Thursday, December 19, 2013

Flash Report! Incognito on a CRAZY Night at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 11/29/13

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from The Art Cinema in Hartford.  I can't even begin to try and set up this crazy evening, so I will get out of the way and let senior reporter Incognito take over.

Here we go...


Incognito here...

Couple's Flash Report! Rick and Ashley @ The Art Cinema in Hartford on 11/23/13 (w/10 PICS!)

Doc here with a belated Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors and hot couple, Rick & Ashley in Hartford. (This report was supposed to go up two weeks ago, but I blew it and marked the submission as complete when it wasn't. I think I need an admin to keep incoming reports straight!)
Rick and Ashley's favorite sandbox to play in, Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, is the scene for this hot adventure.
Here we go!
Here it is!