Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flash Report: Darkangel Digest - Report #1

Doc here with the first report of a new series from a woman's perspective in this thing of ours'The Darkangel Digest will chronicle the trips to adult theaters & ABSs by Darkangel and her hubby. 

Many times, we as patrons inside adult theaters wonder what is going through the mind of a sexy woman as she enters this dark world. Well, now we have a candid point of view of Darkangel's journey, and I'm excited to see where her journey takes her.

Here is Report #1 from Darkangel...


Hello Dr Lizardo,

My husband and I enjoy reading your site, and I wanted to share our experiences with you.

The first time we arrived at Love Stuff in Cordele, GA I was nervous as I didn't know what to expect. So, to warm up to the idea we went in and looked around the store at all the novelties. Once comfortable with my surroundings, we headed to the theater where we payed and were given the newbie instructions on the placement of the theater and booths and were the given a quick professional tour.  We then were left to find our way.

Being my first time to this thing of ours and not feeling at ease with possibly a group of men watching, we decided to go to the preview booths. We found one to be to our liking - one with a hole in the wall. We waited for a short time whispering, as we herd sounds of people walking throughout the lobby and around the booth area. Then the door opened and closed and a man whom we had later figured out was quite young was in the booth next to our's.


As I peeked through the hole, he had undone his pants and I could see him rubbing himself. After a couple minutes I put two fingers through to invite him to stick his cock through the hole. He did and I put a rubber on him and sucked him until I felt him fill the condom. Now that was exhilarating! 

Next was my husbands turn to have my mouth, and I sucked taking every last drop he had. We waited to see if there might be another one in the booth but it was a slow night so we left.

A few weeks later we returned for our second experience. There was nothing going on, so we bravely decided to go into the theater to just watch! We stood at the back of the room to let our eyes adjust to the darkness, then picked a seat. There were about 3 men already there. We watched the movie for awhile and although I told my husband I couldn't ever do anything in a theater with others around. I found myself becoming aroused, as my husband was fondling my breasts and the movie was playing. He then started rubbing my crotch and I in return started rubbing his cock though his pants.

Luv Stuff
Cordele, GA

We became enthralled in our pleasuring of each other, only I more so than he as I was concentrating on him and not the others. He told me to put my hand on the back of the seat (I thought to give him better access to me but then all of a sudden felt skin! A cock in my hand!) I looked at him surprised and he smiled at me with a look of go ahead take it. So I did, and rubbed it for a bit.

I noticed the man moving to the end of the futon seat and he started watching us. As I was fondling my husband, he whispered to me if I wanted to suck the mans cock. I thought about the others in the room maybe watching and decided I wouldn't pay any attention to them and would just enjoy myself. And that I did!

Even as I noticed a couple of the men come over to take seats closer and watched as I gave head to a total stranger with my husbands permission and presencee! When he shot his load in the condom in my mouth he told us thank you and zipped and letf.

We gathered ourselves while everyone else returned to the previous seats, and we then exited the theater and went to the car. My husband asked if I enjoyed it and would I like to return again. With a huge grin on my face I answered "yes!"... To be continued.

If you would like to hear more of our theater fun, let me know. Thank you for letting me share...I enjoyed telling you.

I am enclosing a picture of myself.


Thank you Darkangel for letting us into your journey, and for providing an excellent report!  When first jumping into this thing of ours', a couple should be patient.  Slowly build up to where you are comfortable, based on your first few visits.  Every evening in an adult theater has a different dynamic... Some evening (or days) are off the hook, while others may have the wrong vibe and not be what you want them to be.

I speak for the thousands of readers of The Journal, that we are looking forward to your next report, and where this adventure takes you and your hubby.