Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flash Report! Garra Vists The Berlin News Agency In NJ

Doc here, welcoming another new reporter here to The Journal, Garra from South Jersey.  His first report is a good one, and is centered on the Berlin News Agency (AKA BNA) in Berlin, NJ (address is in Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

I invite you to sit back and enjoy a snapshot of an afternoon at the Berlin News Agency, courtesy of Garra.


I decided to hit BNA in the afternoon one day since had nothing else to do. Berlin was renovated not too long ago, and is now setup with a theater room, 4 semi-closed rooms with room to look over the walls in on the action, and a small room that was part of the original setup that shows gay porn.

Berlin News Agency's Theater
I figured this would be a hit or miss type of thing. When I pulled into the lot there where quite a few cars  (there are booths there that generate traffic), but I decided to take my chance. When you walk in the back, you put your ten into the feeder and you are buzzed in. After my eyes adjusted I could see that there were few guys just watching movies. I decided to sit in one of the semi closed off sections in the back where one of the two tables are. The movie was not bad so it passed the time waiting for something to happen.

That something came about 20 minutes later. In walks a couple I know from going to BNA. The female is a luscious BBW and her husband enjoys watching her being pleased. Since the crowd was small, hubby decided to play with her first to get her warmed up. In no time she was on the table ready for play.

I jumped on the table, condom on, and ready to do the deed. I was treated to a very wet and willing female, just the way I like it. After having my fun, the female did not see any other man to her liking outside her husband and I. I sat and caught up with the goings on at BNA since the last we met. After the small talk, I was ready to get it on again and she gladly obliged. After thanking her for the pleasure, I made my way. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon....


Doc here again... Congrats to Garra for a solid first time report here @ The Journal.  Sometimes, the least likely times (day times) at an adult theater can yield some serious fun. Just ask floyd in Portland (who is daytime specialist covering The Paris Theatre). 

Thanks again Garra for the great work, and we look forward to your next report!


Flash Report! CK on Call Reports On Asian Fever @ CTs In Gary, IN

Doc here with a GREAT Flash Report from senior reporter, CK On Call. The past two weeks have been filled with visits to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN by an amazing looking young Asian woman. She has visited several times, and each time putting CTs on it's ear. 

The Good Doctor happened to be in attendance this past Friday night during the report below, and I just might have made an impromptu cameo in CK's report.

Here is senior scribe CK On Call and his Flash Report from Gary...



Apologies for not reporting sooner. This is a followup report to Mocha Pickles 5/18 Flash Report.


I had made prior plans to meet a slut the evening of 6/7.  Fortunately for me she flaked on me.  As I'm only 15min away, I check CTs group on my smartphone.  (Thank God for smartphones.) The HOT Asian from about 2 weeks ago, that Mocha Pickle reported on is there, along with another couple. I get my ass over there, pull into the lot at 9;20p, and see not too many cars. I enter CTs, and there she is: HOT, YOUNG, ASIAN BABE, chilling in the "lobby" with her boy friend (BF), talking to the librarians. Slender, mid 20's - early 30's, beautiful face, small "be" cups, wearing a skirt that went past her knees. She looked very sexy.  But had I arrived to late, were they done?  The other couple had left.  Only 7 guys in the theater.  Apparently not, as they were in no hurry to leave. After an hour, they returned to the theater for round 2.

They sat in the center row, her BF reached under her skirt, she reached into his pants. He removed his pants to give her better access. She knelt before him, and gave him a BJ. The guys started to surround them, and one began to touch her ass. With her BF's help, she removed her skirt. With her ass in the air, two guys began playing with her pussy and ass.  She enjoyed that.  Her BF suggested to one of the guys to fuck her, and cum inside her  (Yeah, they wanted it BARE!). He did, but was unable to cum. Her BF then asked, "who can cum quick inside her?" 

Someone stepped up to the plate and did just that. Now that she was full of cum, the BF had her kneel down, he reached inside her and scooped up some creampie and had her taste it.  She then Cowgirled her BF, grinding into him, breathing Hard.  Asian Babe CAME and was left a sweaty, heavy breathing mess.  Guy sitting next to them announced that he was coming, she tried to jump on his cock but was unable too, and took the cum in her mouth instead.  The first guy that fucked her, but didn't cum, approached her next.  While still sitting on her BF's lap, she sucked and jerked him to CIM. Her guy then told her to lick his shaft, and suck the cum out of it.  Afterwards she said she was a sweaty whore.  She put on quite a show. They wrapped it up close to 11p.  They promised to return Saturday.  BUT...


The Hot Sexy Asian returned the next day!  She got there 9:30pish, but did not start playing right away.  There were 21 guys waiting for the action to start.  When she eventually entered the theater, she started playing with her BF. Not long after, her skirt came off.  She was bent over her BF, ass in the air for whoever was hard for her.  It was like a scene from "The Ballad of Fuckme Fanny." by Master Mitch.  However only BJ for her BF tonight and no anal. Her moans and her grinding her ass into the cocks told you she was enjoying the fucking and guys cumming inside her.  She took multiple loads in her pussy.  Towards the end she Cowgirled her BF.  She played for 2hrs+. They said they'll be back Saturday 8pish, and are bringing a female friend.  BUT...

As the Asian babe was finishing, a mature MILF, with big tits, showed up with her BF. Taking the Asians spot, the BF exposed her beautiful tits, and lowered her skirt.  He began playing with that pussy.  She then gave her BF a short BJ.  BF then lowered her panties to her ankles and invited two guys to start playing with her.  She was enjoying one guys finger on her pussy, while the other guy played with her left tit, as her BF sucked the other one.  They brought her to her O, which caused the BF and one guy to come on her tits and stomach (ed note: I know the guy that finished on her tits and tummy.  ;o)  )  No fucking nor sucking from her. Shame as she was HOT.  Seems this may have been a first time experience from her, as she covered her face and kept repeating how it was unbelievable what she had done.  She left with a shit eating grin on her face.  I hope she returns and does more.


After the Hot Asian, (BF said she was Vietnamese) was done playing in the theater Friday night, she was viciously attacked by CT's librarians.  They were armed with Strapons and held her against her will in their dressing room.  Out of view, but you could hear her moans of pleasure. An hour later, the Asian also left with a shit eating grin.  Saturday night, a bunch of us eagerly awaiting her return.  But sadly, they texted, that her pussy was sore and she could not play.  I didn't play with the Asian, as I do not fuck bare.  But the show they put on, PRICELESS!    

A big thank you to CK On Call for another terrific report from the front lines at CTs Adult Theater.

Interested in a celebrity look-a-like for the hot Asian girl who was the star of the weekend at CTs?  This is pretty close... Actress Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hiden Dragon).

Yes, those in attendance this past week were given a real treat.  My report on Friday night at CTs will be coming up next week. There is also a report in the pipeline from the Back Row Reporter in regard to this past weekend festivities.  Stay tuned for that report at week's end.

Lastly, CK On Call has two follow-up reports on this great couple, which will be published at week's end here @ The Journal.