perfect place to come suck, fuck, and cum. (Get it?) :)

We will go there again in about 2 weeks, will give a little extra notice, and our focus will be seeing how many she can fuck. Who knows I may even get some new pussy as well. LOL

UL & D

UL & D's Gallery
(Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to UL & D for a great Couple's Flash Report!  Keep them coming!


Couple's Flash Report! Meet Hot Couple Sloppy Second Seekers (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a great way to start the work week... I'd like to introduce you to the newest contributors to The Journal: Sloppy Second Seekers.

This hot couple is an experienced theater and bookstore duo, and their reports will be a must-read for you moving forward. They will also be providing The Journal with pics from their adventures, and judging from the samples I have already seen, we are all in for a treat.

Without further ado, here are Sloppy Second Seekers and their first report.


Hi Doc,

Sloppy Second Seekers here; a married couple and first time contributors but long time aficionados of adult bookstores, theaters and more, with a few spots in the northeast worth mentioning from our recent travels.

We’ve been avid readers of your journal for longer than we can recall and want to say thanks for the wonderful submissions and information from across the land.  It’s great to know there are other couples and ladies who are into this “thing of ours.”
 From time to time, we see a post by a contributor or two about a visit to some place or another, stating that no couples or ladies were seen.  But, we should all know by now that many of these establishments can be “hit or miss” when it comes to finding such treasures.  There are very few places where couples or single-ladies are the norm. It’s more of a chance occurrence.  Yet, on a good night (we’re night time adventurers) these places can offer a wonderful buffet for the lady to feast upon.

As for us, we’ve been venturing into bookstore for years and can vouch for a few places where a desirous dame can get her fill of decent shafts with loads of pleasure and, for our initial submission; we’ll mention four places that we’ve visited in the recent past, which could use an honorable mention here.  If your readers would like more, we’ll do our best to provide future reports (and maybe even more).  So, let’s get started.

Bethlehem, PA:  Cupid’s Treasures (Stefko Blvd) and the Green Door (Pembroke Rd).  Both couples friendly and offer a delightful venue for the lady.  Cupid’s offers some huge gloryholes that can and have opened our imagination to possibilities (and some hot realities) with some booths providing a gloryhole on both sides.  The Green Door takes it a step further and, for one entry fee of $12 (no need to “feed the machines” after you enter), offers booths with and without gloryholes, two theaters (one straight and one gay), a larger “public room” and two private rooms.  A few hours on a good night between these two locales can be quite rewarding.
Sayreville, NJ: VideoFlixx (Route 35 south)… An adult store with smaller-sized booths in the back:  Most all have a “buddy window” with a “glory slot” below the window. However, to get more room, two larger booths are available that provide plenty of space to take your pleasures to the next level.

Staten Island, NY: NiteCap Video (Gulf Ave).  A very clean adult store with friendly staff and a large selection of novelties downstairs: Upstairs, the entire 2nd level is dedicated to booths of all sizes, some with buddy windows (none with gloryholes).  Leaving the door ajar just a crack can and has led to some wonderful introductions and subsequent “meatings.”

This short list is by far not all the places we’ve visited. But, we felt it best to get the ball rolling with just a few honorable mentions... with more to cum.

~Sloppy Second Seekers


Doc here again... Many thanks to Sloppy Second Seekers for a terrific first time report and the awesome pics.  This was just the tip of the iceberg, folks. The stuff coming to you next will make your head(s) spin.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day: "S" from M&S - Hartford Couple

Doc here, a man who some say knows over 100 bird calls, with today's Pic of the Day.

Today we feature the very sexy "S", from Hartford couple M&S. This particular photo is special to The Good Doctor, since I took it myself back in October of 2012 during my first visit to The Art Cinema in Hartford.

I am pleased to present to you today's Pic of the Day, the lovely "S".



Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flash Report! GentleTongue Covers the State of Kentucky (well, sort of) and Visits Three Theaters

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior reporter GentleTongue. He was in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and has filed this report.
Here we go...
Dear Good Dr.,
This week I have traveled the state of Kentucky.
Although my travels have yet to complete I have visited 3 of venues of this thing of ours.
 First, on Sunday evening I visited 2004 in Lexington.  The place is still very busy with traffic but unfortunately not a good night for any couples.  It appears that the majority of the traffic is in the booth area of Theater #2, the theater for the other side of the fence.  Theater 1 is still nice with leather love seats throughout and a nice flat screen.  The cost is the $10.00 for singles and I believe couples as well.  The hours are 24/7
Metro Station
Louisville, KY
The 2nd visit was to the Metro Station in Louisville, on Tuesday evening.  Not the night I would recommend at all, since around 9:00pm it was very empty.  Eventually, after about an hour some more guys showed themselves.  Nothing has changed of note, 2 theaters and the booth area.
The most recent visit was this evening, Wednesday to Romantix in Paducah, KY.  I had reported back in June of 2012 about this venue and during my first visit encountered a new couple and we enjoyed some fun back then.  However, today's visit was not as fortunate in that no couples visited the theater.  However, a couple was in the store, and both were shopping for their own needs.  The good news is that they have added a theater, one for the rainbow enthusiasts and one for this thing of ours.  The theater for couple's was expectedly small, very clean, and had a couch/airport bench seat as well as some individual chairs to move around.  The cost is still very good, $7.00 per each theater or $10.00 for both.  You can come and go from the theaters and will be happy to buzz you in again.  The staff was also top notch.  In speaking with a couple of locals that were in the theater it is really hit and miss for couples.
However, there was a mention of another venue not far down the road that appears to have more couples activity.  This is on my list to find again. So Paducah, might be offering more than anyone thought.
Will keep you posted on any more news and anything that might be worthy of reporting.
GentleTongue - GT
Doc here again... Many thanks to GentleTongue for this wide-sweeping report. Keep up the fine work, sir.

Friday, September 20, 2013

House Call! Part 3: Long Shirts & Stilettos Party in Chicago on 8/31 - Afterparty Dogging with an Angel, A Redhead, and Moaning Lisa

Doc here, a man who some say can hypnotize girls with his gift of song, with Part 3 of the Long Shirts and Stilettos Party House Call Report.

In this final chapter, the party at this terrific adult theater/spa/party room on Chicago's far west side had wrapped up, but several party-goers were ready for more. The only catch was that we would need to change locations, and kick into "dogging mode".

After a quick huddle, we decided on a location and off we went. This was a small yet enthusiastic group: Charlie's Angel Farrah, Red from Racine, her guy M, Journal reporter CK on Call, Moaning Lisa, her hubby J, two guys whose names escape me, and of course The Good Doctor.

Red's Shag Van
(well, close enough)
Under cover of darkness we arrived at the location; Discreet, dark, and perfect. The focal point of all this monkey business was Red and M's Shag Van, a conversion van with plenty of space, shag carpeting, and I believe I saw a mirrored ball hanging from the roof. The middle seats were removed, doors on both sides provided a pass through, and the rear seats spacious. That was until you crammed 6 people in there, in various states of undress.

Red and M got to the location first, and as I pulled the Lizardo 3000 up next to them, I asked "Where was Red?"  I then heard a muffled response of "I'm here" from Red, and saw the cause of the muffled sound. It was CK on Call's cock buried in Red's mouth.

Things were escalating quickly.

Farrah and I Jumped into the Shag Van, and after trying to get my pants off gingerly, ended up just ripping them off. I found myself seated next to CK on Call, and Red was still sucking his cock with vigor.  Farrah had climbed over and was in front of me, with a mischievous smile on her face. Quicker thank you can say "Sharknado", she had my cock in her mouth, greedily sucking and licking every inch.

Somewhere in this time frame, I heard Moaning Lisa outside, and she was chatting up one of the younger bucks that also joined this group of perverted campers. I knew what that meant, and a few minutes later I heard and saw the result of the conversation. True to her name, Moaning Lisa was moaning loudly as she was being finger fucked by the younger guy. This was followed by the familiar splashing sound of her squirting on the ground as she was leaning back against The Lizardo 3000. Later on in the evening Moaning Lisa was bent over the grey metallic hood of the 3000, getting pounded by the same young guy. It looked like a car wash was in my immediate future after this sequence.

A look to my right saw that Red was now leaning into the van from outside, while she was being fucked from behind. This put her face right up against Farrah's body, as she was still giving one of her awesome soft wet BJs to your old friend in the white suit. A rumor of her groping and nibbling on Farrah have not been substantiated by this reporter.

 The Good Doctor was ready to return the sexual favors to Farrah, but getting her thigh high boots off along with her yoga pants was no easy task. At one point I was contorted into a position typically reserved for French contortionists or magician's assistants.

