Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flash Report: Bob from Kansas City (wait, Kansas City?) on Bazooka's

Doc here with a curve ball that just nips the outside corner... Bob in Biloxi has traveled out of the beautiful Gulf Coast and has landed in Kansas City, MO.  What will he find?

Here's Bob!


Bazooka's, Kansas City, MO

Hey Doc,

Reporting from the Heartland, Kansas City, on the Missouri side. I have to say, Bazooka’s located at 1717 Main St. is a clean place. That was the good news. The bad news is nothing much was happening on a cool night in light drizzle.

Bazooka’s is a two part establishment, the bottom part is a bar/strip with the top part having two theaters and an arcade. The theaters are about 24 seats each, well kept but warm (temp wise) last night.  It was the usual lookers and up and down patrons going between the two theaters. Aggravating at best, one theater had an old black couple that appeared to be sleeping. But during my hour there I saw no other couples.

Oh, and no camera's allowed.

Looked like a Sheriff's deputy manning the front door to the place. The arcade has no doors, just an enclosure with a mini open hallway leading to an ancient showing screen and to the usual hall lurkers.

In closing I wouldn’t recommend this place for playing. I just didn’t feel the vibe that I think couples would need to get comfortable in there. I did get a report from one of the locals in Biloxi, that couples abounded Saturday night, but no details yet. That will teach me to go out of town on Memorial Day!


Bob in Biloxi


Doc here again...You might be able to take the Bob out of Biloxi, but you cannot take the Biloxi out of Bob.  I have heard random reports about Bazooka's over the past year, and none of them showed a pulse.  Looks like Bob has verified the diagnosis.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Semper Fi With Old Marine Corps Guy: Phoenix Overview & Report

Doc here...When it comes to having the most experience in this thing of ours, one would be hard pressed to surpass Old Marine Corps Guy in seniority.  His history in the adult theater scene goes back to the early 70's, and his stories published here and elsewhere are things of legend (remember the report on the 80's TV celebrity OMCG would run into at The Pussycat Theater on Santa Monica Blvd. in LA?). 

His following report was prompted by Darkangel's recent report on Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ.  As OMCG covers the Arizona adult theater scene like a blanket, he offers up this follow-up report.

Enjoy Old Marine Corps Guy's terrific report on the Phoenix scene...



I just read Darkangel’s report on her visit to Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ.  I’m glad she had a good time there, but am sorry I was not there to welcum her to the Wild Wild West.

PP is undoubtedly the most couple’s friendly spot in the “Valley of the Sun”.  The owner (Ray) and all of his staff are players and they know how to run a good theater.  The comfort level there is very high because of how they operate and provide good service to their customers (especially the couples and single ladies who come in) plus, the couches and loveseats they have in both of the theaters make it REAL comfy.

When I first visited Phoenix in 1981 (on my way Yuma Marine Corps Air Station), I made a point of finding all the theaters in the valley  Back then ALL of the theaters had couches in them, and there were quite a few theaters then.  I had never seen theaters with couches in them before and believe me; it makes for some great play action.

Personal Preference
Mesa, AZ
Like Darkangel said, they have couples only nights on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.  Saturdays are usually fairly well turned out with (average) 10-12 couples.  The MFM that Dark mentioned can only happen on couple’s nights if a couple requests to have a single guy come in with them.  I’ve had that happen a couple of times and it can get pretty wild.

About a year ago a couple who are members of my group and I arranged to meet there on a Saturday night.  As soon as we walked in I counted 5 couples already in the theater and 4 of them were already going at it hot and heavy.  The three of us settled down and watched the action for a bit before starting in ourselves.  Lori (hubby Glen) is a true exhibitionist and stood up and took off her clothes.  She is a short lady with short dirty blond hair (at true blond, by the way ;) ) with a nice trim figure, small boobs but one of the all time great asses around.

As soon as she was naked she started walking around and showing off (it’s a small theater, so there’s not too much walking required).  She settled at another younger Hispanic couple’s couch, who were already naked too, and sat down and started playing with herself.  Glen got up and went over and stood at her end of the couch and she started sucking him off while the other couple was watching and fingering and stroking each other.  Glen asked if they wanted to switch and they did.  Both couples started playing and then fucked.

I was watching all this and stroking my cock from another couch when a black couple who had been on a couch on the side wall came over and sat next to me.  She was 40(ish), a little heavy, but with a GREAT BIG pair of boobies that had some of the longest nipples I’ve ever seen.  She said that she saw me come in with Lori and Glen, but that I looked lonely sitting here by myself and wanted to know if I would like a blowjob. I had seen her sucking on her man and one of the other men in the theater earlier and it looked like she REALLY knew what she was doing.  I leaned back, smiled and waved Mr. Willie at her and she just dove right down and went to work.  And, I was right; she REALLY knew what she was doing.  I tried to get to her pussy do return the favor but her man said that she doesn’t do that….only blowjobs.  Soooo, I just relaxed and let her do her (and my) thing.  And she did it VERY well.  After about 15 minutes I told her I was ready to cum and she just increased her mouth and tongue action until I came in her mouth and she stayed on it to the last drop.  One of the top 10 blowjobs I’ve ever had.

When she was done, I said thank you and they went back to their couch and started getting dressed.  Lori and Glen had finished fucking the Hispanic couple and were standing to the side and watching while the lady was sucking my dick.  It was getting near time for the (as Darkangel said) horn dogs to be allowed in (11:00PM) so we got dressed and left too.

For anyone interested in theaters in Phoenix, there are 8 here in the valley, but they are all small and really only 4 of them get some regular action and PP is undoubtedly the best of the bunch.

Semper Fi


Doc here again... Thanks again to Old Marine Corps Guy for the update of the Phoenix adult theater scene.  This is one area of the country The Good Doctor has yet to visit, and reports like this make me want to push it to the top of my bucket list. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brent's Theater Tails Flash Report! "Tuesday. One Couple. 30 Minutes"

Doc here with the latest from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent from Portland. When it comes to adult theaters, there is Portland, OR, and then there is the rest of the world as we know it.  And we are truly blessed that we have Brent to capture the moments that make our niche so exciting.

