Monday, August 19, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Cute Couple Hits Cinema Arts in Bay City, MI (w/PICS!)

Doc here, the lone survivor of a jewelry heist gone wrong, with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from Cute Couple.
Samantha and her loving hubby went to Cinema Arts in Bay City, MI and came away with a great time and a terrific report.
This is a great report to start your work week. Enjoy!
Well Doc,
Samantha and I have tried several times to have some fun in theaters.  We had a lot of fun at the Deja Vu theater in town here, and then found out about Cinema Arts in Bay City, MI, which wasnt great. Then we discovered the 15th Ave in Chicago while we were on a cultural trip to see some Frank Lloyd Wright homes... go figure huh? 
Cinema Arts
Bay City, MI
Anyway, we had decided to try couples night at the Cinema Arts in Bay City Michigan last night (8/15).  I posted an add on Craigslist to see if anyone was going.  I heard from two couples but neither replied when I emailed them. 
Samantha got ready and put on her halter top and mini skirt but seemed to forget panties and a bra.  So we grabbed her vibrator toy and a bottle of lube and in the car we went.  Its about an hour drive for us so of course I caressed her leg and played with her pussy in the car on the way.  About 15 minutes out she started with the vibrator so she would be nice and wet and horny when we got there.
When we arrived we went in and got our tickets and off to the back to the theater.  As we walked to the theater I checked the booths but it looked quiet.  When we got in the theater I could see why.  There was a plus sized woman completely naked in the second row from the front riding her guy like they were never going to have sex again. 
We stayed standing in the back for a few minutes and then started making and I pulled her top down and unleashed her beautiful breasts.  As we went I kissed her mouth and neck i slowly pulled her skirt up a little just tease everyone with a tiny peek of her ass.  She unbuttoned my pants and as she did I pulled her skirt up a little more so when she got down to blow me her ass would be exposed completely.  The crowd drew near and a nice guy asked if he could touch her and I obliged.  After a bit she started to suck his cock and I put her leg on the seat by us and started to fuck her.  We played back and forth their and then went to the front.  At some point I saw the other couple leave and Im not sure what happened but the woman look pissed for some reason.
When we went up front more guys got involved and she ended up fucking four of them and the last nutted in her mouth.  She was completely filled with cum and I took her home and had my way with her cum filled pussy...  : )
In all it was one of our better nights with respectful guys and it was a lot of fun for all involved.  I attached a few pics for your blog.  Loving this thing of ours!
Samantha's Loving Husband
Samantha's Gallery
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Doc here again... Many thanks to Cute Couple for this outstanding Couple's Flash Report! Keep them coming!