Monday, January 23, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! M&S @ The Art Cinema in Hartford 1/20/12 (w/3 New Pics)

Doc here with a great follow-up Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors (and inhabitants on The Art Cinema's balcony), M&S. They were also kind enough to send along 3 new pics from Friday night's adventure! (NOTE: Click on the new pics to ENLARGE them)

If you have not been to The Art Cinema in Hartford, you need to.  It is the #1 adult theater on my to-do list for 2012, and hopefully I will finally grace it's hallowed halls with my white suit this year. Those of you in new England should also put it on your lists as well.

So without further delay, here is M&S and their Friday night report.


Hello Doc,

We went to The Art Cinema Friday night to celebrate the hubby's birthday.We got there a little before 8pm and the owner told us there was a young couple already upstairs in the balcony.When we got up there they were sitting way down front so the guys downstairs could get a good view. They put on a good show for us and the folks downstairs.

About 1/2 hr later 2 couples came up and grabbed seats in front of us and got naked immediately. Both were good looking couples, with 1 of the girls being a smoking hot BBW with big tits and a nice big ass. They did tons of sucking and fucking while there. The other couple who we had talked to on CL were FWBs, She is a hot smaller girl with very short hair and great body and he was a bigger guy and well hung. Both were bi according to them.

They came right over next to us and watched and played as I ate my wife's ass and we fucked and sucked. Thought the girl was going to play with the wife but she never made the move (maybe next time). The younger couple went downstairs for a while to play and put on a show then came back upstairs later.

By 10pm,  the other 3 couples left and we were alone up there, so we decided it was time to go. As we were leaving we stopped for at the counter for our normal chat session with the owner and told him we had a great time as usual. He wished me a Happy Birthday and out the door we went.

Here are a couple of pics from "the thing we do". Off to shovel snow.        


Doc here again... Thanks again to M&S for another top shelf report from The Art Cinema in Hartford. Remember, you can get address info for this and other adult theaters in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.

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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 1/21/12

Doc here with the return of our good friend and part-time expert archer, Bob in Biloxi

Last week he went AWOL, and we had to send some MPs out in search of him.  Luckily we found him safe and sound, with his ability to type intact.

So here is is... You know him, you love him, it's Bob in Biloxi with this week's "Cruising The Coast" report.


Hi Doc,

Sorry about not filing a report last weekend, I chose to watch the Saints get embarrassed on national TV. Turned out to be a good thing though, my scouts reported the action was nil with the only couple showing up, our college professor lady. Even she couldn’t get any action at the ABS, with the happy fellows and all.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
On to last night... Our Gulf Coast Adult Theater saw only four couples, and none played. The German Couple was not in attendance either. Mostly new faces, but no playing. One couple sat on the back row - she was a blonde dressed to play, but she had a guy who smokes heavily sitting beside her. I noticed she kept wrinkling her nose and waving her hand in front of her face. Granted he stinks for sure, and to me, (non-smoker) all smokers stink even when they’re not smoking. She had enough and they both got up and left. I don’t have an answer for smokers, but it is what it is I guess. Maybe they can roll down a window and air out on the way to the theater?

Meanwhile down at the ABS, one big happy fellow event. These guys still crack me up, as they all stand around looking at each other without making a move on one another. I don’t get it. I’m nowhere near gay, but if it was a bunch of women standing there all looking at each other I think I would have to make a move on one of them. Never happens with these guys - they just stand around looking at each other.  Then when some guy does enter a booth they form a line and each of them start looking through the hole. Guess they are looking for a dick? Who knows?!?!

Then it happened... A twenty something lady (certainly no older than 25) came in with a distinctly older man. She was dressed in blue jeans (more on that later) and pullover blouse with a scarf around her neck. She was brunette about 5’5 or so, with huge triple D tits. Very attractive!

The happy fellows scattered as she and her man walked in and I was able to get the booth next to them. She sat down in the chair and presented three manicured fingers through the hole. I slid my little soldier through and it was immediately engulfed with a very cold mouth (yikes!). She had been drinking a cold soda when she walked in, but her mouth quickly warmed and she began working her magic.  She was heavy into to licking, but I kept seeing flashes go off overhead, so he must have been recording the event. She would lick, lick, flash, swallow.

I could tell she was one of these ladies that take pride in technique and being in control of a cock, she would edge me, then back off licking the underside of my cock, and she took her time. That’s a huge fucking turn-on! More flashes, I then back out of the hole and asked her if she wanted to put some pussy on it? She said she couldn’t because it was the wrong time of the month, sans the blue jeans I guess. I then asked her to show me her massive puppies. It was an OMG moment.

I’ve seen some huge tits in my short time on this earth, but these tits were out of the park! Huge pink nipples and globes the size of half a watermelon!! She said she wanted me to cum on her tits. I stuck my cock back through and she proceeded with her talent. Thinking about those melons I didn’t last long after that and released a huge amount of Bob’s tasty baby batter on those pups! When she finished milking me dry I withdrew and she was rubbing my cum into those babies and her man was busy licking the batter off!

They stayed in the back for over five hours! I don’t know how many guys she sucked off. It couldn’t have been over 10 or 15 because most of the happy fellows were after the same thing she was getting!  I called all the straight guys I knew, and they showed up and were rewarded, most staggering out like rag dolls afterward but with big smiles on their faces. One scout told me they only came out once during that period to grab a soda and go back in. She had amazing endurance.

That’s all from the beautiful Gulf Coast Doc. The weather last night was in the 70’s with a cool ocean breeze perfect night for couples to get freaky, but only one took advantage of the season. There’s always next weekend.

And until then... Happy Trails!



Well Bob, it's good to have you back after going AWOL last week and as usual, you have submitted an outstanding report. Thank you again sir.

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