After getting unwound and nude, I tried my best to deflower Farrah as she was leaning back in the rear seat of the Shag Van. Bad angle. Strike one. I spun her around so I was face to great ass with her. Worse angle. Strike two. Down to my last strike, I put Farrah on the floor of the van, slid between her long sexy legs, and presto change this worked.

Charlie's Angel Farrah

There was joy in Mudville.

At this same time, all three girls were getting pounded...Farrah by The Good Doctor, Red by one of the young bucks, and Moaning Lisa by M. The sounds of these hot girls being drilled echoed through the wooded area, like some sort of perverted werewolf attack.

This frenzy of activity eventually cooled, as it was now pushing 3:30am. Farrah was tired, and your old friend in the white suit and aviators was getting woozy. I walked Farrah to her vehicle (she claims it is a prototype Lizardo 4000, but I beg to differ. The Lizardo line is manufactured in Bavaria, and her "4000" had "Assembled in Mexico" on it's door frame).

Checkmate, Farrah.

I bid Farrah farewell with a kiss and a grope, and headed back to the recovering group of naughty campers. Everyone was recovering, except for Red from Racine. A new gentleman joined the fray, and had his BBC stuffed into Red's mouth. It didn't take long for the new gentleman to unload all over Red's face...

There was stirring amongst the group...Again.

I took a seat on one of the open doors of the Shag Van, while Red was standing close by, talking with Moaning Lisa, J, and the assembled. Being the handsy bastard, The Good Doctor was now slowly rubbing Red's very nice bum...But my intentions were less than honorable. My fingers found their way between her smooth legs, and found her pussy dripping wet. I slid one finger inside her tight pussy, and used my thumb to rub her clit at the same time. I felt Red grind into me as I quickened my pace, finger fucking this naughty girl.

It wasn't long before I felt it... Nancy came and dripped her lady juice all over my hand and forearm.  One of favorite things on God's green Earth.

Nancy (without saying a word) started rubbing my cock through buttless chaps black dress pants. "Let's change positions" suggested Red, which was welcomed by The Good Doctor. Red sat on the edge of the van's door, undid my trousers, and eagerly grabbed my already hard cock. She plunged into it, sucking and licking intensely but at the same time, softly. Red pulled me out, rubbed my cock all over her pretty face, and then back into her mouth.  It wasn't long before I pulled out of her mouth, and jerked off all over her waiting mouth and face. This girl loves cum, and once again she reveled in it.

The clock was now pushing 4am... My once finely coiffed hair now looked like it was styled by The Unibomber. As a collective, we were all spent.  It was time to give this wooded area back to the owls, squirrels, and deer, and vacate post haste. Hugs and kisses good-bye were distributed, waiting for our next party and/or dogging rendezvous.

Walking up to The Lizardo 3000, I saw the hand prints of Moaning Lisa on my hood, and it was very hot. There was a latent image of seeing her bent over and getting pounded in my mind, and I'm glad The 3000 was up to the task.

Postscript: The next morning, before heading to car wash, I saw something on the hood of The 3000... It was a long blonde hair, still stuck to the surface. It somehow survived a 90+ minute drive back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college).

Moaning Lisa's blonde hair was my last physical reminder of a night for the ages on Chicago's west side.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flash Report! Bob in God Knows Where at Mr. Binky's in New Orleans

Doc here with our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, even though he isn't in Biloxi (in this report).  Call him Cajun Bob. Call him Who Dat Bob. Call him Bob in New Orleans.

In this twist, Bob has set up a rendezvous, and not only takes care of business in the booth, but also outside of it.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

Another flash report from the Deep South, it’s not exactly a beautiful Gulf Coast report, but its close. I was contacted by a couple that used to frequent the ABS down the street from the Gulf Coast Theater. They told me of a place near Chalmette that just opened and asked me to meet them. The place is called Mr. Binky’s and is located at 2441 Paris Rd, New Orleans.

The lady is a petite little raven haired beauty, 36DD, shaved play pen and one killer little ass. On the night we met at Mr. Binky’s she was wearing what I call a t-shirt dress and high heels, that’s it !!! We made our hellos and went inside. This place is cool, the arcade is upstairs, you just slide in $10 to a turn-style and proceed up the stairs. Sadly there is only one set of glory holes and they simply said “follow us”, we ended up in the last two booths, them in one, yours dearly in the other one.
Bob in Biloxi

I understand now why she wore that T-shirt dress, (it’s easy to take off) Hell I even got naked in mine! She started out playing gently (she remembered) then took me into her smoking hot mouth and started doing that thing she does. The first thing to start shaking on me was my knees!!

