Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flash Report! Nanner Hits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego on 3/18

Doc here with a brand new Flash Report from senior reporter, Nanner.

Nanner hit a great night at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, so sit back and enjoy his report.


Dear Dr.
Apparently the caucus of couples needed to shake the post St. Patty's day blues on Monday night because they were out in force at San Diego's Jolar Cinema on 3/18.
I stopped by the theater by chance that evening a little before 11PM and bought my $10 ticket and mosied on back to the adult theater section.  Upon entering a noted a bit of a crowd in the hallway and a bit more in the first theater.  As I quickly eyed the crowd I noted not one, not two, but THREE couples towards the back of the theater.  As there were no seats available I took a quick look into the second (normally confused side) of the theater and saw no one on that side, and some straight porn actually playing on one of the screens.
Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
In the hallway leading down to the first theater there is a tinted window that allows for a limited view of the theater, so I decided to head back over just to get an idea of what was going on.  As I made it into the hallway one fellow asked my thoughts on what was going on tonight.  He told me that not only was there three couples on one side, but earlier there were SIX additional couples in the second theater.  Nine couples at one time in Jolar!
My fellow patron advised he had spoken with one couple, asking them if this was a pre-arranged meet, which they said no.  It appeared it was coincidence.  He also advised that at the female half of at least one of the couples earlier at been giving blow jobs that night.
Well I stayed around to watch the evening's events.  One couple migrated to the other theater and sat in the back with some mutual touching between themselves.  The other two remained in the other theater showing off for each other with some light play.  Then within a minute of each other, all around 11:30, the three couples left.  But not for long, as two couples returned together and headed to the second theater.
They remained for about another 30 minutes, when one of the ladies decided to give her man a blow job for all the crowd to enjoy watching.  She did an excellent job showing off her skills, and after he came they departed.  Members of the audience complimented her on her skill as she left which she graciously acknowledged.
I took a bathroom break (I had two beers at a local watering hole before heading over and my bladder could not hold it anymore) then headed back to the theater.  One couple remained in the theater and were now in the back row.  They sat the entire time with their hands down each other's pants, but apparently too shy to show anything.  This was an interesting contrast to the fellow they had invited over to sit next to them who was stroking his large cock with his pants off while the lady of the couple watched, or the two nude confused guys (actually they were probably not confused and getting what they wanted) sitting directly in front of the couple blowing each other.
I headed out as it was now 1AM and did have to get some sleep that night.  I wish I had been by earlier in the evening so I could have seen the spectacle of 9 couples in the Jolar theater, but it was nice to see what little I did.
Until next time,
Doc here again... Many thanks to Nanner for another outstanding report from SoCal and the theater scene there in the whale's vagina San Diego.  Keep up the great work, sir.