Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House Call: Last Week's Grand Slam Visits, Part 1: The Lido Theater, Dallas TX

Doc here with the first of a two-part House Call Report regarding last week's visits to The Lido Theater in Dallas, Texas and the 4 main adult theaters in Tampa, FL. I have been planning this trip for awhile now, and was able to orchestrate mixing business with pleasure in arranging the timing of hitting two major adult theater cities (and 5 theaters) in 4 days.   The first part of the trip was focused on The Lido Theater in Dallas.

The Lido Adult Theater
7035 John Carpenter Freeway, Dallas, TX

The Lido Adult Theater is located very conveniently by Love Field Airport, and right off of the 35 expressway.  Parking is plentiful, with both front, side, and rear parking lots that are well lit yet discreet.  Admission is $11, however while you can enter and leave the theaters as much as you want, you cannot leave the building proper.  If you do, it's another $11.  This keeps guys from hanging around in front of the building or sitting in their cars in front of the theater.  I like this policy (paid for by "Citizens for Lizardo").

The Lido Ad Truck
(or is it a Transformer?)
I purposely set this trip up for a Wednesday and Thursday survey of The Lido. Why, you may ask.  Research by our team of adult theaters researchers (OK, me) showed that the best night for single guys at The Lido was Thursday night.  Why Thursday?  Thursday is the first of the 3 "Couples Nights" at The Lido, but the only one where couples and single guys can co-mingle on the 2nd floor.  Why is this important?

The Lido is a two floor facility.  The bottom floor is the smaller theater (which shows gay films until Couples Nights, when it has str8 fare).  The other section of the bottom floor is a very large adult book and video store, as well as the cashier station.

The top floor is what makes The Lido unique.  You must walk up a flight of stairs to get buzzed into the top floor.  On this floor, are two lobbies (one in front, one in the rear) which have couches and flat screen TVs showing regular TV (not porn).  Starting in the front lobby, are the first of 16 separate private rooms of different sizes and configurations.  With their lockable doors, these rooms provide private play space for couples, singles, couples & singles, and couples & couples.

The main theater is at the very rear of the building, and is big.  It is 65-70 feet across, and 50-60 feet deep.  Total seats are about 70.  There is a lot of open floor space in front and in the rear of the auditorium for standing and groping (more on that later).

Wednesday, November 10th.  I got into Dallas, got my rental car (a DMC-12 with great acceleration) and grabbed a bite to eat before hitting The Lido.  Expectations were not high...It was a Wednesday, and Wednesday have yielded next to nothing in past visits.

After paying the young man at the counter, I was buzzed in upstairs.  I was immediately greeting by the sound of someone being fucked hard...(Was it a video, or was there intelligent life behind the moans and ass slapping?).  The noise was coming from behind door # 9, and it was real.  The door was locked (of course)...God forbid The Good Doctor would have any luck right out of the gate.

I picked a spot near one of the other rooms to scope out what may enter or exit the room.  Within two minutes, the door unlocked and an attractive young black couples exited, looking a bit worse for wear. 

I then ventured to the main theater...

The typical mid-week sausage fest was encamped in there.  That was until the door opened, and two sets of feet were heard walking in.  The youngish woman looked like Charlene Tilton (imagine that, in Dallas).  Blonde long hair, big round breasts, and a very fair complexion.  Her guy was a large Hispanic dude...Picture Robert Downey Jr's heavy Hispanic cousin.

They started by standing in the back, and eventually found a couple of seats to their liking on the right side of the theater.  After a few minutes, they got up, and moved to the back again.  This repeated itself two more times over the next 15 minutes.  The last trip to the standing area was different.

  I looked back at them just as they motioned to a guy to come closer... Within a matter of milliseconds, an old school group grope was under way.  Guys were feeling her large (and now uncovered) full breasts and her rock hard nipples.  It was hard to tell if she was getting the same treatment on and in her pussy (from my angle).  I think she was also jerking off a few of the guys, but it was crowded like a NYC subway train, so it was impossible to tell.

Sure enough, after about 5 minutes of this, somebody got too rough (even after a warning), and the show was over.  Happens most times in this situation.  Charlene and her guy left, and that was that.

An hour after Charlene left (about 1:45AM), a young attractive black couple entered the theater.  After a few minutes of touchy feely amongst themselves, they had a seat on the right hand side of the theater.  After warming up, she began giving her guy a nice slow BJ, which prompted the boys to move in again.  They didn't mind, as several guys proceeded to grope her as she was bent over.  Again, no pussy play, but plenty of boob and ass groping.

