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Flash Report: Fantasyland I and II on 3/26 by Enzyte Bob

Doc here with a dynamite Flash Report from Enzyte Bob on his trip over the weekend to both Fantasyland I and II in Tampa, FL.  The staff here at The Journal (OK, me) appreciates the effort EB made in gathering this report, since Tampa is not right around the corner for our intrepid reporter.

Here is Enzyte Bob's Fantasyland I and II report:


Dear Dr. Lizardo,

I live on the other side of the state, so I do not get over to Tampa, and Fantasyland I, as often as I would like.  I had planned this trip for several weeks to allow for scheduling conflicts that have previously occurred all too often.  My incentive was to check out the new, different and exciting, Fantasyland II.

Fantasyland II
5006 N. Grady Ave, Tampa

After a two-hour drive, I arrived at Fantasyland II at about 7:00PM.  I knew it was way too early for any action, as my previous experience would indicate, and I was correct.  However, a regular, “Candi O’Leary”, had posted on the Fantasyland website ( that she planned to check the place out and would be meeting “friends” during her visit. 

I sent Candi an email through the website to introduce myself, unfortunately, I did not get her kind, and very inviting reply, until after I returned from Tampa.  Had I gotten the email, my night might have been significantly better, I am certain.

Fantasyland II is a slightly smaller version of Fantasyland I.  When you enter, the clerk is behind a counter on the left and to the right side of the counter is the entrance to a large theater.  The entrance to the poolroom is straight back and the entrance to the arcade/booth area is on the right.   All of the doorways to these areas are off a lobby-like area that has various videos, magazines and toys on display and all doorways are conspicuously marked by neon signs, making navigation very easy.   There is a very nice outdoor deck area to the rear of the poolroom, but I only took the briefest of looks at it as no one was out there on this particular evening.

A couch, a coffee table and a couple of chairs are set up in the corner to the right of the entrance to the poolroom.  Here you can sit and observe everyone that comes into the store and where they go, whether it be the theater, booths or poolroom.  This is very convenient for those who want to scope out people when they come in and where they go.

Twenty dollars gets you a ticket that gives you access to all areas of Fantasyland II for twelve hours.  This ticket will also get you access to all areas of Fantasyland I for half price ($10.00) for twelve hours.  As the two facilities are just a few blocks away from one another, this allows you to go back and forth when one or the other gets slow.

At almost precisely 9:00PM, Candi O’Leary arrived with her partner who I assumed was her husband.  She is a tall, middle-aged, but exceedingly pretty, blonde with a most beautiful pair of legs.  She was dressed in a very nice low-cut top displaying some C-D-cup breasts and a very short black skirt.  They went, almost immediately, into the main theater and to the first room on the right wall of the theater.  Candi entered and hubby acted as a door attendant, allowing men to enter the room. 

First, approximately four went in and then they were replaced as men existed.  I think about eight men entered and left before Candi had had enough.  I was being somewhat shy this evening, or maybe it is just that I am too much of a gentleman.  I did not want to be pushy, nor stand in what was an increasingly longer line outside the room, so I never did hook up with Candi that evening, even though I would get a chance or two; more on this later.  By this time another couple had arrived and were in the poolroom playing pool.

The couple, also middle-aged, but quite attractive, were quite friendly and engaged in a rather extended conversation with the owner of the Fantasylands who had arrived at Fantasyland II; the woman appeared to be about 5’6”, medium build, with short reddish hair, and was very nicely put together.   She reminded me slightly of what Desiree Cousteau would look like today.  Most notable about her was the fact that she was wearing a soft, boot-type walking cast on her leg and foot (I cannot remember which one).  This couple played pool and talked for almost an hour.  I played a game of pool and decided to drive down the street to Fantasyland I.
Fantasyland I
4715 Lois Ave., Tampa

I got to Fantasyland I and the parking lot was ¾ full, usually a good sign, but not always, as it may be just a sausage fest.  I went in, showed my ticket from F-II to the clerk and got in for $10.00 as advertised.  I did a quick check around through the place and found that Candi and hubby were playing pool in the poolroom.  After a game of pool, Candi and her partner went to the booth area, where they entered one of the booths with a glory hole.  Needless to say, a line formed outside the booth next to theirs.  I was not fortunate enough to make the front of the line and ended up being out of the running for a stand at the glory hole, for after four men went in and came out, the couple made their way to the main theater where they took up a seat near the back.  After watching the movie for a while, they moved to one of the private rooms and the same process began as had occurred at F-II.  Hubby let in about four guys and, as they finished, he would allow them to leave and another enter.  If my count is correct, approximately eight guys came and went, so to speak.