Just as we started getting into it, some bozo started shaking my door? I said in a loud voice “Stop shaking the door” he didn’t and kept it at. I always carry a small bottle of pepper spray with me, so when I couldn’t take any more, I opened the door and lo and behold there stood the dumb fuck. About 1.5 seconds after I opened the door he was hit right between his eyes with the juice and started screaming like a bitch. Now this stuff works wonderful, and whatever mood he was in before he started shaking the door, left him for the rest of the night, maybe the rest of the week.

I re-locked the door and resumed play. The little lady got me hard again then backed her shaved pussy up and started doing some wall shaking by herself. Her guy took pictures, and when I get them I will send them on to you.. Thankfully the hole there is rather large and with her high heels she had no alignment problems, she left me spend shell of a man after that.

I never did see the fellow that got peppered, but the clerk thanked us on the way out, so this must not have been his first brush with paying customers.
If any of your loyal readers (couples that is) would like to meet there, I sure wish they would shoot me  a line.

 Thanks Doc.

 Your faithful reporter,
 Bob in (somewhere different!!)


Doc here again... Good to have you back in the fold, Bob. A Bob classic, complete with a pepper spraying. We have missed you, sir.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Party with Cathy Photo Report with 8 PICS!!! CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 8/9/13

Doc here, a man some say can control people's minds with his mustache, with the long overdue Photo Report from Cathy's great event at CT's Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 8/9/13.

To refresh your minds, The Good Doctor was happy to promote two adult theater visits by one of the original amateur internet MILFS, Cathy for the 2nd year in a row.

The first of the 2013 theater visits was to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. This theater is arguably one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country. It's motto should be "Gang Bangs by Appointment". Last year a ton of guys (over 100 over two days), and this year's one night stand was looking to repeat this success.

With The Good Doctor shooting the still pics, and Cathy's hubby Peter shooting the high definition video, the event was a huge success.  Special thanks goes out to Terry at CTs, who was security and guy wrangler, and to Pete, owner of CTs for providing the venue.

Here is a sampling of the visit by Cathy at CTs Adult Theater (the rest of the pics and video will be available at Cathy's website,



Cathy's Gallery - CTs Adult Theater
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Flash Report! The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA by Mikeynylons

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA, as well as one additional location by first timer Mikeynylons.

Here we go...


Visited the Green Door in Bethlehem on Friday Sept 6 at 8pm.   The parking lot was full.   I thought there might be  couple coming in for some action that had let someone know in advance.  I went in eagerly but it was all men.   The movies were not the most exciting.   The main attraction here is the play area booths.
I revisited the next day on Sept 7 at 830PM and there were only a few cars.    It's a bit noisy inside with 3 movies playing and there is a bit of an echo.  I thought it was noise from another movie I heard but it was really the clicking of real heals.   I only saw her leave and I think she left disappointed as there was not many people there.

I went over to Cupids Treasure on Stefko Blvd, and there they have private booths with some gloryholes and the selection of movies is better.   I think this place does not lend itself to couple's play as much as the Green Door. 



Doc here again... Thanks to Mikeynylons for his first report. Keep them coming, sir.


Flash Report! Professor 7x6 @ Vegas Video in Missouri

Doc here with a long overdue Flash Report from senior reporter Professor 7x6, and his visit to Vegas Video in Missouri.

The Good Professor always adds great editorial content to his reports, in addition to details of his visits.

So without further ado, hailing from parts unknown, weight unknown, here is Professor 7x6.



Finally, I have a report with activity.  Us reporters out in the boondocks are somewhat obsolete now that your network includes hot couples with pics and vids.  But, here's some down low on Vegas Video in Southwest Missouri.  This place has an arcade with gh's, a 5 movie theater area, and a gay spa.  But, this is a very repressed area of the Bible belt, and it doesn't approach the atmosphere of CT's, 15th Avenue, or of course the Portland scene.  

