Monday, May 6, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Amy Over Exposed at Xposed in Dallas, TX by N2Mischeif

Doc here with a female written Couple's Flash Report from N2Mischief.  Amy (the female half) has written her account of this hot and wet evening at Xposed, the newest adult theater in the Dallas area.

Enjoy this wild wet ride!


Amy Over Exposed at Xposed

My boyfriend and I have visited the Lido Theater several times, but the last couple of times the guys just didn't seem clean and were too pushy.  However, one afternoon we pulled into the parking lot of Xposed which is just down the street and around the corner from Lido.

There were a lot of cars in the parking lot but inside there were few people to be seen.  He paid for us to go to the straight theater. We made our way to the theater and there was no one there.  We watched the movie for a few minutes when finally a nice looking, well-dressed man comes in. My boyfriend is kissing on me but not too much, which I found kind of strange.  Finally, he leads me into a private room and as things start getting hot and he has me naked, the door opens and this nice looking man walks in.  I look at my man and smile cause I realized he arranged for this man to join us. 

Xposed Theater
Interior 1
The man is stroking his cock while he watches me and my boyfriend get it on and its making me hot.  He has a really nice cock.  I wanted to reach out and grab it, but my boyfriend teased me and keeping me occupied.  As I grew more excited, the door to our room opens and its another man.  I thought this is going to be fun!  Instead, it was the staff, turns out they were painting the rooms and we needed to move.  However, he was nice enough to provide us another private room. 

We got dressed and moved to the new private room and resumed our positions - me naked, and the good looking guy stroking over me while my guy made me even more excited and still restraining me from touching this guy's cock. It made me so hungry wanting to reach out and touch him even more.  It didn't take long before the man came all over my chest. I loved it...

The man left and just as I pulled my man's clothes off and was about to fuck his brains out, and there was a knock on the door.  When the door opened, it was two more good looking, well-dressed guys!  My eyes lit up!  I jumped on my man and started kissing him.  The two men sat down in chairs watching us while stroking their big cocks.  I couldn't take my eyes off of them.  I starting giving my man one helluva blow job as I watched these two guys stroke their cocks harder and faster.  I wanted their cocks so bad, yet my man was teasing me and holding me back.

He finally told me to lean over and stroke them both at the same time.  I was like a kid in a toy store with a big cock in each hand stroking away.  My boyfriend entered me from behind and told me to let them play with my size D breasts.  I leaned over and told them to play with me.  I grabbed their cocks harder, stroking faster.  I was ready to go down on them when the guy to my left came on my chest. His warm cum running down me felt so good!  I started rubbing his hot seed all over me.  Then, I leaned into the other guy. As I started to put him in my mouth he blew on my face, my chest and in my hair.  I loved it!

My guy was behind me pumping away.  The two guys quickly made their way out and I jumped my man and finished him off.  I was so hot and wanting more!  Too bad there wasn't more guys in the theater cause I was ready to play!  It really is a nice bookstore, but we seem to be there when no one in the straight theater. The other side stays busy cause the parking lot is always full.

Oh well, if there were more guys there like the three we met that day, my guy would trouble keeping me away!


Doc here again...  Many thanks to N2Mischief for an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from Big D.  I am hearing nothing but great things about Xposed, and it gives you an option beyond The Lido Theater for this thing of ours.

Keep up the great reports, guys!


Couple's Flash Report! The Black Corvette and Peggy @ Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN (w/PIC)

Doc here with an excellent Couple's Flash Report from new reporter The Black Corvette. He and his lady friend visited Chattanooga's Cinema 1, and this report covers their visit nicely.

This is a good one folks! Enjoy the ride!


Hi Doc!

After swapping e-mails with a married gal in her mid-40s in Gatlinburg, I discovered there was an opening for a visit to an adult theater, which obviously turned her on greatly.