This is a different story than Charlene's, but has the same ending: Somebody got too rough, and they were history.  When  will the younger guys get a clue?

And that wrapped up Wednesday night.  I jumped in the DMC-12 and headed back to the hotel.

Thursday November 12th. This was supposed to be THE day for single guys. Best of both worlds, yadda, yadda, yadda.  It started promising enough.  Two couples were standing outside as I entered the theater.  A thin blonde spinner, with long hair and small perky breasts under her little black dress.  The other woman was a solidly built brunette, sexy in her own way.

What we didn't know until later, was that this was only one set of couples out of two intent on playing that night.  And, their wish list was very specific...And it wasn't an Italian Doctor.  They were looking for a Zebra Party, and found it plentiful in one of the large private rooms.  From my observation point, the blonde took at least 8 of the black guys (maybe more).  This went on for at least 2 hours, maybe more.  The sounds of her pussy and ass getting pounded would have been pretty cool if I had been there to witness it in person.  Otherwise, it was just white (girl's) noise.

Dressed for The Lido?
  Couple #2 came in about 9PM... She was dressed in more clothes than I think I have ever seen on one person.  Jacket, over jackets, over sweater, over dress... Mix in a baseball cap, and she was officially undercover.  Picture a "Sand Person" from Star Wars... That is how covered up she was.  She on occasion almost let loose, jerking off a guy or two while standing in the back of the theater for a minute, then leaving with her guy.  She may have even fucked a guy in the theater.  But, what they did do is take a couple of guys into Room # 3 and fuck them silly.  But, again, the door was locked, and it was sound only (no video).

What made the even fun for me were the conversations with the regulars there...The Core Group.  We swapped stories about our adventures in adult theaters and swing clubs.  My favorite story was the Bridgette Neilsen/Mark Gastineau tale... One fellow (I didn't get his name, unfortunately), probably has as much experience in this thing of ours' as I do.  Hopefully, we filled in the blanks in each other adult theater experiences.  However, he did spin the thin blonde around a few times earlier that night.

Also had a chance to meet regular Journal reader, "L".  A great guy, and a fellow former New Yorker.  It was great meeting you, sir!

I wish I had more of a ribald tale to tell you about Thursday night, but I do not.  Two more couples ventured upstairs at the Lido, and lasted less than 10 minutes each.  The only person who got a lot of action was a CD in the theater. That was the type of night it was.

The Lido Adult Theater
Super clean, from the bathrooms to the theater. 
Smoke free environment
Great parking
Lots of couples for Couples Nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Private Rooms
Open 24/7
$11 Admission

Limited couples play in the theater.
Crowding by the patrons around couples
Private room play excludes many from watching/participating
Leave the front door, you will have to pay admission again (pro and con)

Highly Recommended on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
(Your mileage may vary)

Flash Report: CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN by HnR

Doc here with report #2 from our newest field reporter, HnR.  He is back again reporting on the action inside what is arguably the most hardcore adult theater in the country, CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. Enjoy this report...
Hi Doc -

HnR here. Since I have not yet gone to CT's yet in November, I would like to give you and the readers 2-3 reports a month when possible I thought I would give you a report from my Oct 14th visit.

 I have a few general rules when I consider going to an ABS at any given time. First, I like to see new ladys the first time that they are going to be at an ABS in my area. That keeps it fresh an exciting with never really knowing exactly what to expect from a looks and action standpoint. If possible, it is preferable that it be an advanced posting from a crediable lady/couple that clearly expresses what they are coming for and finally I normally do not do repeats with the same ladys, maybe one time for a fuck an another time for a BJ. As with all parameters there are exceptions!
Now, on to the EXCEPTION to my no repeat rule. The couple - George and Tasha. George is a heavy set guy in his mid/late 50's that walks with a cane. Tasha is a 24/25 yo very hot lady with darker black hair, that she normally puts in a ponytail. I would guess she is about 5'0 or so and approx 110 lbs. In the stripper or escort world I would term her a "spinner". On the CT's scale she rates a STRONG 10. Very, very, very HOT YOUNG lady. Her and George's game is that they come to the theater and George pretty much picks out guys that she will give a BJ with swallow to.

Now, let me make it clear that as far as I know she has not been on the table and fucked by guys in the theater, but she will give EVERYONE that wants one a blowjob and will swallow every drop with a smile. George normally picks which guys, so you have to understand that is their process. I believe George gets off by watching and controlling the action so it is considerate if you make sure George can see the sucking as well.

