Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: 11/15/12

Doc here with a quick note from my office deeply imbedded in The Valley.

I stopped by 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa Thursday evening on the way back to The Valley.  Scotty, the night manager at 15th told me that a couple from Hartford was in 15th Avenue on Wednesday night. They stopped there due to the reports on The Journal about 15th Avenue.  He also said that this couple would be in Chicagoland until Sunday.

My question is this: Are you that couple?  If so, please e-mail me at  I have a couple of questions for you.



Couple's Flash Report! ATrampboy and His Girl Do Eros in Colorado Springs

Doc here with a HOT Couple's Flash Report from ATrampboy, and in the words of his girl.  She wrote this report from her perspective, and it's all sorts of awesome.
Here is ATrampboy and his girl!
My boyfriend and I decided to go to the New Eros Theatre in Colorado Springs for some fun. Hmm... what to wear? After some consideration I decided on a short halter dress that tied in the back for easy front access and no panties for easy bottom access.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or who would be there? My boyfriend, Terry, and I had ventured into some exhibitionism through camming and that had been fun. So I was looking forward to the experience. We got there around 10PM. It was dark and there were several rows of seats and about 8 men sitting about scattered and two standing in the back watching the show. We walked in hand in hand and picked two seats in the middle. It was evident that all eyes were on me the woman in the room. It was a bit intimidating yet also exciting. Fortunately Terry is a big guy so I felt well protected and safe. He sat down and I sat on his lap.
It was all so exciting I wasted no time and straddled him facing him. We started kissing and groping and I could see several of the guys jacking off behind us. Whenever I made eye contact with one of them they would look away.  I reached up and untied my top and let it fall, exposing my 40D’s. There was an audible gasp from the men behind us and several that got up and moved around for a better view. Of course my boyfriend was pretty excited and started sucking each nipple in turn as the crowd watched. Several of the men had on hoodies and I couldn’t see there faces. Several were openly jacking off so I could watch. As new men came in you could see them looking around and noticing me and they would look around to see where best to sit. Everyone stayed pretty far away at first watching.
Colorado Springs, CO

Terry was getting into it and decided he wanted to eat some pussy so he moved me around to sit and he kneeled on the floor and lifted my dress up. As I looked down in his sexy blue eyes I could see how excited he was. I put my feet up on the back of the seat in front of me. My boyfriend started to lick my clit and I sat back to enjoy his oral prowess as the crowd looked on. Wow it was incredibly hot my lovers tongue lashing me to a frenzy as all these men wished they were him and wanted me. – SOO HOT!!! 
Mmmm as he ate me expertly I played with my nipples and quickly he brought me to the cusp of an enormous orgasm. I moaned and gripped the back of the seat with my toes and lifted my hips to his face as I came and squirted on his face. I was breathing hard and he lapped up my juices and lifted his head up for me to kiss and lick his lips tasting my juices on his mouth. Yummmmmm!!  Never one to stop that easily he dove back in and licked me and rolled my clit in his teeth – “OOOOhhh Yes” I screamed. Wow the only thing better than getting my pussy eaten by my lover is having a dozen men watch as he does it.
After bringing me to two more orgasms, we switched back to him sitting and me straddling him so I could sit on his cock.  I was holding the back of the seat he was sitting on and riding him hard. I could see the guys sitting behind us and finally they were just openly staring as I looked at them. Terry was watching me and grinning clearly enjoying he was holding my hips helping me ride.  I leaned back and held on to the armrests of the seat in front of us and just kept riding. He reached up and ran his fingers over my breast and gripped them in his strong hands.  I looked over my shoulder and sitting in the row in front of us and three seats down was, Eric, a guy we had both met at a party a few months before.  I said “hey Eric come sit by us”. So he happily came to sit next to me grinning hoping it might be his lucky night.
Eric and Terry said hello to one another. I leaned over and asked my lover if I could give Eric a blow job. I wasn’t sure what to expect but he looked excited and said it was up to me. So I sat down and had Eric stand in front of me and drop his pants. Mmmmmm that was hot sucking Eric while Terry watched and everyone else. Now the rest of the guys at the theatre got braver and started moving closer to sit and watch. I had Eric sit down and was kneeling in Terry’s lap leaning over to keep blowing Eric.
My lover was finger banging me and one of the theatre patrons sat right next to us with my ass facing him. It was a huge turn on having a stranger so close as long as he just watched and didn’t touch. Terry’s fingers were flicking my clit and one was moving in pressing right on my g-spot. I was so aroused I came again hard. Then we switched, I gave Terry a blow job as Eric put on a condom and started fucking me from behind. Mmmmmm so nice. Mmmmm I love taking his cock deep into my throat and I could hear him moan. Terry had his hand in my hair and I wanted him so much. I could feel Eric behind me and knew that the crowd was watching. I put my leg up on the back of the chair in front to get more leverage. Eric reached around and grabbed my tit. The other men moved close hoping to join in. Eric lifted my skit higher to show my ass off to the spectators. Who knew being watched was such a turn on for me.
I lifted my head to kiss Terry and could see the line of men with their cocks in hand watching. It was a thrill knowing their hard-ons were from me. One man put his hand on me and sent a shiver down my shoulder. It was exciting but I really didn’t want anyone else touching me. Both Terry and Eric shifted in alert knowing I didn’t want to be touched and I recoiled as the man took the hint and backed off. It felt good to know that both the men I was with would protect me in the event of someone being too forward. Terry encouraged me to go back to blowing Eric and finishing him off.
So I sat back down and blew Eric again while Terry caressed my breast and ass. Eric wasn’t as big as Terry so it was easy to slide him to the back of my throat and stroke my tongue the length of his cock. It was very hot sucking Eric with my lovers hands on me knowing he was excited watching. When I was done I straddled Terry again to kiss and fondle him. MMMMMMMMM he felt so good and the look of excitement on his face was incredibly hot. I was very appreciative of his ability to share me and I wanted to express my thanks.  It was time for the theatre to close so everyone was starting to leave so I re-tied my halter and smoothed down my dress. I thanked Eric and told him to keep in touch and Terry and I walked out arm in arm. He walked me around to my side of the truck. He took a deep breath and put his arms around me and kissed me deeply. He looked into my eyes and told me. “You are the hottest woman in the universe.” And then he kissed me again deep and long. 
Wow what an incredibly fun night.  I can’t wait to do it again.
Doc here again... Thanks to ATrampboy and his girl!  Great job guys!  Keep the reports coming!