I do moderate a Yahoo group and would welcome membership that is in this thing of ours, and potentially will visit the store.  We aren't trying to build traffic for no reason or become a chat room.  If your readers will reference The Good Doctor,  I will approve them.  We have to worry about Uncle Leo, so we don't publicize much.   It is

So,  3 weeks ago I saw on CL that a couple might be in the store.  I dropped by on Friday before noon and another couple was just coming in the store.   I asked the clerk if there was a couple there, and he said they were "in the back".   I walked through the pitch dark theaters looking for them and then went back to the booths.  I went to the back booths with the GH's, and surprisingly looked through the hole and saw a female form.

I still hadn't adjusted my eyes, had not started  working up a woody, and was fumbling for money, etc.. when I noticed a butt crack already at the hole.  I was hoping for an inviting finger, and time for a nice stiffie warmup.  I gave the butt  a stroke, felt some hair, and thought, dammit, this is a CD with a hairy ass.  I ignored it for ten seconds, but my Spidey/Lizardo sense took over and I gave it a little more exploration and lo and behold, it was a natural vagina!  Jackpot!

This was an impatient honey hole, and I was still fumbling with my unit, but a few tugs and pushes got it inside.  A good semi was worked up and soon her man came over and invited me to the booth for part 2.  The funny thing is I was handed a condom at this point, and I think now that I had been plowing the Hershey Hiway unbeknownst.  The lady was maybe mid-40's, but obviously highly charged.

Couple #2 was there watching the fun, and we did some covered fucking in the crowded booth.  Couple #1 had to leave after a few minutes,  before I could reach a nut, but seemed happy to get some action from the otherwise slim pickings of trolls in the place. 

The other couple said they'd like me to fuck her, and who am I to turn down a polite request?  She was also bbw, but younger.  She liked it verbal and after just starting she wanted it in the ass.  I plowed on her for a few minutes, and she loved giving up a good ass fucking with spanking, which is hard when you struggle to keep your balance and her cheeks spread. 

After a good buildup and nutting in her, she turned around and said "How old are you?"  I first thought it was a joke about being 18 to get in the store, but it was a compliment and amazement from her (answer is 60, btw, and I told her!).  She was very sweet and sexy and kept flattering me, although I kept assuring her it was only a B minus from me because I wasn't really prepared (yes, blue pills and less wanking do help).  I promised a really good rogering if they will let me know when they come back.  I normally give couples space and don't chit chat, but I wish I had pursued it further and got their email address.

They would loved to have a line of dicks but all they got was this veteran reporter I think.  There was nobody in the bullpen, so they might not make it back in the daytime.

Sorry for the long and professor-centric post, but maybe some readers will pick up a tip or two.  All of this is the equivalent of a simple posting from CT's:  "2 couples in the theater".  It is sad to live so far away from Disneyland :(.



Doc here again... Many thanks to the Good Professor for another terrific report from the trenches of this thing of ours. Keep them coming, sir.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

House Call! A Charlie's Angels Report! Tonight's Episode: "Four Ways & More Ways" (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say has an airport in Turkey named after him, with another terrific Charlie's Angels Report.


Nestled deep behind the pines in a remote section of northern Illinois, two of Charlie's three Angels, the lovely Farrah and the sensuous Jacklyn, sat patiently waiting for Charlie's call on 9/7/13. 

(Narrator's Note: Kate was touring a chocolate factory somewhere on the Southwest side, and was unavailable for this assignment. She, however, would be available for an assignment three days later.)

"Good Morning Angels."

"Good Morning Charlie!"

"Angels...I have an assignment for you, and it is imperative that you work as a team more so than any other assignment.  Can I count on you for this?"

"Yes Charlie."

"Alright Angels", said the distinctive voice coming from the speaker. "Once again I will be sending you to Chicago's western suburbs, to an excellent adult facility, with a theater, private rooms, and showers. There you will rendezvous with two operatives: One, an internet Doctor with questionable credentials, and the other, "J", a dashing young man of good manners and ninja-like skills. Can you handle this, Angels?"

"Yes Charlie."

"Good luck Angels"

The Angels arrived at this outstanding facility at 21:00 Zulu Time, and synchronized their "lady times". Their mission: Engage these two operatives, milk all the information they could out of them, plant a tracking device on the Good Doctor (where does he come from, and what is the deal with him smelling of meatballs), and send them both home weak at the knees and with smiles.

The Angels made contact with the operatives next to the driver's Lizardo 3000, and entered the facility arm in hand. Being the last night of "Couple's Free Week", they all entered the theater to settle in and relax. Several couples were already there...Were any double agents? Was anyone wearing a wire?