On the night of my visit, I saw George's posting from about 8:00pm that they would be there around 9:30pm or so. I arrived at CT's about 10:30pm and the parking lot was about 1/3 full. Since they have been to the club several times now I think the crowd has thinned a little for them, but she always gets a nice number of guys, even on a weeknight.

Now, this will be the 4th time I went to see Tasha for a BJ, so hence my bending of my no repeat rule! I walked into the club and Tasha and George were sitting in the lobby and Tasha was playing the video game on the table in front of the counter. I paid my fees, and found out from a regular that they were taking their 1st break from round one in the theater. So I headed into the theater and took a seat on the very uncomfortable dual seat to the left that is basically summer deck furniture with no padding and nothing but the rubber strips that would hold the seat padding if there were any!

Within about 5 minutes George and Tasha walk into the theater and they take seats in the back up against the wall. One seat to the right for George, Tasha next to him and an empty seat to her left for the guys to sit that she will take care of. As I recall there were now a total of about 10 guys scattered about in the small theater and we were waiting for the game to begin.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
 George asked an older, tallish thin guy sitting directly in front of them if he wanted to get sucked off by Tasha, uhhhh, he said yes and came around to where they were sitting, Tasha asked him if he wanted to sit in the seat next to her or stand in front of her, he choose to sit next to her. He pulled his pants down, sat in the empty seat and Tasha got on her knees and began to suck him. From where I was sitting all I could see was the back of her head going up and down. I would say within 5 minutes the guy blew his load. Some guys put on quite the show when they get ready to cum and other guys you just cannot tell at all. He was the latter. But she would not quit until the guy blew so you know he had. He gets dressed, thanks her and leaves while Tasha gets back in her seat, takes a drink of water and then puts her head on Georges shoulder and thus the wait begins...again.

In a couple of minutes George picks a younger guy in a baseball cap that had just walked into the theater and was standing in the front by the TV. He gladly accepts the offer and walks back to the seat and sits down. Now I get a kick out of some guys in the theater, because now the tension is a little high because this dude had just came into the theater and he was now next while other guys that were there and waiting had to wait more....haha. That is why I think George enjoys that part of his game as well as watching the action.

Now for me, the waiting can actually make me harder and my load stronger just because of the anticipation. Anyway, this guy blew inside of 60 seconds so the seat was empty. Next George picked the guy sitting next to me... damn, so close! They must have knew each other because he just went back there and talked with them for about 5 to 10 minutes and then said goodbye and left.... really?

By now there were about 12 guys in the theater so the chances of being picked were 1 in 12, I guess. YES, George points at me and asks if my cock is hard and ready for Tasha's mouth. Uhhhhh, yes... so I walk back to the seat, pull my pants down and my very rock hard cock is exposed. Tasha asks me if I want to stand or sit, I turned my head and asked George which was better for him. He said it would be better if I stood, so I decided to stand. George or someone in the area gets out one of those little pen flash lites and shines it on my cock and Tasha's mouth, which made it alot better for the watchers to see.

For the guys who have been involved in theater play you will understand what I'm going to say, but I cannot think of anything that compares with that first few seconds when Tasha, a very hot, thin young lady takes her mouth and wraps it around your cock and takes all of it in as far as she can go with that first stroke.... OMG! She went very slow, sucking in and out and about 3/4's down on my cock that was so hard it almost hurt, if you know what I mean! After about a minute she began using what I call the hand and mouth method, where she is sucking you fairly hard and using her hand to also jerk you as well. After a about 30 seconds of this double method I exploded with what seemed like 15 seconds of precum and 15 seconds of cum-spasms!!! She then followed with about 30 seconds of what I term cool down sucking that felt so good with a little more time I might have got hard again.... but it is not good to be a hog. So I thanked her and moved out of the way.

Right after me, before I was out of the way, George picked a guy 1 row behind that had his cock out and was jacking it while watching Tasha devour my cock. Anyway he walked up, jerking the whole time and by the time he got in front of Tasha, he put his cock in her mouth and boom baby, came with a semi-loud ahhhhhhhhh.

To wrap this report up, if you ever get a chance to go to CT's when Tasha is going to be there, drop what you are doing and make the drive. If you understand that it is George (sometimes Tasha) that picks the guys and you can be patient it is well worth your time.... after all, not many of us can get BJ's with swallow from very hot 24 yo's.

Take Care
Doc here again...I can attest to Tasha's hot appearance.  The Good Doctor stumbled into CTs during the summer when George and Tasha were there, and good God, this girl is hot.  HnR's description is spot on.  Is she a CTs "10"? Absolutely.

Thanks HnR for another great report!

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