Even a Tuesday night can be exciting in Portland. Here is Brent's breakdown...


Tuesday. One Couple. 30 Minutes.

The couple that came to The Paris Theater in Portland last night made the most of their half hour visit. When I got there , they were on the first couch to your left after you walk into the theater through the left entrance to the auditorium past The Couples Oasis and down the stairs.

She was a cute Peppermint Patty, goth, tattooed suicide girl and he was a fit, compact tattooed Trainspotting guy. Her tits were out and he was finger fucking her wet pussy.Then he went down on her causing her to yell out in agonizing pleasure. She was telling him how horny she was and how wet she was. She said words to the effect " I'm a dirty girl!"

The Tuesday regulars gathered around them and soon hands were caressing her exposed tits and nipples and reaching for her pussy. Her vagina was wet and warm and tingling. She gently pushed our hands away then reached for a cock and started caressing it. Men leaned into her and sucked on her sensitive nipples.

She saw a cock she liked and asked her old man " Can I have a taste" Her old man nodded and she leaned forward and started sucking on it. Soon he was coming. She offered her body and face up if anyone else wanted to come on her. " Just don't get it in my eyes," she smiled. Only one guy took advantage of her offer. There were just 8 men in the theater at the time.

They decided to go for a beer and said they would be back in a while. Someone told them that the theater closed at midnight. "Our perv palaces stay open 24 hours a day, where I come from," she laughed.

I told her that if they came back before midnight , the clerk would keep the theater open long enough for them (and everybody else) to get off. I had no right to say that because it's actually up to the  discretion of Ray or the clerk. But I said it because I wanted them to come back and play some more.

Funny thing is I didn't even wait around for them. I left the theater around 11:30 and headed for home. If they did return to the theater for round two, I hope they had a good time and I hope there was a few new cocks for her to play with. She was, or was in the process of becoming that kind of girl.


Doc here again... Brent is the gold standard of adult theater reporters, and this report is a great example of his work. This thing of ours benefits from his reporting, and has opened the doors for many other adult theater scribes by the examples he has set over the years. 

Sometimes we don't say this enough, but thank you, Brent.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Jet Li The Good Doctor at The staff here at The Journal (OK, me) needs more reports as readership grows. 

So pretty please, with sugar on top -  Send in your reports.


Flash Report: The Captain Sounds The Collision Horn on Adult World in Rensselaer, NY

Doc here with another fisherman's platter of a Flash Report from that crusty old seadog, The Captain.  Cappy stays close to home port, and hits Adult World in Rensselaer, NY.

One of the things about The Captain's reports that warms The Good Doctor's heart is his colorful descriptions of adult theater sexcapades.  Today's magic word is: spit-roasting.

So put on your rain slicker and enjoy the latest from the Captain...


Ahoy Doc!

I've been busy scraping barnacles (yep, that's what the kids call it these days) with my good arm while my injury heals from that Friday night anchor hoisting incident a few weeks ago. I think if my physical therapist wasn't a living breathing barbie doll I'd get better a lot quicker.

I've been making a few stops into our local bookstore with a mini theater, Adult World at 275 Columbia Turnpike, in Rensselaer, NY (right across the river from downtown Albany). It's actually been a bit busy for couples action.

The real Laura Prepon
We've had a tall red-head who looked a bit like the tall red head on That 70's show.  She went into the booths area around 4pm on a Friday and started blowing her boyfriend, leaving the door open for anyone to watch. Several of us stepped in and were treated to a fabulous tongue swirl technique that brought us to completion quite quickly and she went back to working on her boyfriend. They left after a 30 minute stay.

Another couple stopped in on a Wed night and she took on 7 guys in the theater who enjoyed spit-roasting her, doggy-style was available in the first row where she leaned on the seat and bent over forward towards the second row to offer her mouth. She was very enthusiastic, but kept the moaning a bit muffled. Her husband directed the action as to who got to do what, but all of us enjoyed ourselves and she promised to return soon. Given that it's a Wednesday as I write this I'll be sure to personally visit tonight to see if the promise was kept.

Last Saturday a mature couple stopped in on their 21-speed road bikes (yep, pedal power). He went inside to investigate and she sat down outside right next to the front door smoking area and several of us chatted her up. They went inside together after she had finished her hydration break and she treated us to some quick oral pleasures for about 20mins before they had to hit the road.

I'm planning a trip down river to Cinema Art in Hartford on Fathers Day to be able to give a first-hand account of the festivities.

Signing off the ship's radio with a seaman's favorite dual meaning phrase......... "She's going down!"

The Captain


Doc here again... Thanks to The Captain for his yeoman's effort in this report.  The Captain is not only consistent, he can drop anchor with the best of them.  He's professional and personable.  He's The Captain.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Special Field Report! floyd Hits The Vegas ABS/Theater Scene

Doc here with another 5-Star quality Field Report from Senior Journal Reporter, floyd.  As John Cleese would announce at the start of every episode of Monty Python, "And now for something completely different", and floyd does just that as well with this report.

It's time for Viva La floyd at The Journal...


Special Report! floyd Hits The Vegas ABS/Theater Scene

Three cheers to the Good Doctor for some consistently great posts over the last couple of weeks; so good that you probably forgot all about your Portland afternoon correspondent floyd, right?  Well, contrary to popular belief I have not been limping back and forth from my office to the streetcar to the Paris Theater with drool on my chin….

Nope, I’ve been in Vegas!  Following the old adage “All work and no play…” I had had about enough of meetings and business dinners, so I decided to pay a quick visit to a couple of the biggest and most popular ABS locations, both on Tropicana on the west side of the strip across I-15.  Having spent many a solo night in Vegas on business throughout the years, I have become pretty familiar with the ABS/theater scene there.  I must echo the Good Doctor’s previous comments here and say it is a very strange scene indeed: big clean theaters attached to ABS’s that are well-populated by couples, and yet surprisingly little action.

