Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flash Report: Brent Reports On Labor Day Weekend @ The Paris, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of Brent's Labor Day Weekend Report from The Paris in Portland, OR.  If you have never been to Portland or The Paris Theater, you really need to go.  The reasons are clear as day if you read The Good Doctor's Journal on a regular basis. So, here is Part 2...Enjoy!
Saturday evening at The Paris reminded me that, even if there are a lot of couples in the theater, that does not mean that there is going to be full tilt theater sex action. Sometimes, it's a more subtle scene. One man brought in two very beautiful Latina's, who were dressed elegantly. One of the ladies, a Carmen Electra type , wore a micro mini dress. They sat and watched the movie and held hands. It wasall very proper and frustrating to the crowd by the landing.

A black couple, also dressed to the nines came in. They sat quietly and watched the award winning cinema, not wanting to miss a stroke. He had his hand draped over her shoulder and was caressing her breasts through her dress. Her hand was resting on the outside of his pants. They were at The Paris for at least two hours.It was as if they were watching an adult movie in a regular theater or in one of the adult theaters around the country that is susceptible to raids from local law enforcement.

Bend Over Girl, aka Silver Girl dropped by Saturday. She is tall, with big tits a great ass , great legs and a sex drive that gets stronger and healthier every year. There must have been thirty men around her or lined up to fuck her. They were the only couple there for the hour and a half that they played and I think she liked it that way. I'm not sure how many guys fucked her. Someone said that she had been in The Oregon Theater earlier so she already had taken a theater load of cock.

An older blond with short curly hair came in Saturday. She had a tight sexy body. She looked like Glenn Close. At one point she had her shirt up and her tight pants half way down her ass. Her man had pushed their play bench up against the wood railing and she was stroking dicks through the slats while being felt up. It was a big turn on watching her raise her sexy ass in the air, and get felt up by this weird human octopus.

Finally they moved away from the throng and took off the rest of their clothes. She had a nice tight body that looked even better au natural. Her breasts were small firm and pointed straight up. They looked real. Her ass was tight and ready. She was very horny from all of the hands and fingers that had been playing with her and from all of the cocks she had been playing with. When he stuck his dick in her it sounded hot wet and sticky. He fucked her, doggy style, for about fifteen minutes, long enough to get a lot of the guys watching to a happy ending. He gave it a few more thrusts, let out a moan and came deep inside her vagina. She reached for a paper towel, wiped her come filled pussy, put on her panties and the rest of her clothes, smiled a big satisfied smile and walked out of The Paris with her Saturday evening still ahead of her.

Although Saturday was slow by a lot of standards, a lot of couples still came to visit. It reminded me that couples and single ladies experience The Paris Theater and theater sex at their own pace and comfort level. The lady who sits quietly with her man during one visit, may return another time when there is more action and get together with another couple or even venture out of the couples' section and "do" the entire theater. There are a lot of variables involved in adult theater sex `occurring', including environmental factors, the over all mood of the crowd, the compatibility and manners of the single men, and the activity level of the other couples and singles.

This is what I love about theater sex. The unpredictability of it all..

Oh and also the fact that 90 percent of the population has no fucking idea that any of "this thing of ours" even exists any more.

Late Sunday, September 5th, I was sure this couple came to The Paris to watch porn to play and put on a show for the boys, but there was already a group of four girls and three guys watching "Anime", so they left. Oh well. It was close to closing time and all of the action had happened hours before around 5 and 6. A sexy blond with short hair dropped by with her man to put on a show for the dozen or so dick waggers and bone jawers around 5. He teasingly told the boys that he might bring her back next time and "she'll fuck every guy in here."

Then, a sexy blond with a great body- she looks like Christie Brinkley/ Kristen Johnson stopped by to play. She got naked sucked her man off and gave him her hand while he gave her his. She was naked on the bench near the rail and guys were reaching in to feel her perfect tits while her husband munched away at her bare wet vagina She was also jacking guys off by reaching behind her and stroking the nearest hard cock she could find. She looked like she was enjoying the multifaceted stimulation until suddenly she sat up, grabbed some towels and wiped the jizz out of her hair. Or at least I think it was jizz. Her head had been very close to the rail and a lot of hard dicks for about an hour.

I'm not sure what made her stop playing, Sunday? Did the wind change or something? At least She was smiling when they left and her nipples were still hard, sticking out of her white shirt.

One lady, standing in line at Voodoo Doughnuts, watched them walk out of The Paris and had a sort of puzzled, surprised and amazed look oTn her face, like "What goes on in that place?"

A few hours later a young couple came in. She had long brown hair and a nice young body. She gave him a blow job and he fucked her in various positions . She kept her shirt on and pulled her pants down but not off. It was a show but it wasn't a show.

The weather has cooled off a little so The Paris is comfortable again. September and October are very pleasant months in Portland and the sex inside of the adult theaters has been traditionally very good.

I'm looking forward to the Vancouver Canada couples visit. Is it this week or next?

Field Report: CVE in Gastonia, NC by OldBeatNik

Doc here with a new report from senior Journal reporter OldBeatNik regarding a recent visit to CVE in Gastonia, NC.  I was very interested to hear what was going at CVE, since the reports from my esteemed colleagues Alex and Lauren indicated changes afoot at CVE due to interference from the local politicos.  See that report here.

Being a regular Beatnik-On-The Spot, OBN is here with a report on his findings (both good and bad) at CVE:
2308 N. Chester St, Gastonia, NC

Hi Doc,

The CVE in Gastonia, NC is a great place to watch couples play if any come in. It costs $15 per man, women are always free. It is open 10 to midnight weekdays, 10 til 2 am Fri and Sat, 12 to 12 on Sun. It has about 50 theater seats off one main aisle with no couples only section. It is very clean and is well lit so there is no problem watching the theater action. The seats are relatively comfortable and there is lots of room between rows There are 20-25 peepbooths, most with glory holes. There is also a smokers room and a small lounge area with a 3-4 person couch and a 2-3 person couch, both very comfortable. There is a TV that shows a different movie than in the theater. Both show very boring hetro porn. The lounge is better to sit in if you want to wait for couples who don't go into the theater but go to the booths.

The Saturday night I was there 3 couples came in which none of whom played. One of them might have played in the booths but I am more interested in theaters so I did not follow them out with the crowd when they left the theater. They stood in the doorway when they first showed up. They came back into the theater about an hour later so they either left and came back or spent their time in the booths. They were surrounded by men when they came back in, sat for maybe 5 minutes and left never to return. When will the gawkers ever learn? The mens john was clean and didn't smell which speaks well of the management. I assume the womens room was the same.

All in all I highly reccommend the CVE, and couples, if you can stand/deal with the perv crowd surrounding you and are highly exhibitionist, (because of the lighting) you will have a great time. Straight men may have a hard time with all the gays, they are a real pain with their constant cruising. (I could say pain in the ass, but that goes without saying).

Have fun. Play safe.
Doc here again... Very interesting report indeed. Just like many adult theaters where the local authorities flex their muscles, the reponse is to low-key it for a bit until the storm passes.  Hopefully this is the case at CVE.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  E-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I'll do the rest... Trust me. I'm a Doctor.