Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flash Report! A Night for the Ages @ The Paris Theater - Part 2 by The Editor

Doc here with Part 2 of The Editor's "Night for the Ages" Flash Report from Portland's Paris Theater.

Take it away sir...


After the action of he 3 very hot couples was done, I normally would have headed home as even another "normal" encounter would be a let down.  Brent and I had talked earlier about how many hours we've both spent watching bad porn and waiting, waiting, waiting...

Writing part 1, was more a case of trying to remember and report the choreography than to describe the many intense moments. It would take pages to adequately describe each titillating scene. This part of the story has one 1 primary actor and was a more intimate experience.

After the big show, no one had high expectations, but the crowd had not thinned much.  A 30-somthing couple came in. She really did look like Monica Lewinsky, very pretty, tall, not a twig, just filled out very nicely. They started to play and it was intense. Her top was opened and quickly off; white soft tits were pulled out of her bra. Nice ones! They complemented each other verbally. She blew him and he ate her, removing her panties and giving us all a glimpse. She's a practical girl: trimmed not shaved. I don't think they actually fucked, but the play was intense, heated, pulling clothes, tightly groping and squeezing their intimate parts. Loud. Satisfying. From the conversation, I'm not sure I'd call them BF/GF as they didn't seem to "know" each other very intimately; it was more discovery.

Another couple was there watching. He was a bear of a guy with thick facial hair.  She had big saggy tits, with which he played, while looking at Monica and slowly getting in a bigger grope. "BF" at this point seemed to have a very urgent need to pee, hastily got dressed and went to the head, while Mr Bear was becoming increasingly familiar with Monica. Then BF went outside for a smoke.

It didn't take long for Bear to be eating Monica followed shortly by him screwing her, legs sticking up, her heals still on. Bear btw, is not entirely equipped like a fierce-some wild animal. BF was smoking outside for a long time but I lost track (and interest in him). Monica stood and was happily taking it from the rear, with the p'galley getting in a few free gropes. When they were done, Monica stood for a moment then walked to the rail. Hands were all over her and she was loving it. Clearly this was a new and huge step for her. She was really enjoying all the attention. "Someone" suggested she come down to the front table and several members of the gallery said she should go. After thinking about it for 3 seconds, she said "YES" and the crowed went wild rushing to the front. The clerk got a clean sheet and towel which was quickly spread out for her. She lay on her back and said "I want hands all over me" which was quickly fulfilled. She has really nice tits and smooth soft white skin. Her moans were loud as she was being fingered and rapidly rose to a big O.

Two lucky guys guided her hands to their cocks and she stroked them. A line was forming at the end of the table. Monica was loving the attention and just kept going. She directed traffic and selected a few guys to fuck her (safely). She responded vocally and physically to each welcoming the physical attention, relishing it. She gave several blowjobs to thankful recipients. At one point, she asked for a DP but settled for a finger in the ass while she was riding a guy. Then she had her ass fucked. A handsome black man with a big cock screwed her and drove her wild. When the action wore down, her BF had disappeared and kind soul gave her a ride (home perhaps?)

I've probably not done justice to this fine young lady. On what I would guess was her virgin night at the Paris, she went from 0-200%. The fact that she was sober and had no one coercing her was great. This was all about her discovering her limits. She may have a little trouble walking straight today, but now she knows what its like to play hard and be the center of attention. All evidence is that she had a good time and I hope she comes back for more.  Thanks Monica! You were great and we are all glad to have helped you explore.

While the 3 couples constituted a tremendous night, adding Monica made it an extraordinary night. This has raised my personal bar so high, I should think about getting out while at the top.

My personal thanks to Brent for filling in some holes IN MY MEMORY. Any other "thank yous" will have to come from the respective hole owners.


Doc here again... A HUGE thank you to The Editor for two great Flash Reports on last weekend at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR!  Bravo sir!

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report

Doc here, poking my head out of the foxhole long enough to present to you Bob in Biloxi's weekly report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Robert?  Take it away...


Hi Doc,

Last night was perfect weather for playing. I don’t know the reason why, but it seems like on perfect nights to play, there is no playing. A question for the ages I guess. Last night however, was different, there were players and first timers.