There are two primary reasons for this dichotomy.  First, since most visitors to the theaters are out-of-towners, they have little knowledge of the local laws and the level of LE in effect around the theater scene, and are understandably wary.  The ubiquitous and very prominent warnings posted everywhere around the arcades and theaters just adds to this; no doubt the owners are in CYA mode, but it adds to the general paranoia nonetheless.  The second reason is that there are perfectly legal and safe alternatives; private clubs where both single guys and couples are welcome.  The most notorious, of course, is the “world-famous” Green Door, a huge place with  member sand couples-only areas, plus a large area where guys can watch the more exhibitionist couples perform. There are also a few swingers clubs like the Red Rooster, which has been around for years, and newcomers like HUSH on Industrial next to the Can-Can Room, both of which welcome singles.

Adult Superstores
Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas
The two places on Tropicana are the Adult Superstores location about a quarter mile from I-15, and Déjà Vu Adult Emporium diagonally across from the Orleans casino hotel. I had heard that Déjà Vu had done a big upgrade of their arcade, which is what pointed me in that direction. My first stop was the Adult Superstores though, a big discount operation that has the cheapest adult DVD’s ever, a huge selection of them plus toys,novelties, etc.  The staff is very friendly, and like lots of the more upscale Vegas spots there are always lots of couples in the store.  Upstairs they have a very dark arcade area that was not very inviting: lots of signs warning against more than one person per booth plus notification that exposingone’s genitals or any type of sexual activity is illegal in the county.  So what’s the use of having an arcade?

Next to the arcade is the entrance to the theater. An $8 admission gets you though the door, where you are immediately at the front of the first small theater, facing the ten or so rows of wooden and metal chairs that reminded me of elementary school. That theater shows hetero movies, and at 5pm there were a half a dozen guys in there, just sitting and watching the movie.  At the back of the theater you can walk around a corner to the perpendicularly arranged gay theater; somewhat smaller with the same chairs.  This would have been my fifth or sixth time in these theaters over the last few years, at various times of day and night, and I have never seen a couple inside.  On the gay side they seemed much less concerned about the dire warnings, with many guys openly jacking.  This day I walked in on a young dude giving another young guy a spirited blow job, which ended in a loud cum and profuse thanks.  Not my thing though, so I didn’t stay long.  I did return the following night at about 11:00pm, and the scene was just the same except with a few more guys, and I did not linger.

Deja Vu Adult Emporium
Tropicana Ave (near The Orleans Casino), Las Vegas
Next I went to Déjà Vu.  This has got to be the classiest adult place in Vegas.  A huge, well-lit store with vids, a huge selection of toys, vibes, and other aids, and a whole department dedicated to really nice lingerie.  There are always couples of all ages shopping there with no embarrassment or hesitation.  I have seen girls that looked barely 21 and couples that were obviously in their late sixties in there.  Moving to the arcade, I first noticed the wall of warnings and disclaimers.  The staff here are also extremely friendly and engaged, so I approached a guy, told him I was a correspondent for an adult theater blog, and asked him if I could take a picture of the warning signs.  He knew their policy without having to ask anyone: no pictures in the store. He told me that LE in Vegas was totally schizoid about the arcades adult theaters; they would go years without paying the slightest attention (which makes sense when you consider that there are trucks carrying 50-foot signs promising “girls to your room in 20 minutes!” everywhere), then, usually around election time, they would suddenly require a crackdown on the illegal, immoral,adult theater, where folks might actually EXPOSE THEIR SEX ORGANS.  Remember, this is in Las Vegas.

So I went into the arcade first.  Just like when I was there a year or so ago, it was spotlessly clean. The booths are big, clean, and comfortable, but there are no gloryholes, and each booth has a large window in the door, so the staff can see if there is more than one person inside, and presumably to make sure nobody shows the dreaded sex organ.  Entering a booth, I saw the remodel.  Each booth is now equipped with a huge HD screen, and the video and audio quality was stunning, far better than any arcade I have ever seen. Scrolling through a few movies, you could clearly see the newer ones that had been shot in HD, which were spectacular.

I soon tired of this and bought a ticket to the theater.  $10 gets you unlimited in and out privileges for 8 hours.  You enter into a short hallway that runs between the equally sized straight and gay theaters, each with about six rows of brand new theater seats.  These replaced the aging but very comfortable recliners that used to be in the theaters.  Not a good upgrade in thiscorrespondent’s opinion.  The TV’sin the theaters had also been upgraded to really clear HD.  Each theater has two TV’s, one big an done smaller, showing different movies. The gay side had one male gay flick and one tranny movie playing. The scene here was just like at the Adult Superstore, and I only stayed a few minutes.

The following night, after a quick stop at the AS, I returned to the Deja Vu theaters at about 11:15pm.  There was a fair number of guys in both theaters, and no one seemed to be paying attention to any of the rules, with most guys jacking off openly.  I hung around long enough to chat with one guy who looked like a regular.  He confirmed my suspicion that most experienced couples went to the clubs, but he also said there were at least one or two couples a night that wandered in.  For that reason,I decided to hang around a bit, and sure enough, after a half hour or so a couple came in, heading for the gay side for reasons I never did understand.  They were young and exceedingly well dressed, with the blond woman wearing a fashionable white top,a tan skirt, and expensive-looking shoes. Her guy was similarly attired in casual but pricey garb, and they sat together watching the gay movie.  Of course, all eyes were on them, and several of the guys from the straight theater, floyd included, had wandered over to take a look. 

After a few minutes she hopped up on his lap and they started making out.  When the light from the screen hit her face, I could see that she was older that I initially though, maybe mid-thirties.  They kissed for a while, and she made no effort to stop her skirt from rising far enough that we got a nice view of her white lace thong.  I was thinking this was really going to get good when he lifted up her top, exposing a matching white lace bra.  She was tall and slim with nice natural tits, and he immediately pulled one bra cup down, exposing a hard pink nipple,which he started gently kissing. 


