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A Special Field Report! floyd Hits The Vegas ABS/Theater Scene

Doc here with another 5-Star quality Field Report from Senior Journal Reporter, floyd.  As John Cleese would announce at the start of every episode of Monty Python, "And now for something completely different", and floyd does just that as well with this report.

It's time for Viva La floyd at The Journal...


Special Report! floyd Hits The Vegas ABS/Theater Scene

Three cheers to the Good Doctor for some consistently great posts over the last couple of weeks; so good that you probably forgot all about your Portland afternoon correspondent floyd, right?  Well, contrary to popular belief I have not been limping back and forth from my office to the streetcar to the Paris Theater with drool on my chin….

Nope, I’ve been in Vegas!  Following the old adage “All work and no play…” I had had about enough of meetings and business dinners, so I decided to pay a quick visit to a couple of the biggest and most popular ABS locations, both on Tropicana on the west side of the strip across I-15.  Having spent many a solo night in Vegas on business throughout the years, I have become pretty familiar with the ABS/theater scene there.  I must echo the Good Doctor’s previous comments here and say it is a very strange scene indeed: big clean theaters attached to ABS’s that are well-populated by couples, and yet surprisingly little action.

There are two primary reasons for this dichotomy.  First, since most visitors to the theaters are out-of-towners, they have little knowledge of the local laws and the level of LE in effect around the theater scene, and are understandably wary.  The ubiquitous and very prominent warnings posted everywhere around the arcades and theaters just adds to this; no doubt the owners are in CYA mode, but it adds to the general paranoia nonetheless.  The second reason is that there are perfectly legal and safe alternatives; private clubs where both single guys and couples are welcome.  The most notorious, of course, is the “world-famous” Green Door, a huge place with  member sand couples-only areas, plus a large area where guys can watch the more exhibitionist couples perform. There are also a few swingers clubs like the Red Rooster, which has been around for years, and newcomers like HUSH on Industrial next to the Can-Can Room, both of which welcome singles.

Adult Superstores
Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas
The two places on Tropicana are the Adult Superstores location about a quarter mile from I-15, and Déjà Vu Adult Emporium diagonally across from the Orleans casino hotel. I had heard that Déjà Vu had done a big upgrade of their arcade, which is what pointed me in that direction. My first stop was the Adult Superstores though, a big discount operation that has the cheapest adult DVD’s ever, a huge selection of them plus toys,novelties, etc.  The staff is very friendly, and like lots of the more upscale Vegas spots there are always lots of couples in the store.  Upstairs they have a very dark arcade area that was not very inviting: lots of signs warning against more than one person per booth plus notification that exposingone’s genitals or any type of sexual activity is illegal in the county.  So what’s the use of having an arcade?

Next to the arcade is the entrance to the theater. An $8 admission gets you though the door, where you are immediately at the front of the first small theater, facing the ten or so rows of wooden and metal chairs that reminded me of elementary school. That theater shows hetero movies, and at 5pm there were a half a dozen guys in there, just sitting and watching the movie.  At the back of the theater you can walk around a corner to the perpendicularly arranged gay theater; somewhat smaller with the same chairs.  This would have been my fifth or sixth time in these theaters over the last few years, at various times of day and night, and I have never seen a couple inside.  On the gay side they seemed much less concerned about the dire warnings, with many guys openly jacking.  This day I walked in on a young dude giving another young guy a spirited blow job, which ended in a loud cum and profuse thanks.  Not my thing though, so I didn’t stay long.  I did return the following night at about 11:00pm, and the scene was just the same except with a few more guys, and I did not linger.

Deja Vu Adult Emporium
Tropicana Ave (near The Orleans Casino), Las Vegas
Next I went to Déjà Vu.  This has got to be the classiest adult place in Vegas.  A huge, well-lit store with vids, a huge selection of toys, vibes, and other aids, and a whole department dedicated to really nice lingerie.  There are always couples of all ages shopping there with no embarrassment or hesitation.  I have seen girls that looked barely 21 and couples that were obviously in their late sixties in there.  Moving to the arcade, I first noticed the wall of warnings and disclaimers.  The staff here are also extremely friendly and engaged, so I approached a guy, told him I was a correspondent for an adult theater blog, and asked him if I could take a picture of the warning signs.  He knew their policy without having to ask anyone: no pictures in the store. He told me that LE in Vegas was totally schizoid about the arcades adult theaters; they would go years without paying the slightest attention (which makes sense when you consider that there are trucks carrying 50-foot signs promising “girls to your room in 20 minutes!” everywhere), then, usually around election time, they would suddenly require a crackdown on the illegal, immoral,adult theater, where folks might actually EXPOSE THEIR SEX ORGANS.  Remember, this is in Las Vegas.

So I went into the arcade first.  Just like when I was there a year or so ago, it was spotlessly clean. The booths are big, clean, and comfortable, but there are no gloryholes, and each booth has a large window in the door, so the staff can see if there is more than one person inside, and presumably to make sure nobody shows the dreaded sex organ.  Entering a booth, I saw the remodel.  Each booth is now equipped with a huge HD screen, and the video and audio quality was stunning, far better than any arcade I have ever seen. Scrolling through a few movies, you could clearly see the newer ones that had been shot in HD, which were spectacular.

I soon tired of this and bought a ticket to the theater.  $10 gets you unlimited in and out privileges for 8 hours.  You enter into a short hallway that runs between the equally sized straight and gay theaters, each with about six rows of brand new theater seats.  These replaced the aging but very comfortable recliners that used to be in the theaters.  Not a good upgrade in thiscorrespondent’s opinion.  The TV’sin the theaters had also been upgraded to really clear HD.  Each theater has two TV’s, one big an done smaller, showing different movies. The gay side had one male gay flick and one tranny movie playing. The scene here was just like at the Adult Superstore, and I only stayed a few minutes.

The following night, after a quick stop at the AS, I returned to the Deja Vu theaters at about 11:15pm.  There was a fair number of guys in both theaters, and no one seemed to be paying attention to any of the rules, with most guys jacking off openly.  I hung around long enough to chat with one guy who looked like a regular.  He confirmed my suspicion that most experienced couples went to the clubs, but he also said there were at least one or two couples a night that wandered in.  For that reason,I decided to hang around a bit, and sure enough, after a half hour or so a couple came in, heading for the gay side for reasons I never did understand.  They were young and exceedingly well dressed, with the blond woman wearing a fashionable white top,a tan skirt, and expensive-looking shoes. Her guy was similarly attired in casual but pricey garb, and they sat together watching the gay movie.  Of course, all eyes were on them, and several of the guys from the straight theater, floyd included, had wandered over to take a look. 

After a few minutes she hopped up on his lap and they started making out.  When the light from the screen hit her face, I could see that she was older that I initially though, maybe mid-thirties.  They kissed for a while, and she made no effort to stop her skirt from rising far enough that we got a nice view of her white lace thong.  I was thinking this was really going to get good when he lifted up her top, exposing a matching white lace bra.  She was tall and slim with nice natural tits, and he immediately pulled one bra cup down, exposing a hard pink nipple,which he started gently kissing. 


Well, no, actually, because one of the guys standing in the entranceway with his cock out picked this moment to walk right up to them,jacking furiously, and lose a load on the floor.  He didn’t cum on or particularly near them, but the reaction was immediate.  The girl looked at the guy with utter disgust, and she and her guy were out of there in 5 seconds flat.

So that’s the report from Sin City.  I did make it to HUSH one night as well, and it’s up to the Doctor whether that qualifies as a theater report.  If so, I will file it. 

Now, back to the Paris…..



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