Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flash Report! Brent in Portland "Smilestones"

Doc here with a fantastic report from my good friend and colleague, Brent in Portland.  Brent is ther #1 rated adult theater report according to you, the good readers of The Journal.

This report is a great reason why Brent is #1.  So sit back, put on your smoking jacket, crack open a Clamato, and enjoy the latest from Portlandia.


It's been a never ending story at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR recently, with pleasant surprises at every turn of the page.

What was your favorite, or most interesting scene at The Paris this past weekend? Was it the beautiful woman who looks a lot  like Rosie Perez , Rachael Ray or Natalie Wood ? She was celebrating her birthday at the theater, Saturday, by fucking and sucking a group of lucky men on The Exam Table. She was so loud when she climaxed, I wasn't sure if she was in pain or ecstasy. She accepted all her lovers with class and passion. When The Big Chef finger fucked her she almost levitated off the exam table. Her sexual energy was like rocket fuel. Later on her husband fucked her in the couples section while a beautiful couple sat nearby. The man reached up and played with Rosie's breasts while she and her husband were going at it.. It was great to see them again.

Was it the small, oddly shaped  woman who played in The Annex alongside Rosie? What did you think of her daring sexual escapades? The Paris was a very democratic place this weekend.
How about the thin lady with the curly brown hair and glasses who was naked on The Arena table, early Friday evening? The boys called her "Baby Doll". She wore a short plaid skirt and top. She came in with her talkative Jimmy Buffet pirate type  husband and she took on anybody and every body. She sucked and fucked and they filled her up. Then she stood outside in front of The Paris and the side walk go wet.

Did you enjoy some of the other, energetic, sexually insatiable, women that came to The Paris and played with the members' members? There was Plaid Shirt Lady who needs a new name. How about "Short Haired Lady Who Fucks and Sucks Guys By The Chain Where They Aren't Supposed To Stand, Lady?" She was there, this weekend, pleasantly fucking and sucking the night away. "CB" was also there, her athletic body arched, taking cocks into her mouth and pussy. The first time she came in, there weren't  many volunteers, but when she came back later, she drew a much larger crowd.

And did you enjoy the raw energy of Bend Over Girl, aka Silver Girl, with her long beautiful hair
and sturdy legs, getting fucked on The Arena Table? I've never seen that lady get tired of fucking. Then there was B or Condom In Mouth Lady. She and her man came to The Paris this weekend and she also fucked and sucked a whole train load of happy fellows. If a guy had enough stamina and/or dick hardening drugs he could have fucked or gotten sucked by at least 9 different women at The Paris, this weekend and I might be leaving some out.

How about some of the beautiful ladies who watched the action but did not participate? There was a blond with big firm breasts who cuddled with her man. There was a threesome who watched the action in the all male theater. There was a tall, cover girl with long brown hair who watched Rosie getting fucked on the exam table and then watched a dancer-thin young girl with body tattoos, fucking and sucking guys at the front of the theater while her big, long haired boy friend, encouraged and protected her. She was a crowd favorite. She was  the youngest and most scantily dressed of all the girls that played. I'm not sure how many players she fucked and sucked but there was seldom a moment that she didn't have a dick in her mouth and one in her tight wet pussy.

Remember the Diane Keaton look a like who was there around 3am on Sunday? She and her man weren't really dressed to play (jeans etc) but, after watching the tiny woman in The Annex getting fucked and fingered by some of the boys of The Paris, she got so turned on, she took off all her clothes.Her old man ate and fingered her pussy. Then they invited a  guy into The Oasis to join them. By that time they were the only couple there so it was okay. I didn't see much of the action because I was busy looking for my car key so I could go home. I hope it turns up. My dad always told me that losing your keys is an indication that you subconsciously wish to avoid responsibility. I think it fell out of my pocket when I was pulling out my cell phone on my way out to the lobby to read a text message. So I was being responsible. I just wasn't being careful.

Were you amazed at the incredibly erotic 6 way, Friday? It was Gabby The Pirate and Baby Doll, a newbie couple,  the lady looked like a beautiful young Linda Ronstadt and the man looked like one of the singers in Los Lobos, as they were joined by the beautiful lady with the long strawberry blond hair and her man. They are experienced theater players and they know how to get the action started. I doubt if Linda and her man would have played Friday, if not for them.

Baby Doll got her wet pussy eaten and returned the favor to Strawberry Blond. Linda sucked off SB's man. Then Baby Doll's man, the talkative pirate got off all over Strawberry's soft smooth skin. He was happy, Strawberry was shining and sticky and a well fucked Baby Doll was ready to go home. So they gathered up their stuff, found their driver, exchanged numbers etc and said good bye to the crowd. Did you enjoy their visit and their extreme brand of theater sex?

Did your jaw drop and your  dick get hard when Strawberry Blond and Linda  came down to The Arena Table?  SB was naked , getting fucked by her man while guys stood around her. She would graciously take a cock into her mouth and suck until the guy busted a load. Then she would dribble the come onto her fabulous breasts and rub it in. She loved it when guys shot their loads directly on her.