Well, no, actually, because one of the guys standing in the entranceway with his cock out picked this moment to walk right up to them,jacking furiously, and lose a load on the floor.  He didn’t cum on or particularly near them, but the reaction was immediate.  The girl looked at the guy with utter disgust, and she and her guy were out of there in 5 seconds flat.

So that’s the report from Sin City.  I did make it to HUSH one night as well, and it’s up to the Doctor whether that qualifies as a theater report.  If so, I will file it. 

Now, back to the Paris…..



Doc here again... Thanks again to floyd for submitting a report a bit out of the box for him, but excellent stuff nonetheless. Please make sure you check out floyd's own blog, Cockofthetalk. Great stories and reports await you at the blog. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Darkangel Digest: Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here the first of two Couples Reports from regular Journal contributor, Darkangel.  In this report, they hit the road and find themselves in Mesa, AZ, seeking out some adult theater fun.

We join this program in progress...


Hello Dr Lizardo,

I wanted to share our latest adventure with everyone. M and I went west to Phoenix on 5/16/2011 for a short vacation. While there we visited Personal Preference at 9550 E. Main Street in Mesa AZ.  My what an adventure it was.

Personal Preference
Mesa, AZ

We got a later start than we had hoped, as on Tuesday and Saturday night it is couples nite and they reserve one of the two theaters for couples only from 8pm till 11 pm. We arrived at 9:15 as couples are always free. We walked thru the door to find 5 leather couches - 2 along the walls with one at the back in the center. This couch and the two on the left were occupied so we sat in the front right as our eyes adjusted. We saw a couple in the back who were just laying and watching the movie. The next couch had a shapely bbw top down, tits out, sucking her mans cock.

On the couch directly across from us was an MFM trio. They looked to be early 40s... She had long brown hair with a great ass and hips along with DD tits. She had on a six inch set of cfm heels and a smile. Her friend had what looked to be about 8" of hard cock and hubby was wearing slacks and a dress shirt.

As this was our first time in a theater with couples in the theater, I felt a bit out of my league (and perhaps intimidated) as I am used to being the only woman in the theater! As I wasn't sure how long I should look without a break, I would look around intermittently. M although didn't seem to have a problem looking for long periods of time (hmm).  :o)  I think he found his happy spot!!
The Real

M started fondling my tits, and we began making out as we most certainly were aroused. Then M started fingering me as he put his fingers in my pussy, and he could feel how hot & wet I already was! He would look to see if anyone would invite us over. In the meantime the couple at the back left and the other couple were getting busy as she gave her man head, then got up and rode him good! M said it was hot I didn't see as M was making me hotter & alot moister. When that couple was done they left.

As we continued, so did the 3-some. She sucked her man as their friend took a much needed break from his pounding her doggie style hard~and~fast. I had already had my top down around my waist, and we then got up. I took off my short short cutoffs and panties (with pink & blue lace & sequin stars), and M took off his shirt & shorts. We walked to the back of the room were the couches were set in a T shape as I bent over in my heels and placed my hands on the arm. M slid his hard cock into my wet, wet pussy, as we were being watched by the man friend while he stroked his still hard cock.

Mmm, this was so good to be fucking while being watched, as I have begun to enjoy playing in front of an audience! I am usually vocal at home only. But after hearing the dark haired woman tell her friend to fuck her harder and faster (as she sucked her husbands cock just a couple of feet away) it inspired me to also tell M to fuck me harder! I told him when he tagged that special erogenous zone, with all that sexy play going on the smell of sex in the air we came..all down my legs, his legs, and splat ~ on the floor! Oops!

DARN! As we were getting dressed to go, the 3-some invited us to stay for some really fun times with them. As the doors were to open, they told us about 15 men to waiting enter! The woman said she wont stay unless we did, but we had our limit of a non-stop days with the kids and the time difference and had an hour to drive back. We were just too tired this time...

The doors opened and here came the heard of horn dogs all looking at us wondering where we were going as we said our good byes! :(  And off we went.

We said "we will be back and next time, we will make sure we can stay longer."



Doc here again...Thanks to Darkangel for another great Couple's Report.  I am sure my friend and colleague, Old Marine Corps Guy, will have a comment or two about DA's report.

Part 2 of her report, from her 4th trip to Love Stuff in Cordele, GA will be posted in the next day.  Check back often.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Report: Summit News Bookstore & Theater in Warren, OH by Oldbeatnik

Doc here with an outstanding Field Report from senior Journal scribe, Oldbeatnik. In his travels this spring and summer, OBN hits many areas where there are adult theaters.  He takes it upon himself to put his bongo drums aside, venture out, and report his findings.

This weekend sees Oldbeatnik at the well reviewed Summit News in Warren, OH. Summit News is now THE place for adult theater fun in NE Ohio. 

Enjoy Oldbeatnik's Field Report on Summit News...


The Summit News Bookstore and Adult Theater at 645 Summit St. NW, Warren, Ohio is a very nice place. It is located in a secluded commercial area and has a huge off street parking lot.

The front is a rather small video/toy store with the usual videos and toys. It is open from 11 am to midnight. The theater costs $10 for singles, $15 for couples and has a private theater area for rent for $15 for several hours. The clerk was quite friendly and gave me a tour of the place. It has 8 booths that take dollar bills, 4 of them have buddy windows, none have glory holes.

The store has a quasi-deal with the police: "we don't put in glory holes, you don't bother our patrons." It has worked out pretty well. The private theater is huge with a very comfortable couch and a large screen TV. The renter can select the DVDs to be played. It does have an old sperm smell but that is to be expected, it is usually used by gays.

