Friday, July 19, 2013

Final Reminder! Berlin News Party 7pm Saturday 7/20/13

Doc here with a Special Announcement from my good friends at the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.

There is a new party on the horizon, and here are the details from Paul at BNA:


Are you longing for some hot summertime fun?.... Well the wait is over! Your #1
 ABS The Berlin News Agency has planned a night of food, couples, and
singles, which should be one for the record books

Saturday night July 20th, from 7pm till Midnight. Booth section will be open for the party. Single men $25 at the door. Couples and Single ladies are all ways free !!!

See you there!

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Old Stomping Grounds Edition

Doc here with a Quick Note from the airport, just a quick drive from The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.

I'm off on a business trip this morning to my old stomping grounds of Buffalo, NY.  After my meetings this afternoon, I will be making a House Call to Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, NY Friday night, 7/19/13.

 Maybe one or more of The Journal's regular reporters might also be in attendance: The Cunning Linguist, The Oral Reporter, or even Dry Clean Only. 

Gents, if you will be in the neighborhood, drop me an e-mail at I'd like to shake the hands of our valued contributors.

I am hoping there also might be a few couples in attendance to help me re-live some of the great nights at TOTT from the early 2000's. Legendary ladies from TOTT like The Farmer's Daughter, Barb, Jolie, Lynne, Donna, and the list goes on... And new names like Silk and The Librarian.  The Good Doctor hopes he runs into you Friday night at TOTT.

How will you know it's me?  Look for a guy who looks like the avatar and has the faint scent of meatballs about him.

Looking forward to a good night back home in Western New York.