Monday, March 29, 2010

Flash Report: A First-Timer at Fantasyland in Tampa!

Doc here with a quick flash repost from a first-timers visit to Fantasyland in Tampa, FL.  Are things picking up in Tampa, once THE hot spot for all things adult theaters?

Here is Barebuns2350's post:
Went to Fantasy Land last night did not know what to expect as it was my first time in an adult theater. Spent dime time in the Main theater, then moved to the glory holes, as the theater became to intense for my first time. Went back to the main theater, found a nice hard cock with a great guy attached to it. We went into the smaller couples booth, where we both enjoyed each other a bit more. Then we went to the Pool room to shoot some pool. To the Black Gentleman that we met, TY for making my first experience a good one, hopefully before we leave Tampa we will visit again to have a more memorable time, Would like to have a few BBC's join us in the couples room, and see where it goes.
Let's hope we hear more from Tampa in the near future!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

BJ Marathon at CTs Adult Theater on Friday 3/26

Doc here with reports from a BJ marathon at CTs Adult Superstore and Theater in Gary, IN from this past Friday.
Here is report #1 from poster "Mr. Chairman":
As the unofficial Chairman of the Board, I agree 110% with and support the last poster totally. I have seen Maris in pics and felt that she could throw down but I didn't know to what extent. Amazing, astounding, moving, an artist, a spiritual experience (it must have been . . . I went for seconds!!!!).

Her technique and touch were second to none but she has one hell of a personality as well. She would laugh and joke around while at the same time make you cum like the world was about to end. Just a very sexually skilled and personable individual. Women who are not in this lifestyle could take a few pages from her book and try to learn a damn thing!

I've always been a fan of oral . . . just say BJ and I'm there front and center. However Maris added much more to the experience. I don't know what became of Cathy (peace be upon her), our former BJ Queen, but last night the mantle was passed to Maris without question. This will be a great an interesting summer, I feel, this year at CT's and she will be one of the reasons why. Until then Maris . . . until then.

-Mr. Chairman
Doc again, with a response from "Maris" about her fun evening at CTs...

Thank you all who showed up for the BJ Marathon last night—it was great seeing the theater packed full of men waiting for my mouth. I greatly enjoyed pleasuring all those eager cocks—you men are wonderful to share your awesome bodies with me. I love touching those strong muscles, hard asses, hairy chests and of course, your hard cocks. Men's bodies excite me to no end.

I had such a great time at CT's last night. I met old friends who I always love pleasuring—Don, TJ, Eric, Marc to name a few and met new ones—Mr. Chairman, Paul, Wally, Darnell, BLUE to name a few. I love being a sex slave to you ALL while I am at CT's.

Thank you ALL for making the BJ Marathon a success. My mouth loved on 89 cocks in 8 hours. Special thanks to those who stepped up to the plate and batted out TWO batches of cum for me. Your double donation to the cause did not go unnoticed. YOU HORNY MEN!!!

Thanks Pete for being the great host that you are and having an awesome place like CT's. You're the best!

Well, it looks like the house was rocking at CTs in Gary.  The staff here at The Journal will be on the lookout for more reports from there.

If you have a report you'd like to see on the Good Doctor's Journal, please e-mail me at


Updated! Wild Eyed Girls and Horny Old Sluts: Paris Theater Report by Brent

Doc here with another report from the Walter Cronkite of adult theater journalists, Brent from Portland, OR.  As always, great stuff!

Ladies, do you ever flash deliberate like when you get out of a car careless letting your skirt ride up?

I wish The Paris had full size glory hole booths. I didn't go to The Oregon last night. I started to go there but I went to The Paris from 10 until 1am instead. I had to Max it... Max needs to run longer on weekends.

Four couples "played" while I was there. The first one I saw was "fuck everybody big woman" we know as "B Condom In Mouth Lady" (very horny nasty slut her husband talks dirty to her while she fucks and sucks any one with a hard dick and a hot load). One guy fucked her so much she had to take a break. He was a thin built like a strong wall fucked her fast and hard pound pound pound. Then a blond came in with her husband. They laughed and joked and sat in the couples section alone. Finally she bent over pulled down her pants and showed us her beautiful round ass while she sucked off her man, They stayed and played for a couple of hours- her asshole winking at us just out of reach I wish I had a flying penis.

Then a young couple came in she was cute American Indian I think. They made a slow tour around the theater taking it all in- B getting fucked by a tall black man in the annex, the guys jacking and ogling at the blond in the couples section , one old man sucking off another old man in the main section, a TV dressed like 60s bad taste waiting by the "glory hole" while guys pretending she was really a woman and not an exotic male flirted with him her. The young couple left without sitting down.Another couple came in. He looked like Bob Seeger. She was tall with cascading permed hair and a lovely face Carol King Chelsea Clinton but nicer and a wild Tanya Harding exhibitionist slut I'm so horny look in her eyes. She took off all her clothes wow she loved being naked. Said to us "Do you like the way I look with a big cock in my mouth?" One guy got her a water and she grabbed his cock when he handed her the bottle. She kept her legs spread and her long fingers in and out of her wet pussy constantly strumming . He fucked her ate her pussy licked her ass. Her body was amazing long legs soft breasts wet cunt waiting wanting cocks our cocks but while I was there she grabbed a few cocks and they felt her up but she did not actually fuck anybody . Maybe she got busy fucking guys after I left. She loved dirty talk. Her man called her a dirty little whore ,a nasty slut, a horny easy lay . Her visit was the most intense one of the night while i was there.