Summit New is building a BDSM dungeon that will be open some time in June. It has an X bar, a cross and they will be putting in a fuck table. Forgot to ask the cost of using it. The theater itself has great ambient light so one can easily see anyone playing. The screen is about 5x6 feet and they show 5 DVDs in a row, the last one shown each evening a bi video. It has three 4-6 seat  couches; two against the back wall, one against the far right wall. It has four rows of theater seats with lots of room between the rows; a set of 3 seats, an aisle, another set of 3 seats in each row. No bad smell and boxes of tissues on each couch. The bathroom is unisex, clean and also smell free. All in all a safe clean place to bring a woman.

Friday night 3 couples showed up, one woman in a skirt, the other two in shorts and jeans. The man with the woman in the skirt played with her pussy and made her cum quite often and he used the room between the rows to go down on her, they played just with themselves but didn't mind on lookers as long as you didn't touch. They were there when I first came in and I guess someone touched her and they left. The clerk said they were regulars, went out for drink and would be back later. They did return and really got into playing for the crowd.
The woman in shorts (a BBW) and her man sat in the 3 seat front row next to a male patron she soon went down on. I got the impression they knew each other. She then moved to the couch on the right, removed her shorts and proceeded to suck off several men while several others ate and played with her pussy. She soon drew a crowd with everyone in the theater (10 men and the two other couples) gathered around.

The woman in jeans (a real cute BBW) went down on her man both on one of the rear couches and while watching the live show. The whole scene was a voyeurs delight.

Saturday night was a gaystock, no couples in the theater just a bunch of gays doing each other. The cutie from Fri night and her man were there, but never went into the theater, they stayed outside the whole time. I talked to them for a bit, and they go to theaters in PA, Ohio and West Virginia. I asked if she just sucks her man and she said no, she sometimes does other men - she's just picky. He said she likes glory holes, he likes theaters. I recommended that they start writing to the Good Doctor as he wants couples view points. They said they might start since they go out two or three times a month.

The Summit News Bookstore and Adult Theater is a great place for couples and couples action. I very highly recommend it, just be sure if you have a no touch rule you make it known to the crowd.



Doc here again... Thanks to OBN for his usual outstanding field work concerning this thing of ours. Just like The Good Doctor, he has been around the block a few times, and we are thankful for his energy reporting on the adult theater scene. 

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Macho Man Savage The Good Doctor at, and I will format, edit, and generally doll-up your report.  You get the glory.


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi and The End of Times - 5/21/2011

Doc here with this week's installment from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  It's good to see Bob survived the Apocalypse on Saturday and was able to write up a solid report on Saturday night's action in Biloxi.

So crawl up out of your bomb shelters and enjoy Bob's take on Saturday night on the Gulf Coast...


This Week's Episode: "The End of the World"

Hey Doc,

Some of Portland arrived on the beautiful Gulf Coast over the weekend. I know you’re scratching your head right now, so read on.

At around 8pm Saturday I arrived at the Gulf Coast Theater, the clerk told me that only two couples had been in all day. So I proceeded down the street to the ABS. Upon entering the owner was there and smiled and said “you must have ESPN” (that’s a joke, we both knew he meant ESP). "There are two couples back there, but you’ll have to beat Coach to the punch.”  Coach is a regular horn-dog in this thing of ours as well. I went back and found him was standing next to a booth; he pointed, he then whispered that the couples were next to each other. Damn, so much for a swoop in and get drained today.

Bob in Biloxi
After several minutes one couple came out and left. I recognized them as the petite little blonde school teacher I’ve written about in the past.  They are somewhat strange in their play, she will not even touch a cock unless you present it to her erect, even then it’s somewhat of a crap-shoot. But when she does play, she is excellent. The other couple soon came out, and she’s the semi regular that will stay until everyone is drained. She likes to back up to the hole and pound the wall with her ass. I was fortunate to be at the head of the line. And she didn’t disappoint!!

Retreating to the safety of my Ram, I replenished lost fluids and took a breather. A few minutes later Coach came out with a grin on his face (he was number 2) and told me he no longer had chrome on his trailer hitch.

While I was recuperating two more couples went in and headed back to the booths; patrons told me they were playing with some guys, but not others. I couldn’t have contributed anyway as I was still in R & R mode and sure didn’t want to cock-block a couple just to watch. That pisses me off for guys to do that when I bring a lady, so do unto others is my motto. Both stayed about 30mins or so. The blonde was still in there too!

About 10:30pm, a car pulled into the lot, with none other than Oregon plates hanging on the bumper!! A slim petite brunette wearing Capri pants and a red pullover got out on the passenger side. I’m thinking to myself  “If only it were true”. So they went inside, and I followed a short time later through the back door of the business.

As I walked in, I heard the guy she was with ask how much to go back, then asked if the booths had glory holes!!  The owner asked them “where you guys from?” When she answered Portland, my knees became weak; she was a good looking little honey. They walked back and I was able to beat the herd next to them into the adjacent booth. She started sucking her man and looking toward my hole. End of the world? Not tonight.

I fed my cock in and she starting revealing talents only Portland women seem to possess!!! She was wonderful at giving head, and thank goodness I had got off prior. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I did, but she finally took me though. I could hear her moaning as well as encouragement from her dude to suck it all out. As I was gathering myself up, I looked in the hole and she was just taking his load, they left about the same time I did. Thanks Portland for having such talented women your beautiful city!

Saturday night allowed 5 couples at the ABS. 5 couples total showed at the theater, as far as I could tell none of the 5 at the theater played. Our Catholic school girl showed up briefly and flashed some but left.

In Kansas City next Saturday Doc, and will try and give a report from Bazooka’s.



Doc here again... Thanks again to Bob for his usual stellar work in this thing of ours.  He has survived The Rapture, and we are all the better for it!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Lee Horsely  The Good Doctor an, and we will make it happen.

Take the plunge!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Reminder: Laney Visiting CTs Adult Theater in Gary This Friday and Saturday (w/more PICS!)

Doc here with a FINAL reminder for this coming weekend, May 20 and 21st. Laney from Texas will be making her much anticipated return visit to CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Hwy., in Gary, IN, and she is hungry for lots of guys and lots of cocks.

