Monday, March 26, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 3/24/12

Doc here with this week's installment of "Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi."  Enjoy kids...


Hi Doc,

Boring, that was the word for last night on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Three couples in attendance in the Gulf Coast Adult Theater. No one played, nor would this author give it consideration. One female who was a weekend regular for years decided on a whim she needed to get compensated for services from here on out. It’s not working for her, and she got drunk instead.

The next woman was stoic as her man played with her tits, and he finally pulled his cock out. She stroked about four times and he came all over his shirt. After staying in the same seats for over 4hrs they left.  The third couple I won’t describe, because if I can’t say anything nice, I won’t say anything at all.

Yes it was that bad.

Meanwhile down at our newly renovated ABS, zero couples showed until 11:30pm. The male part of the couple went inside. I thought it would be a great time to announce the blue light special, so with an elevated voice (so he could hear me) I asked the clerk if any couples had tried out the new and much improved glory holes. It worked, he paid his fee and went back to check it out. He must have liked what he saw because he exited the building and jumped in his vehicle and they started talking. They talked too long and the place closed. They left.

Nice cool weather last night, gas prices are making trips to play difficult for some people, and let’s hope some will be able to budget play time incursions in the near future. I’m dying to try out the new openings!

Until next weekend Doc...



Thanks again to Bob in Biloxi for another timely and acute report!


Flash Report! floyd Returns To The Paris Theatre In Portland

Doc here with a long overdue Flash Report from senior reporter, floyd.  floyd, as you remember from your childhood civics lessons, is the daytime reporter covering The Paris Theatre in Portlandia. The Ying to Brent's Yang, no one does the daytime scene there better than floyd.

Here he is...From parts unknown.  floyd...


You Just Never Know…

One of the things you learn as you get more experienced in this thing of ours is to never be surprised by action, or the utter lack of it, in a theater at any time.  Yesterday brought that home for your loyal Paris Theater of Portland daytime correspondent, big time.

I was engaged in some work at my south Portland office when I saw the first flags fly: two orange flags indicating two single ladies in the theater.  The time was about12:25pm, and there was little chance I could break free, as we were all having lunch at the office prior to most employees heading out at two for a going-away party.  I kept an eye on Brent’sYahoo group in any case, because I figured that if there was hot single gal action going on someone would post about it.  When I saw nothing by 1:30pm, I was pretty sure they were“tourists” who stopped in after visiting Voodoo Donuts next door.  (This actually turned out to be true.)

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR c. 2011
Since the office shut down early around 2:00pm, and having no interest in the going-away party, I jumped the streetcar over to Burnside and headed down to the Paris instead of heading straight home.  The theater was mostly empty, with a half-dozen or so guys mainly cruising in and out of the small gay theater, and no sign whatsoever of the single ladies.  I sat down near the back and watched the movie.  After the wild afternoons with the Canadian Couple detailed in my report last week, my expectations were very low.

After just a few minutes, at 2:25pm a couple entered the theater and went into the couples’ area at the back.  She was a forty-something bombshell wearing tight jeans and knit top that did little to conceal her big tits.  She was full-figured but far from fat, with a pretty face that reminded me of a fleshed-out Selma Hayek.  He was over six feet and carrying a few extra pounds.  They wasted no time in getting busy making out, and from my position on the bench right in front of the railing I had the perfect spot to observe.

After a bit of kissing and hugging she pulled off her top and quickly unhooked her bra from the front exposing an absolutely awesome pair of tits, at least 38D’s with big silver-dollar nipples.  This correspondent was duly impressed,and her guy went to work on them right away with mouth and hands.  She took a break to shed her jeans, a process that revealed she was commando style underneath: no panties!  He started stroking and fingering her shaved snatch while sucking her tits. He took a break to retrieve a small bottle of lube, greased her up, and really started rubbing her clit and fingering that cunt.  This went on for almost ten minutes until he stood up and started stripping. At this point most of the bi or gay dudes had wandered off, and it was just me and one other guy watching them.

Naked, her guy stood in front of where she sat on the bench and fed her his cock.  Once again I found myself in the perfect position to witness her vigorous oral efforts.  As soon as he was good and hard and had his fill of her mouth, he produced a condom and gloved up.  She turned around and bent over with one foot on the floor and the other side kneeling on the bench, an action that gave me a perfect view of her round, tramp-stamped ass.  After a little trouble achieving a workable angle, it was clear that he was in her, and he commenced banging her quite hard from the rear.  As his tempo increased I realized what was missing: neither he nor she had made a single sound since they started, no moans groans, screams, or dirty talk.  Nothing.  Now, back in floyd’s swinging days, one of the hottest things Mrs. Floyd and I enjoyed at the swing club was the sounds of sex, particularly the lusty ladies vocalizing their pleasure.  So that was missed.

In point of fact, it was a pretty straightforward screw and far from the hottest scene I have witnessed at the Paris, but, hey, live and in person sex is pretty awesome at its worst, and this was hot enough, what with her ass up and those huge jugs swaying and flapping as he pounded her. He finished after a few minutes of straight doggie, and they both quickly cleaned up and dressed, with her giving me another great look at those impressive tits before she covered them up.  They left the theater together without a word passing between them.

I was expecting a quiet Tuesday afternoon, but You Just Never Know!



Doc here again... A great report from floyd and the daytime scene at The Paris.  Thank you sir!