Flash Report! R and R at the Barnett Ave Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a positive report from San Diego by regular contributors R and R.  They have done a great job of reporting the problems at The Jolar Cinema, and hopefully one day management will wake up and get the crack heads and hobos out of the theater.

In the meantime, R and R have filed this report on the Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego, and it's a good one, folks.

Take it away, R and R!


Greetings, Doc!
I sent you a rather disappointed report about a trip my wife and I took to Jolar Cinema in San Diego a few weeks ago (see below). I just wanted to follow up with a San Diego field report from last Friday night 11/2. I found myself working late at a client's office in nearby Vista. Inspired by the recent encouraging reports, I decided to take a quick detour to scout out the Barnett Adult Superstore (address is in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) near the Sports Arena before beginning the long drive back home.

I arrived at about 8:30 pm. There were no couples there yet. Shortly after that, a REALLY good looking mature blond arrived with her husband. She had a Jamie Eason haircut and a skin tight dress that barely covered her ass or her spectacularly perky tits. (Not that it mattered, the dress didn't stay in place for very long, anyway.)
Shortly after that was the highlight of the evening. Two unrelated young (mid to late twenties) couples came in within a few minutes of each other. One girl was a super cute brunette with awesome tits that strained against her paper thin cotton shirt (no bra!). The other girl was a hot blond with great curves. Both girls were wearing barely-there skirts and had thighs to die for.
Barnett Ave Superstore
Rear Entrance
At first, they took seats in separate theaters, not seeming to notice each other. After being chased around by the penis gallery, both couples found themselves seated next to each other, the girls sitting in their husbands' laps. The girls began to play with each other, then they each started to work on the other man. The ensuing show lasted a good twenty minutes with the girls going down on each other, kneeling on the floor to blow the husbands, taking turns fucking the husbands -- it was incredible. After they finished, both couples straightened their clothes and left the theater and I left a few minutes later. After what I saw the other night at Barnett, I REALLY want to convince my wife to give the theater scene another shot. I'll let you all know how that goes.
I decided to drop by Jolar really fast before heading home (since I needed to get on I-15 anyway). No crackheads, but there was the dirtiest, smelliest hobo you could imagine sleeping and snoring his ass off in the back row of the first theater. He had several backpacks full of stuff taking up the entire back row (three or four seats). WTF? Needless to say, I didn't see any couples.
Thanks again for the awesome site, Doc.
R and R


Doc here again... Thanks again to R and R for another outstanding report from San Diego. Keep up the great work!  And please take the wife on Friday night to Barnett...

OK kids, it's time for you to step up and submit a report. First timers, please include a pen name for us to use moving forward.  As always, I will edit and format your reports... You get the byline and the glory. Please submit your reports to me directly at, and I will do the rest.

You know the drill.