It was like last Saturday the best show in my opinion was when a pretty girl (A full figured Demi Moore/ Carnie Wilson) in a red dress fucked and sucked her man and another man and woman in the couples section. The two girls got together for some erotic delicate girl on girl play. The other woman has been there before she is totally uninhibited. She is a big girl with a big sexual appetite and huge round breasts that defy mortal description (big-uns) She has the honor of being the last woman to get fucked at The Jefferson Theater before it closed (future Jeopardy question). Anyway I wanted to express how much I enjoyed her and the girl in the red dress a few Saturdays ago. There has also been a very sexy red head who looks just like a horny wild exhibitionist Alicia Witt. She loves to show off to the crowd taking special care to spread her lips and ass as if to say "This is where the wild penises go, boys." She also has that constantly turned on excited look in her eyes. So far she has only played with her man in the couples section. I think that she will be playing with the boys before too long.

Last Thursday The Lady Librarian Who Loves Bareback was at The Paris and there was no one there to fuck her. It was a slow night and the men who were there were either in their own little porn world or with each other in the gay theater. So I got on Brent's Theater Tails and posted a little "soups on- come and get it" message and before you could say "viral marketing" dudes started showing up at the theater and J's pussy was getting fucked and filled with man chowder. Just another example of the power of The Internet to bring the world together.

UPDATE!  An addendum from Ray about the above evening... Our story picks up after Brent leaves the building...

After you left the blonde asked "who is the nicest guy here", then grabbed a pillow, got on her knees and gave one of the guys on the rail a blow job. She then played with her friend. Just as they were getting ready to leave, a very young couple came in. The young couple found a couch, undressed and started to play (of course all the boys gathered). The guy had to tell the boys to back off and give them some room. The blonde from the couples section came down to watch. The young guy asked for some lube, the blonde said I can get it wet.  She then bent over and licked the young girl. After a few minutes of fucking the young guy said they were looking for a hotel room. I think the couple from the stage made a deal, because both couples soon left together. I think if they would not have left, the couples section bonde may have taken on a few of the boys. She was really getting into to it. Made me wonder if the only reason the young couple came in was to get a hotel room, they did not seem to be the theater type.

BTW, you did not miss anything at the Oregon. I got to the Oregon about 8 and eft around 11. No couples when I was there. Gary, said they will be closed a couple of days this week for a remodel. Moving the couples section to the middle and the movie server to the lobby. The new couple section will have 2 f-tables, an exam table and be enclosed in a fenced area with a 3' buffer zone. Hope that works and gets some couples to come play. After the new projector the movie is much clearer at the Oregon then the Paris.
The Good Doctor here again...Nice follow-up to Brent's original report.  That is what teamwork is all about!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flash Report: Melrose Playhouse, Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a flash report from the Melrose Playhouse (aka 15th Avenue Books and News), in Melrose Prk, IL (suburb of Chicago). 

This is a repost of a report from the store's Yahoo Group from a lucky guy named Sal who was there this past Sunday the 21st...
We all know it is hit or miss as far as who will be it the theater. But I must say last Sunday was the jackpot. I went into the spa and a couple was in there.

The girl was very gorgeous, a body to die for, and very friendly. She turned out to be Velvet Skye. She has her own site ( so check her out. For the guys that were there Sunday but didn't go into the spa shame on you, the $10.00 was "the best bang for the buck" I ever spent.
Doc here again... I put our staff to work to find a photo and proof of her visit to Melrose Park, and sure enough, we found it.  Her Twitter page is I hope Sal played the lottery on the way home, since he was on a roll!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Blast From The Past: 19 Year Old Schoolgirl Night at The Foster Theater! by Bill

Doc here with one of our regular features...Blast from the Past.  These are reports from the recent past (and sometimes distant past) that should be retold.  They could be a report from a special evening, or tales of adult theaters long passed.

Bill from the Foster/Summit Yahoo Group has a great report about a special evening at The Foster in Youngstown.  Take it away, Bill...
19 Year Old Schoolgirl Night

A few years back I arranged a party night at the Foster Theater in Youngstown, Ohio. We had 2 couples, 2 single gals and maybe 20 guys show plus the 10 or so regular no group guys.