Don't believe me? Here are her own words:

"Hello to all my friends at CTs. I have missed you all so much. I will be in town to play Friday 5/20 (11am to 2pm and evening) and Saturday 5/21 (evening). I hope to see some of my old friends and I really am hoping to meet more. I am really a gang bang slut and love to fuck as many men as possible. I do suck cock but only to get it hard so that you can fuck me. Please come and see me on Friday and Saturday. I would like to invite all couples and single females to come play with me as well."

Still don't believe me? How about more hardcore photos of Laney at CTs last year (click to ENLARGE pics - They are hi-res photos):

Laney is a great time, and should not be missed at CTs Adult Theater this weekend!

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


Flash Report! Daisy Train On Her Fantastic Night At The Oregon Theater

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal: A recap (with pics) of Daisy Train's wild night last Saturday at The Oregon Theater in Portland. 

I have reposted the report as it was submitted, and it speaks for itself...

Take it away, Daisy!


Hello Dr. Lizardo,

I have a couple of reports for your readers to enjoy; I sure enjoyed these two gentlemen!  This first one is a reprint from my Yahoo Group by bennyinpdx:

"Daisy asked me to post what it was like for me last weekend at the Oregon Theater, so here goes.

I've been to the Oregon quite a few times. Sometimes it's deader than dead.  Other times there's some voyeur action going on. And occasionally it will be really hot with two or three sluts taking on all cummers. I first stopped by around 8:30 and there was nothing happening. I sat around for a while, stroked my dick to some porn, but figured I should leave and check back later. Besides, I had seen on craigslist that a couple would be stopping by and wanted to play.

I returned around 10:30 and it was probably the craziest scene I've ever come across at the Oregon.

There was a woman in the couples section naked and sprawled out exhausted from whatever she was doing, but the real show was up front at the "come fuck me" bed. There was maybe 20+ guys just in awe of Daisy.

The first thing I noticed about her was her big round ass as a Hispanic guy was fucking her for all he was worth doggystyle. Then I heard Daisy's moans though the cock she was sucking off and I knew I had to bust my nut to this. But with so many guys I had to stake out a position and politely wait. I could just tell Daisy knew how to blow dick like a porn star and that's what I wanted.

Doggystyle seemed to be the position of the night, and honestly, I'm not sure if my dick is big enough to hit it from behind and please her at the same time.  (I'm an average six inches. Not a lot of girth.) So just as I was next in line to fuck that mouth, Daisy noticed a guy in a wheelchair in the group. I guess
they had talked online prior and that's when the bed action stopped. Daisy got down, opened up the guy's pants and leaned over while still standing to deep throat his cock. By the look on his face, he was in heaven.

A couple of minutes later, Daisy was determined to fuck him. And here's something I thought I'd never see. A team full of perverted theater slut
fuckers (hey, I'm one of them) came together to hoist Daisy over this guy's wheelchair and onto his dick. Once Daisy was settled in, she rode him good and even came all over him.

Still, I remained waiting patiently, dick in hand, for my turn with Daisy.  After wheelchair guy was done, the group swarmed Daisy again. She went right to work deep throating. She even yelled out that she needed a cock in her cunt, just to let even know when was ready for more group action. She must have liked one of the cocks in her mouth because she asked its owner if he'd fuck her with it. He obliged.

Soon Daisy got back up on the bed, and I was in a good position to finally get my dick sucked. There was one guy ahead of me with a pretty long dick who was getting serviced by Daisy. Eventually he came all over her face. And just when I thought it was my turn, another guy with a much smaller dick hoped up on the bed. Damn! He didn't last long though and I think he busted in Daisy's mouth.  Finally it was my turn.

After Daisy's master gave her some napkins to wipe the cum off her face, she started sucking me off. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING!!! I knew I wouldn't last long, so I kept trying to do things to keep my mind occupied, including reaching down to squeeze those amazing tits of hers. A couple of times once I thought I was about to blow, I'd pull my dick out for a few seconds and just stroke it.

One time Daisy started sucking on my balls, which was a whole different slice of heaven. At this point no one was fucking her pussy, so it was just me, on my knees on this fuck bed in a seedy porn theater as more than a dozen guys watched a horny gang bang girl work my cock over. I told her I was ready to cum and she started to jerk me off. In seconds, I was exploding all over her tits. She said "see what you did?" and I said "thank you" before getting off the bed to let another dude take my place.

This pretty much ties my best public sex experience. (There was that one time pornstar Ava Devine showed up at a swingers club and sucked me off twice during a blowbang). I'll be looking to see when Daisy shows up again in Portland.  Unfortunately I can't make it Sunday for the gangbang at the Oregon, but maybe some other time. Thank you, Daisy. Oh, and a question for you. Do you like to be in control during a blowjob, or will you let a guy fuck your mouth deep?"

I received the following email the morning after I played at the Oregon Theater last Saturday and I am reprinting it in it's entirety with permission. He wishes to remain anonymous.

Many of the patrons that were there that night saw a young man in a wheel chair.  J was in email contact with me before I went that night and when I saw him in his electric wheel chair parked by the pleasure table I was thrilled that he had shown up.  He's a nice looking man with a sweet face and even sweeter personality and I'll have more to say about him in my personal journal entry.
I think the close of his letter is a bit much!  But I have reprinted it here unedited.

Here is J's letter:

"thank you master wolf and ms.daisy!!!!
that was one hell of a night.

daisy you took my theater sex cherry tonight
i went to the jefferson long time ago but no luck.
been to the paris but they say its not accessible.
been to the oregon a few times even with a gf but we left cause guys were being pushy.

it was kinda crazy at first, like a bunch of starving refuges fighting for food handouts.
but after you settled in people seemed to relax.
you looked fucking fantastic! those black stockings and the guarder belt made your legs and ass look sexy as fuck.

