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Flash Report: Floyd: "On The Horns Of A Dilemma" in Portland

Doc here with an excellent Flash Report from now Senior Journal scribe, floyd.  As the preeminent daytime reporter covering The Paris Theater  in downtown Portland, OR, he is johnny on the spot when the daytime flags start to fly at the Paris.

Here is floyd's excellent adventure...Station!


floyd: On the Horns of a Dilemma!

It’s your Portland field reporter floyd, checking in with a daytime action report from the famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR.

Although there are Red Flags (indicating couples in the theater) virtually every night at the Paris, the afternoon action there over the past few days has been non-existent. My work/home schedule means the latest I can usually stay at the theater is about 5:30pm, and it’s been frustrating to see the flags fly at 6:00 and 6:30 so many times. 

Yesterday was unique, as I had a quiet afternoon at work but a dinner appointment with some out-of-town business associates that would be arriving at my downtown office at around 5:15pm.  So, naturally, the Red Flag flew at exactly 3:37pm. Thus the dilemma: do I head over to the theater, taking a chance that whatever action was about to happen would be over by my drop-dead departure time of 5:00, or should I wait for another day.  The horny part of the dilemma triumphed, and out I went.

Upon arriving inside the theater, I immediately looked to the couples area in the back and noticed it was completely empty.  This happens, of course.  A “tourist” couple comes in, the Flag flies, and then they sit for a couple minutes and leave.  Comes with the territory if you’re a Flag watcher.  As soon as my eyes began to adjust to the darkness, I realized I need not have worried; there was a couple in the gen pop section, the guy sitting in one of the side theater seats down next to the “bedroom” area, and the girl standing next to him.  She was petite, 5’2” tops, wearing a loose light-colored peasant type summer dress with a black sash tied in the back.  Very nice figure from what I could see.  They were poking around in a large knapsack they had with them, and so I settled into a  nearby seat to see what would happen.

It was after about 10 frustrating minutes of them chatting quietly and rummaging in their backpack that things started to happen.  She shucked the dress, and as it dropped to the floor a red bra and matching red thong were revealed.  She looked really nice, long dirty-blond hair, a cute face framed with little plastic glasses,well-proportioned tits, and a wonderful ass that we got a great view of as she bent over, yes, once again poking around in the luggage.  Her guy took off his shirt and pants,and I was sure the action was imminent, so I was feeling pretty good about choosing to come down.  They chatted and rummaged some more, and over the next 15 minutes she made three separate trips out to the lobby dressed in just the bra and thong.  I have no idea what for.  Condoms?  Lube?  Beats me,but I was starting to watch the clock as it was sneaking up on 4:30.

They both started looking into the locked bedroom area, an done of the theater guys went and got Ray so he could unlock it for them. They talked for a few minutes and then she said, “No, we’ll just use the couples area in the back.”  Ray offered towels and a sheet, which they accepted, and she began wiping down the couch covers in the back area, refusing Ray’s offer to do it for her.  Between the cleaning, the tucking in of the sheet, and her guy still sitting down at the other end of the theater endlessly poking inside the backpack, your correspondent was getting worried!  She had doffed her panties and was now just wearing the bra, and she walked down to fetch her guy.  It occurred to me that with her focus on cleanliness in the couples area it was slightly incongruous to be walking around the theater (and the lobby) barefoot, but, hey, who am I to judge?

Paris Theater
circa 1982
Finally, he sat down naked in the couples’ area and she dropped the bra and knelt in front of him on the floor, starting to suck him. Now we’re talking!  Those of us at the rail had a good look at her ass, which was quite nice indeed.  After a few minutes of this, she hopped on and it looked like a cowgirl fuck on the bench was in the offing.  Alas, after lots of hugging and kissing, it was apparent that he was not aroused enough to fuck her, so they rolled down into a 69 position with her sitting on his face.  Now, in floyd’s humble opinion, we just don’t see enough face-sitting 69 action in the theater any more. It’s typically wonderful for viewing, and this was no exception.  We had a terrific view of her blowing him, her tits pressed against his stomach, and her ass spread wide on his face as he licked her pussy.  He produced a small bottle of lube, and he soon had a couple fingers in her pussy and one up her ass and energetically lapped at her clit. This went on for a good ten minutes, and she was moaning in a most agreeable manner.

It was then that the lobby door opened and a single woman entered with a theater employee giving her a tour.  We had all been so engrossed in the hot sex in front of us that we had not seen her enter. She was probably late twenties, with nicely styled shoulder length ruler-straight platinum blond hair and a cute round face.  A low cut top under a little jacket revealed nice big breasts, and a dark skirt, leggings, and boots completed the picture. After a quick tour, she retired to the lobby, only to be joined a few minutes later by a male friend.  They proceeded to take a much longer tour of the theater, spending a lot of time down by the new“arena” area, before eventually leaving. Hopefully they will be back to give the new bed a workout and provide some fresh new action.

After the extended 69, our main couple (remember them?) once again attempted a girl-on-top fuck on the back bench.  She leaned back and was apparently stuffing him in.  She rocked on him for a minute or so and then stopped again.  She stood very close to the rail, facing us, and pulled her hair back, giving a positively wonderful full frontal view of her naked body.  Her perfect tits got floyd's vote!

Then out came a new set of clothes from the ubiquitous backpack, a pair of shorts and a knit top.  Underwear was not used at all.  One of the guys at the rail asked if that “was it for today,” and she said, “No, just need to go out for a smoke.”  It was at this moment that I realized I had not looked at the clock in quite some time and just about panicked.  It was 5:05!  Regular readers of my reports will know that it takes me at least 15 minutes to get to or from the Paris from my office via the Portland Streetcar, so I had to go, and quick. I’d love to hear how round two turned out with them.  She was obviously no theater newbie, as she exuded confidence the whole time and paraded around completely naked like she did it all the time, even going out to the ladies room in the lobby nude. 

You got to love it.

Epilogue:  Just when your loyal reporter starts complaining about the daytime action at Paris….

I was finishing up the above report at about 2:00pm today(Wednesday) when I noticed the Red Flag had flown at 1:50.  I hit the “save” button and hurried to the streetcar.  When I arrived at the Paris, there were about five guys in various places around the theater and a couple in the back couples section. He was a shorter guy and she was a large BBW.  They fooled around for a while and she started jerking him off.  All at once, she opened her dress, freeing her massive jugs with huge nipples pointing more or less down.  She turned around and knelt on an ottoman with her elbows on the rail, her face right in mine.  Her man dropped his jeans and moved in from behind, administering a doggie-style fucking. 

The guy next to me must have known her, because he was whispering in her ear and pulling on her nipples.  The guy went at her for a couple of minutes and pulled out.  The whispering with the guy next to me continued, and I looked down and saw he had a condom in place on his hard dick.  She scooted over to the exam table area with her guy tagging along with his cock still out, and hopped up on another ottoman with her ass up. Condom Guy wasted no time in mounting her, and it was obvious he lost his load after about five minutes of hard banging. 

Another dude right next to him, sans condom, took his place and started in right where he had left off.  She was now sucking her guy while this third guy fucked her,much to the enjoyment of this spectator. I was contemplating becoming the “next in line” when she suddenly stopped.  I couldn’t say for sure,but her expression was like, “Holy shit, this is going to continue.”  They immediately retreated to thecouples’ section where they got dressed and left.  Never a dull moment, and before 2:00pm at that!



Doc here again... Not only does floyd serve up a tasty appetizer and a filling main course, he gave us a nice dessert to finish off our daily dose of this thing of ours.  Bravo sir! 

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