Thursday, July 29, 2010

Velvet Skye in Chicago! A Photo Essay!

Doc here with a travel log, Dr.Emilio Lizardo-style.

 In mid-July, The Good Doctor's favorite porn-star/adult theater woman/internet vixen Velvet Skye ( came to Chicago to attend the Exxxtacy convention as well as make a few visits at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater.  From all reports, there wasn't a dry eye in the place when she left the premises on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday night.

So, in the spirit of sharing, please find following a few family snapshots of Velvet's trip to The Windy City:

So let's start off with Velvet at 15th Avenue Adult Books...

Now how about a little fun at the convention.  Do you like boxing?

Who doesn't like Twister?

How about one more trip back to 15th Ave. Adult Books and Theater?

A big thank you to Velvet Skye for permission to run these photos from her trip to Chicago.  Make sure you check out her Twitter feed, and her website  The Journal is the official bulletin board for adult theater appearances by Velvet Skye.  Stay tuned for the next visit to the dark halls of "this thing of our's" by her!

And remember, she is Canada's Greatest National Export. 

I-Team Report! Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 3

Doc here with Part 3 of "Tale of Nina the Bakery Slut".  The heat gets turned way up, as "B" takes us through a series of ribald adventures of Nina,and submits a picture or two along the way.

Take it away, B!
This first part was taken from a post from Brent out of his “Brent’s Theater Tails” Yahoo group. He is relating something that happened on a Saturday night at the Jefferson, at the end of his post I answer his last question. As usual this was a fun night or early morning.

Late, late or Early Early, the Bakery Lady A.K.A. Nina Hartley came in with her jovial husband. They had come down to play and to also help with the beginning of theater renovations. Nina looked great , Saturday. I find it really easy to talk to her about anything. My subject matter is usually very inappropriate outside of an adult theater. Its stuff I think about everyday when I'm around women, but I can't say it to them. I'd get fired for sexual harassment!

I told Nina that her breasts looked exceptionally good that night. They did, they looked smooth, and perfectly formed. She had them out on display. "Come down and let me suck on them,." I commanded. She did and I did, along with a few more of the guys. I asked her to suck my dick, which she did, without hesitation. What an amazing woman! Then I told her to go suck the dick of a younger more virile, kid who was standing next to the wall, jacking off his long thin penis erectus... She went over to him and started playing wit his dick. Then she leaned over and sucked on it so it got good and hard.. I think she really liked this guy, because when I left the theater, she was still with him, surrounded by a crowd of men, (touching her, feeling her, stroking her, just like a "Journey" song)

and another tale from Brent featuring Nina...

Late Sunday, B and Nina showed up. Nina is a sexy older lady who does play. I’ve written before that she reminds me of porn star, Nina Hartley. As a matter of fact she loves to suck and fuck, jack and jerk. She likes to get mobbed. She will make out with the guys who feel her up and fuck her.. B kicks back and watches Nina enjoy herself.

Sunday, she immediately got a reaction. A good looking black man was complimenting her, talking dirty to her. Everybody was standing up watching her in her mini skirt, stockings and exposed breasts. I was sitting down. Because I was such a good boy, she came to me first. We started kissing. Guys were closing in all around us. The black guy who had such a crush on her took over and before long she was sucking on his long wanger and simultaneously jerking off a couple of other guys who were pressing in on her.

I realized I was in the line of friendly fire so I got out of there. When I left Nina was in good hands , lots of them. I wonder how long they stayed? Did she fuck any body? The answer to that question was yes she fucked a lot of people that night. I like to take her up on the stage where I can have some kind of control over whats going on and not cause a feeding frenzy. I invite up whomever Nina or I choose. The rules are be clean, treat her with respect, and where a condom. No condom no fucky sucky.

That night she fucked, sucked and took it up the ass by 17 guys. So I guess you could say she did fuck a few.

End of Part 3
We are just getting some traction here, folks.  B has plenty up his sleeve, and I am more than glad to get it out to you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Part 4 is right around the corner...Will you be ready for it?