Down at the ABS there was one lady who graces the store once in a blue moon, but when she does she does it up right. She is very small, brunette, very attractive and always dresses the part. Last night she had on a gray skirt, black plunging blouse and high heels. She favors Jennifer Aniston in the face somewhat but she’s probably a lot nicer.

The ABS was not yet crowded with the usual suspects (cock blockers and confused folks) so it was only occupied by happy fellows who had no interest in her at all.  Since I’ve been with her before I kept her modus operandi in mind:  she and her fellow will go to a booth, then the only thing I can come up with to describe what she does, is she’ll do a cock inspection. If she likes it, she will direct you to a booth with no holes (these are also slightly larger but not by much). Once inside, she becomes a little tiger-cat, all bets are off, and she is in charge.

So once we were in a booth, she drops to her knees and starts sucking, (she is good at it too). She will suck as long as you want or if you want to fuck all you do is lift her up and she will turn around with a smile on her face. Being as short as she is, she has to bend over with her legs almost together, if she spreads them, you have to be about 3 feet tall to access her pleasure. Sometimes she will even get on a chair to fuck. I wrote about that in the past and was amazed at her engineering skills.

This time however, I told her I wanted to lick the kitty. It's shaved and very clean, and it also smells so good!! I can tell you she is vocal and seemed to be pleased with the effort, in fact she had some trouble standing afterward. (yes I did pat myself on the back).  She then stated as a matter of fact she needed some cock now. I wish I could put into words her smile, but it was like a lioness about to move in for the kill. I then asked if I could sit down and she ride me. Another smile!!!

She mounted up and rode this poor reporter like a rodeo star. That was a different way to have sex in an ABS, at least for me. I said my thank you’s all around and they went into another booth, one of the scouts was able to secure a blow job, then they left shortly after that.

Down at the Gulf Coast Theater, two couples had come in, so I went down to check that out. One was a blonde (late 20’s?) that had been in a few times. This night however, they didn’t do anything. Seems some people can’t follow the “No cell phone rule” and were standing in clear view against the wall. It seemed they were oblivious to anything except what they were texting/receiving. Highly annoying, against the rules as well, so that put a damper on anything that may have wanted to get started.

I kept noticing the blonde look at the texters every once in awhile, so I’m sure that had something to do with it as well. The other female in the couple only likes to see guys jack, so that’s her entertainment. Disgusted at the behavior, I went back down to the ABS, the blonde couple from the theater came in, and she was staring at the back. One problem, the usual suspects had arrived, the cock blockers and confused folks would stare back at her with all the desperation they had in them. It failed and they left. I don’t know what happened to the “smile”, but if it was in attendance last night, that may have been an ice breaker?

Another couple arrived as they were leaving, she was older (40’s?) with an older man (70’s?). She wasn’t dressed to play, which always sends up signals to me. They went in a booth, she was seated, something about them just didn’t seem right to me. I exited the booth and waited, one of the desperate fellows went in and was almost knocked down by a cock blocker. When I came out, I overheard him telling another desperate fellow the old man was sucking and jacking the wall dick. So I’m glad that bell went off for me.

About closing time at the theater, a very nice looking lady came in with her fellow. She was probably 40, dressed in a modified halter top and scarf and blue jeans. They went to the back couch and started making about, when fat black guy came and sat next to them. They asked him to move and he did, (about 2ft away onto another chair). The couple then started to make out, he was rubbing her tits and kissing (reminded me of what you did in the backseat of a 60 Chevy), but I was patient and soon her top was down (nice rack btw) followed by her jeans, (that revealed a matching gray bra and boy shorts) and she started sucking him. Then he ate her in kind.

And just as it seemed she was warmed up, the fat guys cell phone rung and yep, he answered it, and started yucking it up with whomever was on the other end. Fucking dumbass, that killed the action for the couple. She pulled up her jeans, replaced her top and they left. I guess there’s a reason you can’t kill stupid people, but I’ve not found that reason yet. It’s a real shame a couple of morons will screw it up for everyone else, but that’s the way it is sometimes. I can however keep my fingers crossed the idiot and texters don’t return.

That’s it for the beautiful Gulf Coast Doc, Brent is killing my ass in your poll, but he deserves it. He is the master in this thing of ours. Until next weekend Doc!!!



Doc here... Thanks Bob for another great report from the Gulf Coast!