You sucked me soooo good and I loved how you hoped on me and straddled me in my chair, that is after we found a condom that fit :)
you grabbed the back handle bars and rode me like a champ.
i grabbed your ass and pulled you tight as we fucked surrounded by a pack of horny men.
seems like someone slipped in your back door for a minute and then you came all over my cock.
i love a squirter as i was soaked.

you were so friendly, sweet and amazing.
you made sure i was happy and i was.
i then watched you do everyone who wanted you, young, old, white, black, asian, latino, it was a sight to see.
by the end of the night, the full theater was empty and ms.daisy ws declared the winner!
Although I think we were all winners thanks to master wolf and you ms.daisy.
i think you should receive sainthood status."


Doc here again...Thanks again to the amazing Daisy Train for providing us with a compilation of reports from last Saturday at The Oregon Theater in Portland, as well as the terrific pics.  From what I have heard from my friends and colleagues in Portland, it was as crazy a night as they have seen in awhile.  And we have on person to thank...

Thank you Daisy Train.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reminder: Laney From Texas Visits CTs in Gary Friday and Saturday (w/new XXX pics!)

Doc here with a friendly reminder for this coming weekend, May 20 and 21st. Laney from Texas will be making her much anticipated return visit to CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Hwy., in Gary, IN, and she is hungry for lots of guys and lots of cocks.

Don't believe me? Here are her own words:

"Hello to all my friends at CTs. I have missed you all so much. I will be in town to play Friday 5/20 (noon and evening) and Saturday 5/21 (noon and evening). I hope to see some of my old friends and I really am hoping to meet more. I am really a gang bang slut and love to fuck as many men as possible. I do suck cock but only to get it hard so that you can fuck me. Please come and see me on Friday and Saturday. I would like to invite all couples and single females to come play with me as well."

Still don't believe me? How about eight more hardcore photos of Laney at CTs last year (click to ENLARGE pics - They are hi-res photos):

So go out and support Laney at her appearances at CTs in Gary.


Couples Field Report: Mr. PeeperZ on Cherri Bombs in West Babylon, NY

Doc here with another report from new Journal reporter, Mr. PeeperZ.  His submissions are really couples reports, with his last one focusing on Teasers on Long Island, NY.

His Field Report is outstanding...Lots of logistical information, layout, as well as what they saw and did while at Cherri Bombs.

Enjoy the report... It's a good one!


MrPeeperZ here with another trip report. This time to Cherri Bombs, an adult entertainment complex in West Babylon, NY (45 Kean Street, West Babylon, New York 11704, Phone: 631.920.2128 ).

Cherri Bombs
West Babylon, NY
My wife and I decided to check this place out for our Friday afternoon excursion, hoping it might be less sleazy than Teasers, which is pretty shabby.

To describe the facility: Located along an industrial street near the highway, Cherri Bombs is a 2 story adult entertainment complex. It features an on-premises swing club, a theater, a small DVD & toy sales area and booths for private lap dances. There is ample off-street parking.

As you enter, to the right is the swing club, "Encounters". It wasn't open, but it was unlocked, so we toured the facilities. They were modern, clean and well laid out. A juice bar (alcohol is forbidden), a dance floor and some raised areas furnished with leather couches and cocktail tables. Through an archway was the bedroom area. There were 5 or 6 queen size beds in alcoves with sofas close to the beds. One was in a glassed off room, one was in an open area. Plenty of towels were in evidence. Encounters is open on weekend evenings only. Couples admission is only $10. Single men are admitted ($40), but they can enter the elevated or bedroom areas only if invited by a couple. There are no lockers or showers, so you would have to wear your play clothes under your street clothes, and keep a bag with your street clothes nearby.

The stairs lead up to the lap dance area, which is fronted by the small "bookstore" counter. We spoke to the clerk there a few minutes to get some information, but did not proceed further.

Cherri Bombs
The theater entrance is to your left as you enter. The entrance is unmanned - you have to purchase a ticket from a machine ($10/person) and scan it through a turnstile. A sign stated that couples were not permitted in the theater on weekend evenings (I assume they want couples in the swing club when it is open - theater admission is $10, while single men pay $40 to get into the swing club - and single men will go where the couples are.). One proceeds down a hallway, on the right are several small (6x8 ft?) doorless viewing rooms, each with a large flat screen TV and a long leather couch facing it. One then enters the main theater area. It is hard to describe. A room about 50 ft x 50 ft, with 2 walls literally plastered with large screen TVs, showing every sort of porn. The TVs were stacked 2 or 3 high! There must have been 40 of them. Leather sofas formed a square in the center of the room facing the TVs, while inside that square were other sofas facing inward, making sort of a conversation area. On one wall there were 3 very small "viewing booths' which appeared to be showing internet porn (and seemed to have some device for taking money). The only unoccupied one did not have a glory hole.

Off the other wall was the bathroom, which was modern and immaculately clean, and three smaller viewing rooms, similar to the ones first seen. These had some mirrored walls and glory holes between the 3 rooms.

There were only about a half dozen men in the theater when we went in, and no couples or women. One Internet post indicated that couples do play in the theater, but I cannot be sure of this.  We explored the place, and were not completely comfortable, it being new to us, but we sat down on one of the couches in the main area and my proceeded to give me a BJ. Some of the men gathered to watch (discretely). After a while, we repaired to one of the 3 smaller rooms, stripped down, and gave the guys a show. They watched politely from outside, giving us the one-eyed salute. My wife was not comfortable enough (even after 3 orgasms) to invite any of them in, so we dressed and departed, with plans to return.


Thanks to Mr. PeeperZ for another outstanding Field Report.  Love the detail he went into, plus the vibe for couples planning on maybe visiting there some night.  Looks like a great place to visit and add to your to-do list.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of the Journal?  Just e-mail Charles Bronson The Good Doctor at I will help you by editing and formatting your report.  All you have to do is send the report.  Try it!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blast From The Past: Tom Austin on Houston's XXX Theater

Doc here with the return of Senior Journal Reporter, Tom Austin.  His travels have taken him across the pond, but he is now back and better than ever...