To lay a little background before the details of our initial visit to the Cinema 1, let me say that Peggy is quite a looker.  On a scale of 1 to 10, for a mid-40s MILF, she is an easy 10.  She is about 5'3", oh maybe 105 lbs or so and with a hot figure, nice upturned tits with nipples that beg to be sucked, and a pussy and ass that most guys pop their nuts over.  Her hubby is much older, unaware of what she does when she is on the road or at their second home, a condo up near the ski area in Gatlinburg.

Cinema 1
Chattanooga, TN
We agreed to meet in Chattanooga and to go to the Cinema 1 where I have been a member for just under a year.  She drove down in her baby blue BMW convertible for dinner and then a visit to the Cinema 1. 

It has been cool here, so when she exited the car I was over whelmed at not only her beauty but that she reeked of pure sex.  Other than porn stars, you don't often find really beautiful women who like the fringes of sex such as adult theaters.  She was the mix between a country club wife and a MILF.

To skip thru dinner and move on to the Cinema, Peggy's jacket covered one of the most sexy see-thru blouses I have been.  Her tits are firm (I found out later for myself), upturned, and all natural, tipped with beautiful nipples made for displaying and sucking.  When she exited the BMW, I was sharp enough to see up her skirt all the way to her sheer white panties and a pussy that was covered, as you might expect for a mid-40s MILF, a nice bush.  Her legs were mind blowing, matching her tits and her pussy.

As we entered the darkness of the theater, we could see little, but soon enough I could tell the guys weren't watching the movie, but longingly focused on my striking date for the evening.  (My cock was already getting hard!)

The Real
We selected seats that were halfway down a row.  I made sure seats in front of us and behind us were empty.  Peggy took off her jacket and in the flickering light of the movie, her braless tits could be seen through the sheer blouse..  As we sat down, the guys used a moment of good discretion and didn't rush, tripping over each other to get within reach of Peggy's body.  But, it didn't take long.  There was a guy to her right, one in the next seat over, and the rows behind and in front of us soon filled up.

The guy directly behind us asked, "Do you mind if I touch?"  With that comment, he placed his hand on her shoulder.  I turned at looked at him and said, "It's okay...just be gentle."  He was an older guy, probably late fifties, and nodded an "okay..." acknowledgement. 

Peggy didn't say anything as she settled back in her seat, her arms on the arm rests, her left hand in mind, which sent a of approval to my hand.  In a flash, the older guy had reached around and was cupping and fondling both of her tits.  Shortly thereafter, another guy on his left and behind me started to feel her tits and nipples as the first guy unbuttoned her blouse.  Soon, the guys had her fully unbuttoned and her blouse pulled back and totally open and Peggy's tits were on display, within easy reach and now the right nipple was being sucked by the guy on her right.

While her tits were being enjoyed by three, maybe four guys behind her, the guys in the row in front of us were  on their knees facing her, hands reaching out for some tit feels before moving to her legs.  Two guys had their hands on her legs, and then up under her skirt.  Peggy responded by slipping her skirt up and as the guys helped in removing her sheer white panties, all focused on her bushy pussy.  Hands were everywhere, and the three that were on her wet cunt were aided by the guys on the side who opened her legs to make her pussy more available.

I had been watching the guys and not watching Peggy closely.  As I turned to her, I saw to, maybe three hard cocks being stroked behind her, and her hand masturbating the guy on her right.  As the men in front fondled her pussy to one orgasm after another, one of the guys behind her came and spurted cum in her hair.  Soon, as she came again, the guy on her right exploded in a massive explosion of cum.

Peggy turned and looked at me and said, "I think I'm going to need a shower..."  The events of the evening were just starting, but obviously, she was having a great time with all of the attention.   This is not even close to all the guys did and nothing can describe Peggy's response to four to six hands on her pussy, much less a description of how she handled the hard, cum filled cocks that surrounded her.


Doc here again... Many thanks for a terrific first time report from The Black Corvette.  I wish received more reports from Cinema 1, since the ones I have received in the past have been excellent.  We are looking forward to your next report, sir.