While Candi was working her room, another couple came into the main theater.  They sat down in the far corner of the theater on a couch big enough to seat three.  She was in her mid to late 40’s or so I guessed and he was an older man, probably in his 50’s.  They both appeared to be Hispanic or Native American to me.  She was dressed in a “LBD” (little black dress) and black leather boots.  He was dressed in jeans, checkered shirt, cowboy boots and a baseball cap.  I thought the pair was somewhat mismatched, but that’s just me.  She cuddled up next to her man and he slid his hand down between her legs and started playing.  Needless to say, this drew a crowd.  Three men were standing around them, their manhoods in their hands, while numerous other men jockeyed for positions on couches in front of the couple to get a good view.  As one guy in front of her stroked himself, she watched intently while her head was rested on her man’s chest.  She reached to her left and began to stroke the cock of another guy that had been stroking himself.  The guy in front of her continued to stroke his cock and reached down to assist hubby with the woman’s pussy, which he allowed.  I thought the guy in front of her was a little too insistent, one of those dweeby guys that has no trouble at all pulling out his dick and stroking it for anyone, thinking this is somehow a turn on.  He reminded me of a guy that would be wearing a raincoat, flashing people on a busy street. 
Enzyte Bob

The guy she was stroking started playing with her left breast and this was fine until he leaned over and tried to suck the nipple.  He got a decided wave off from hubby.  This stroking of pussy and cock continued for about 10 minutes.  There was no real ability to jockey for a better position, so it was just a show at this point.  The guy to the woman’s left was apparently getting a really good hand job, because he shot a load all over the woman’s arm.  Unfortunately, neither the man nor the woman appreciated this.  With a certain disgust, the woman immediately got up and was followed by hubby to the restroom where she cleaned up.  Hubby stood watch at the door while she did.  At this point, the couple went into one of the private booths up the hall from the main theater and went private.

Nothing happened for the longest time until another couple showed up.  She was a woman in her mid to late 30’s, maybe early forties, wearing a white top and very tight jeans.  She was an ever so slightly bigger woman that had one of those slightly larger, but extremely appealing butts, that just makes you want to grab a cheek in each hand.  She was cute, with short reddish hair.  It was never clear to me as to whether they were there to play and, if they were, whom they were there to play with.  While they were there for hours, I never saw them pay with anyone, only go into one of the private rooms with the previously described Hispanic /Native American couple, but they came out rather quickly.

Candi O’Leary and her man had now gone into the main theater and sat on a couch that was right next to the theater entrance, the Hispanic/Native American couple sat down next to them, after being invited to do so.  It was a couch designed for three and there were four people on it in a tight squeeze.  It boded well for some couples action, but, alas, it was not to be.  They watched the movie and nothing happened.  Oh, the geeky flasher guy stood off to the side of the couch, his dick in hand, stroking wildly for the better part of a half hour.  I am not sure what the point was, but I have to admit, the guy has some stamina.  I would have rubbed one out in that much time…LOL.
Fantasyland I
Pool Room

I went back into the poolroom and found a very tall girl with black hair and a slightly baby fat body playing pool with a black companion.  I think she was actually there with three or four black companions.  She was very talkative and had a decidedly southern accent.  While she played pool, at some point she removed her panties and made sure she bent way over to make her pool shots.  While I found this rather promising, I suspected she was only into BBC.  They finished the pool game and went to the main theater where one of the guys started playing music of a cell phone.  This girl danced like a pro on the brass pole on the left side of the main theater stage.  Afterwards, she gave up dancing and she and her crew went into the smaller theater at the beginning of the hallway that leads to the main theater.  The group entered the theater, and closed and locked the door behind them.  I can only assume that it was a black on white gangbang inside, but no one else was allowed to enter or watch, much less participate.

I went back into the pool room to find Candi and hubby playing pool.  After finishing their pool game, they sauntered back to the booth area and the line formed again, as usual.  They entered a booth with a glory hole in it to the next booth and, again, the line formed.  Two men entered the booth next to theirs and both came out fairly quickly, a credit to the oral skills of the occupant of the booth next door, the third guy went in and shortly thereafter, Candi and hubby exited their booth. A rather disappointed man exited the next door booth, apparently having not gotten what brought a smile to the faces of the previous occupants.

The final encounter I had of the evening was when a tall, thin blonde in her mid 20’s came in and went into one of the private rooms near the main theater.  She was with an older guy in his late 30’s.  The guy motioned me into the room and, having been scoreless and in the final inning of play, I went in.  The girl told me that her “boyfriend” wanted to see her suck another guy’s cock.  After looking around the small room and seeing no one else, I offered my assistance.   However, and conversing with the couple a bit, I decided to exit stage left.

By now, it was approaching 4:30AM and, while I was not looking forward to the 2-hour drive home, I left.

Overall, the night was disappointing for me.  While there were five or six couples at either or both Fantasyland I or II throughout the night, the ratio of men to couples was loaded too heavy to the male side of the scale and there was a significant amount of cock-blocking going on, which is to be expected.  However, it makes it difficult to be polite and courteous and participate, as kindness is viewed as weakness in this environment.

I have been to Fantasyland I before, many times, and will be back to both Fantasyland I and II many more times.  In the past, I have much better “luck” and am sure I will have much better luck in the future.  This night is not really representative, in my humble opinion.

Respectfully submitted,
Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... As veterans know in this thing of ours', not every night at an adult theater is a home run.  As in baseball, if you hit .300, you are doing very well for yourself at the plate.  The same holds true for adult theaters.

I am often questioned about how every report talks about the exciting happenings in various adult theaters across the country.  How can it be that every report is that proverbial "home run"?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the answer is pretty simple... How exciting would a report be if all it said was "I sat in the theater for 3 hours and nothing happened"?    Not very, unless you have a fetish for left legs falling alseep sitting in a chair. 

This terrific report by Enzyte Bob gives you a "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" theme... Sometimes the vibe is right for you, sometimes it isn't.  We have all had those moments in this thing of ours'. I've lost count on the number of evenings where the promise was great, but the payoff wasn't for one reason or another.  I'm sure Bob will get 'em next time, being a .300 hitter.

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