Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Reporter GK Arbee @ Gulf Coast Theater This Weekend

Doc here... Reporter G.K. Arbee will be on-site at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater this coming weekend (Friday and Saturday) to report on the theater and hopefully the ABS down the street.

Fingers are crossed for a good couple's turnout and well-behaved guys at both these facilities.


Upcoming Event! Mardi Gras Bash @ Berlin News Agency on Saturday February 22, 2014

Art Cinema Valentine's Event Couple's Flash Report #2: John & Brenda (3 NEW PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say prowls the rooftops of Hartford, wearing only a white suit, aviators, and a gleaming smile, with the 2nd report from the crazy Valentine's Event at Hartford's Art Cinema.
Regular contributors John and Brenda (AKA The Central MA Fun Couple) have filed the following report with The Good Doctor, along with 3 brand new pics of the hot and sexy Brenda.
Here we go!
Valentines Party at the Art Cinema
Hartford, CT – February 8, 2014

Doc had asked people to share their experiences at the Art Cinema Valentines Party on Saturday night 2/8, so Brenda and I thought we’d share the fun we had that night with Doc’s readers.