Saturday, August 1, 2015

Visit Announcement! TONIGHT! The CEO at Horse Cave Theater in KY at 9pm! (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here... The is last minute, but oh so worth it!

TONIGHT, 8/1/15, at 9pm, the incredible C.E.O. hits DC Video in Horse Cave, KY and it's adult theater.  It's address is 845 Flint Ridge Road, Horse Cave, KY. 

The C.E.O. is one of the legendary ladies of the adult theater scene, and if you can get to Horse Cave, KY, you will not be disappointed.  Her better half, Mr. Chairman, told me directly that The C.E.O. is extra thirsty tonight for lots of guys, so don't disappoint The Good Doctor. 

Show your support and show up tonight at Horse Cave.  And, as always, tell The C.E.O. and Mr. Chairman that "Doc sent me!"

Here are a few pics of The C.E.O. to wet your whistle and prime your pump for tonight's visit.



The C.E.O.

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter is Back in Dallas with More from Xposed and Lido Adult Theaters on 7/25/15

Doc here, a man who some say can bake a cannoli like nobody's business, with a Flash report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR is back in Dallas, and back to monkey business.  Here is his tale...


Hi Doc,

Well I was expecting a better night on Saturday the 25th of July, but too many things did not happen for that too happen. It was not an uneventful night but not as originally planned.

I flew into Dallas on Saturday afternoon, I thought it was going to be the best night ever at the Xposed Theater and at the Lido Theater. Well let me tell you what ended up happening.

UPDATED 8/1 with PICS! Couple's Flash Report! T2Please & Gwenyth at The Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron, OH

Doc here, a man who some say can charm a King Cobra snake with his lovely baritone singing voice, with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from T2Please & Gwenyth.

It seems that T2Please and the lovely Gwenyth visit Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema on occasion, and put on an afternoon performance for the matinee goers.  And this report chronicles one of these visits...

So please welcome back to The Journal, T2Please and his lovely consort Gwenyth!



My sincere apologies. It has been awhile since my last report. Primarily because the Summit News in Warren, OH has currently been eliminated as a playful option. That being known, and T2 Being an opportunistic individual, I have improvised and reengaged by attending the Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, currently the only facility in NE Ohio that functions as an adult theater venue (ed. note: The Foster in Youngstown is still open).

My companion is the lovely 'Gwenyth', she is an early 40's divorced smoking hot blond MILF. Stands about 5'5" and weighs about 135lbs. She has a pretty face, nice skin and smooth curves. Best of all is her attitude, she gets off having sex in public places and, wait for it, a true anal queen!