Today he submits for your approval a Blast From The Past from Houston, and the No-Name XXX Theater.  Needless to say, I could not come up with a photo of the theater.  However, I have dropped in a few photos of classic Houston adult theaters from that same era.

Here is Tom Austin's terrific Blast From The Past...


Blast From The Past – The No-Name XXX Theater - 1991

On the south side of Houston, near the intersection of loop-610 and I-45, was a small theater which provided both locals and tourists with a low-key means of enjoying "this thing of ours". It existed for at least 15 years and I enjoyed many late evenings there. It only had a large, red “XXX” sign in front next to its small parking lot – it was truly the adult theater with no name.

The facility itself had four sections – two theaters (couples-only and mixed, a private preview area with six small open cubes with a few seats in each, and then several rows of adult books and magazines in a large open area that separated the preview space and theaters. The clientele was definitely there to enjoy either the theaters or preview area (or both), but the rows of magazines did allow for casual cruising of the people who were going in and out of both xxx movie areas. My usual MO was to simply head to the mixed gender theater, take a seat near the back row, and watching straight porn to “warm-up.”

The theater was always really dark and usually took at least ten minutes or so for my eyes to adjust to be able to see anyone. One night upon entering the theater and taking my place next to the aisle (since it was the only seat I could clearly see was empty) was the first time that I enjoyed a great session with a very horny husband and wife.

I don’t remember much about the movie, except as usual the sound was turned up loud. The movie itself was dark and I could not begin to guess if I was alone or with any others in theater-style seats which could hold no more than about 30. I was slowly getting into the movie when I noticed that the movie had dubbed double sounds of a woman moaning in passion as the chick on the screen was getting fucked – it was almost like two soundtracks of a woman in the throes of passion were being played at the same time.

But then as my eyes gradually adjusted to the low light, I saw several people grouped together near the front of the theater. And I finally realized the second “sound track” I was listening to was actually not a part of the move, but instead was a MF couple and a couple of other guys playing with the topless woman down front. This was way back in my early days of enjoying “this thing of ours” and I was very cautious to go slowly in order to minimize my risk of an unplanned meeting with Houston LE. After my eyes finally adjusted to the theater I realized that two guys – one of each side of a woman – were helping her to get off, while a third guy stood behind and played with her nipples and tits. Hello momma.

Cinema XX
Houston c.1984
The woman’s passion had no shyness, and she was definitely enjoying the attention and maturations of all three guys. To this day, I remember her rapid moans and heavy breathing as the most passionate sounds of sex I’ve ever heard outside of an orgy. She was totally shameless and soon orgasmed with several loud grunts. It was my first time to witness a total slut completely consumed by sex.

After her orgasm, one of the guys got up and left, and was quickly replaced by the man in back who took a quick seat next to her. I’m not sure what he expected, but even without adjusting her summer blouse or skirt, she bent over and returned his favor with a blow job. Meanwhile the guy to her right side, which I later learned was her partner, looked back at me smiling. Not taking this for an open invitation to join their scene I remained in my seat watching her head bobbing up and down for several minutes until this guy filled her mouth with is cum. There was then some whispering and movement, and then BJ-boy stood, zipped his pants, and exited by me to the rear of the theater, almost racing to the exit. Was this to be my opening?

Then another rookie mistake as I thought about my next move too long. Seeing me paralyzed in my seat, the couple rose, and quietly exited the theater, leaving me with a full bone and no dog to feed it to. Frustration quickly set in as I realized I just probably missed my first attempt at open theater sex with a totally nasty couple. I slowly rose and also exited the theater, but instead of calling it a night, I decided to enter the private preview area and take matters in my own hand. It was behind that closed door that I rediscovered my very good fortune - the couple already at play with another guy.

Majestic Metro
Houston, c.1984
These were small preview cubicles with only two rows of seats – 6 or 8 chairs max. When I heard her familiar groan again, I stepped into a cube to find the couple and another guy who had just won the lottery without even buying a ticket. She was bent over and was giving another full BJ with total abandon. Five minutes max later he came and I then experienced another first on the theater trails – watching a woman openly kiss her husband right after a BJ and seeing the two of them French kissing with her mouthful of cum. Now I know it’s called snowballing, but back then, it was what probably frightened away her BJ beneficiary back in the theater.

She smiled at me; he smiled at me; and their latest conquest rose and walked away. I had learned my lesson and raced to take my seat to her right side, and quickly unzipped and displayed my member for her to see. She turned to her partner, whispered something to him, and then lowered her mouth over me and proceeded to remind me by using her mouth, lips, and tongue that there is a God.
Best. Blowjob. Evar.

And like I had witnessed before in the theater, she slowly turned from me towards her partner and they shared another deep French kiss, swapping the fruits of our coupling with more moans and total enjoyment.

Village Theater
Houston, c.1983
Their kiss seemed to last forever, and then he spoke, “Don’t you think you should tell her how good that was?”

Words failed me. “That was fantastic. Better than fantastic. Great.” My brain simply needed more time for the blood to return in order to function properly. But at least my sincerity solicited a cute little smile from her that said it all.

“Do you want to play for a while?” he asked. And then he showed me a small bottle of hand lotion. “She likes to be played with, too.” After readjusting our positions, I gave her one, two, and eventually three fingers, and she liked it hard. And very loud. After enjoying a couple of orgasms in her style, she motioned for me to unzip again and gave me a repeat oral performance. Followed by a final French kiss.

That story was how someone became a frequent patron of the same seedy, low-class, run-down shack for 15 years. I never saw that couple ever again, even though I probably visited at least once per week. None of the managers ever saw them again either.

The theater is now gone, bulldozed and replaced by another strip mall – how very Houston.


Doc here again... I would love to hear more about Houston's adult theater past, since the scene there now is almost non-existent. 

Thanks again to Tom Austin, for another 5-star report!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  Just e-mail Chuck Norris The Good Doctor at  I will format and edit your report for you, and add in a photo or two.  You get the glory.