Meanwhile, Linda had her top off and guys were playing with her magnificent maracas , sucking them and pinching them. They were also feeling between her legs. She picked a guy from the crowd and lay down on the arena table opposite Strawberry Blond who was busy on the other end. Linda's pants were off , her tits were out she had a penis in each hand and a stranger was eating her pussy and making her come like Christmas. Not bad for a beautiful MILF, experiencing The Paris and adult theater sex for the first time. Later she sucked fucked a few guys on The Arena Bed.

I didn't  see much of that particular action because I was busy watching Rosie aka Rachael Ray playing in The Oasis. She has such magnificent legs that taper up to such a shapely and super fuckable ass. Friday she got naked and fucked her husband in The Oasis. She also sucked off at least two gentleman who were standing by the rail. They had delicately and expertly finger fucked her earlier and she was showing them her appreciation. Her amazing visit Friday was a prelude to her amazing visit Saturday.

What did you think of the action at The Paris this past weekend? If you weren't there does reading about all the great adult theater sex that went on in there make you want to visit the place and experience it for yourself?


Doc here again... After a one week abberation, Portlandia is back on top with the #1 position in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings. Two great theaters, very different from each other, and some great looking couples who visit both of them.  That's Portland, and that's why it's the #1 destination for this thing of ours.

Thanks again to Brent, the poet laureate of our little slice of society.


Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Visits Tulsa's Mid-Town Adult Theater

Doc here with another terrific report from the educated fingertips of Professor 7x6. The Good Professor has visited Tulsa's Mid-Town Adult Theater, and Tulsa-timed his report to The Good Doctor.

Here we go!


Greetings, Doc...

In this particular field of journalism, no news is not good news. But in case any readers get stuck in fly-over country and wind up in Tulsa, I can offer a quickie scouting report on the only game in town.

I last visited the Tulsa scene about a decade ago, and it was a surreal experience.  The VHS tapes were all soft core porn and the magazines were  no stronger than Playboy.  Them Okies have got them some morals, when they aren't fighting their game birds (I didn't use the term cockfighting in this forum because of the potential confusion) or gambling in Indian casinos.  I was unaware of theater sex prospects as the golden age missed us in the Bible belt completely.

Mid-Town Adult Theater
Tulsa, OK
The Mid-Town Theater  (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) is in a business district with wide, safe streets.  There are FIVE theater areas inside, all with separate admission fees of $8.  The locals seem to know to spend the first octobuck in Theater 3.  They have a 30 dollar all theater pass, but the helpful clerk on Monday night said he sells all-theater passes for 21 bucks, which is high, but fair enough.

I just had time for a quick Monday evening cameo appearance.  Each theater area has 3 different viewing rooms, all very clean-ish, good seats, decent monitors.  Theater 1 has a single large screen and seems to be the one for newbie couples and a conventional dirty movie experience.  It might be fun on weekends if any Okies are on board with our thing.

I plunged into Theater 3, and the center room had about 4-5 guys and was showing some lesbo movies.  I figured on the usual sausage fest but was happy to see a couple of dicks out stroking.  It's a real buzz kill when everybody has to be paranoid of every new entrant because of possible LE activity.

Lo and behold the left theater had a young Hispanic couple and only one gent sitting in the row ahead of them.  He wasn't the least bit engaged and I wondered if they had asked the penis galleries to give them space. 

She was against the wall and leaning against him like she might lean in and start sucking his cock.  She was a small BBW, maybe mid-20's, and a low cut tee shirt with a nice cleavage shot of massive mams.  He had a nice cock out stroking it, but it didn't seem like I'd interrupted any action yet. 

My gaydar detected a potential bi-MMF situation, which I am good with and I got my tool out and worked up for their consideration. There was an empty seat next to him and I asked/gestured if I could sit there and he waved me off but it was a maybe later body language, not a get the fuck out of here vibe.

I kept showing my boner for them (it did not seem to offend, and to mildly interest them), and changed walls after a few minutes.  He had been whispering to her off and on, and obviously wanted some participation from her, and potentially an audience member (pick me, pick me!).  After a bit, she abruptly got up, spit on the floor (and it wasn't fresh man-juice), and walked out of the theater.  He stayed behind a few seconds, did the math, and got up and caught up with her in the hallway.  Some chattering was to be heard, and they vanished.

I suspect it was the first step in the initiation process, and hopefully they will be back.  By and large, it is a good venue and if the Oklahoma Gestapo can stay out of the way we might get a redneck Okie scene going down in T-town.

My Phoenix/Scottsdale report will be mid-May and I might even have a Wichita cameo before then. 

Thanks for the good work, Doctor.



Doc here again... A big thank you goes out once again to Professor 7x6 for another detailed filled report from this thing of ours.  I have driven by this theater/ABS, and the place is HUGE.  If you find yourself in OK, then a trip to Oklahoma's only adult theater is in order.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  Just send me your report at  I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  The Professor did it... Why can't you?