Getting the sense that they maybe under surveillance, the tall drink of water known as Jacklyn suggested to fair haired Farrah they should engage "Operation Sweat Lodge": Get the operatives into a private room, crank up the heat, and begin intensive interrogation techniques so they could get what they needed for Charlie.

After an exchange of currency at the front desk of this 5-Star facility, all four entered the interrogation chamber. Excitement was building on the part of The Good Doctor and with J. What were these two smoking hot girls up to?

They would soon find out.

Quicker than one can say "Speak directly into my stethoscope", Farrah was out of her clothes and laying on one of the two benches on the near side of the room. The body on Angel Farrah is one that sexual fantasies are made of... Across the room, one couldn't help but notice Jacklyn had lost her slacks and top, leaving her with a sexy pair of white panties and a white bra.

The operatives looked stunned at first, then got out of their clothes post haste. One could say that this process looked straight out of Benny Hill, because as usual,The Good Doctor had his briefs tangled up on his platform shoes. Upon removal of the briefs, this Doctor guy spun them around his finger in a manner that should earn him a tryout on the Globetrotters.

The room was now full of nakedness (according to the agent's report). Interrogation was now set to begin.

The Real Farrah
The interrogation techniques by these two Angels were vastly different, but equally effective. Farrah was direct in her approach, as she laid back, opened her sexy long legs, and encouraged the older Sicilian operative to take her. The Good Doctor began licking her, literally making out with her sweet, smooth, and very wet pussy. While doing so, one finger, and then two fingers, were slid into Farrah, causing a gasp from her. She was now fucking her operative's hand right back, and within moments, came. This was followed by the wet sensation of her squirting all over The Good Doctor's fingers, hand, and forearm. This was followed by the sound of Jacklyn and J saying at the same time, "Oh my God..."

Jacklyn's technique was softer and seductive... Kissing, deep and soft, hands exploring...A slow dance. J was melting into Jacklyn, and vice versa. Soon, Jacklyn was also laying back, enjoying the deep tongue lashing she was getting from J.

The sound of amazement by all 4 participants after Farrah's lady juice explosion was soon followed by the muffled sounds of both Angels sucking the cocks of their partners. Jacklyn, slowly and deeply taking J's impressive tool into her mouth and down her throat. Farrah had The Good Doctor in front of her, her arms wrapped around his hips and clutching his buns. She was letting The Good Doctor fuck her mouth (or was The Good Doctor taking her mouth?). Both interrogation techniques, while in stark contrast to each other, were both very effective. Charlie's training was paying off.

The amazing thing, according to the report, is that both Farrah and Jacklyn moved in unison during this intensive interrogation. If one was getting pounded from behind, the other was most likely getting it from behind as well. The sounds of Jacklyn cumming were buffeted by the pad on the bench, and very intense.

A little known interrogation technique, involving the girls laying on the bench while J and The Good Doctor were standing and banging while circus music was pumped into the room, was taking it's toll on The Good Doctor. Out of the Dr.'s pie hole came the coordinates of his lair in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college. Farrah beamed in excitement as one of her goals was accomplished. J, however, was focused on Jacklyn and not giving up any information.

Per the report, the sexual activity reached it's zenith when Jacklyn was laying sideways on the bench, buns up, and J was fucking her deep and strong.  Farrah on the other hand was looking The Good Doctor directly in the eye, while begging him to fuck her harder.  And with this intensity came another loud, squirting orgasm.  Farrah took a relentless pounding from the Good Doctor, and the bench and floor showed the results of this pounding.

The girls were on the clock, and Charlie needed them back at headquarters for a debriefing at 01:00 Zulu. These two gentlemen operatives escorted them back to their vehicle, said their respective good-byes. Kissing, hugging, and whispers were followed by their tail lights disappearing into the September air.

Little did The Angels know that while the operatives gave up some intel to them, they got as much back in return. The stage was set for an encore interrogation. Some would call this one a draw.

Back at The Angel's HQ, Charlie debriefed the girls on what they said, and how they pleasured there respective operatives.

"Well done Angels."

"Thank you Charlie. When do we shake them down again?"

"Sooner than you think, Angels. Next week."

"You are so good to us, Charlie."

"Start preparing for next week, Angels."

"Already have, Charlie."

"Thank you Angels."


Doc here again... Stay tuned for future Charlie's Angel's episodes, sure to include nudity, harsh language , and sexual acts.

Thank you Angels.