After about an hour of chit chat the party got rolling in the upstairs lounge next to the ladies bathroom. As the two single gals sat on a love seat, one older cougar gal stood watching while her hubby and a few other guys played with her tight little body. On the couch in the center of the room a big titted gal was sucking cock and fucking. As I was enjoying her oral talents, I happened to glance over to my right. Standing there with her boyfriend was a hot nineteen year old gal dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. She was small, maybe 5ft with huge tits and a tight body, and she sort of had a deer in the headlights look as she watched. Her b/f started to strip her and soon she was naked....Right away 4 or 5 guys started playing with her body as she stroked their cocks. Within a few minutes, she layed down on the couch and in a sweet little voice....says WHO'S FIRST?!...She ended up fucking and sucking countless guys. In the meantime, a different young gal came into the theater and did a major facial partywith the guys in the theater! Quite the night for us pervs!
Wow Bill, what a story!  Sometimes in "this thing of our's", the planets allign and you get an evening like this one at The Foster in Youngstown.

Do you have story like this?  If so, please e-mail The Good Doctor at


Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness in Portland, Oregon: Field Report from Brent

In the world of adult theaters, there is Portland, Oregon, and then there is everywhere else.  No city offers the level of freedom and energy when it comes to "thing thing of our's" than Portland.  And when it comes to adult theater reporting, there is Brent, and then there is everyone else.

If you have never read one of Brent's reports, then you are in for a treat in the following recounting of last Saturday's fun in Portland.  If you have, enjoy some vintage Brent...

Take it away, Brent...

This post is about the theater action at The Paris on March 13, 2010. I used to write these stories about once a week because I wanted to convey to the group how much I enjoy "adult theater sex". It's not only the sleazy stimulating eroticism of the activity that grabs me, its also the spontaneity, the uncertainty and the serendipity of it that I enjoy. When the action is good at an adult theater and everyone is having a good time, I'm in a zone. I'm turned on and relaxed at the same time, Sexual energy, endorphins and adrenaline are racing through my body.


It was worth losing that hour of sleep last Saturday night at The Paris Theater in Portland. I arrived around 9PM. There were no couples there at the time and a lot of guys were hanging out in the lobby. I sat inside the theater and watched the movie. At one point I looked back into the couples section and saw a few guys standing up, looking inside. So I went back and saw a very aggressive man face fucking this person and yelling things like "slut" and "pig" while he rammed his dick into this persons mouth. I thought, "Did I not see a couple come in?"- but the other person was just some mangy , skinny dude, taking it from this guy.

As soon as this man blasted his load down skinny dude's throat, he was out the back door like a rocket. He probably had to meet his wife somewhere. For a second or so I had started getting turned on because I thought it was a couple that was playing. Yeah, that's the ticket. Sometimes a person can get turned on by something that really isn't there- a sexual mirage. It reminded me of a short story I read once . In it, a guy would hypnotize women into having sex with him. You just can't hypnotize a woman to fuck you if she doesn't  really want to, so what he did was ask the lady (when she was under) to remember all of her ex lovers and to focus on the one that she still wanted to fuck the most. Then he would say something, like "When you awake, that man (but it's really him) will be standing in front of you." It worked every time- in the short story. I imagine not so much in real life.

There was a couple at The Paris Saturday night that stayed for hours. He was a heavyset man and she was a pleasant looking woman. As the night progressed and the action swirled around them, I noticed that she go more and more turned on. There was a subtle change in her. They never did much, except for a little touching and caressing with each other, but I could tell that she was enjoying herself. They also talked to a few of the other couples that came in.

One of these couples was a long haired guy with glasses and his wife- a chubby woman with dark curly hair and a very pretty face. They did a little more. She played with his dick, went down on it and sucked it. He took her tits out and played with them. They kissed . They watched the action that was happening in the theater. I could tell that she was turned on by The Saturday Night Paris Theater sex scene.

Another couple came into the theater . She was a very pretty woman with brown hair- a Shania Twain type They sat next to a blond who had come in with a smooth looking black guy and on the other side the older bald headed guy. The girl with the curly dark hair and her man were sitting a few chairs down from them. I thought that the action was going to start now that there were four couples in the couples section . But the new couple wasn't able to get comfortable and they left.

I think they may have been put off by all of the guys standing near the door to the couples section. I'm not sure why everyone was standing and looking into the couples section except that there was a lot of excitement in the air but not much happening.

A lot of the couples were watching , beyond the crowd of guys, down by the stage Bend Over Girl aka Silver Girl was surrounded by men getting fucked while she was bent over sucking hubby's cock. This woman exudes sexuality and sexual stamina- sturdy legs , big breasts great ass. She never gets tired of fucking- one guy after the other. She had been to The Oregon Theater earlier. Now she was at The Paris.

Okay now I remember. The reason there were so many guys by the couples section, besides the fact that there were four couples inside was because Bend Over Girl was now on the exam table getting fucked, her legs in the air and spread wide like the V for victory sign .

But, alas the fucking was soon over for the time being. BOG had outlasted the men of Portland once again. The playing fields of Paris were littered with used condoms, tissues and water bottles.

What transpired over the next few hours at The Paris made a great night for theater sex. People started showing up and pretty soon the place was jammed. One couple invited " Coke Can" or "Horse Dick" (ever try a horse?) into the couples section and not only did CC make the woman (who was beautiful- imagine Sigourney Weaver/ Mary Louise Parker) super horny but the scene (She deep throated him) got the other couples going as well. Thanks, Lucas and thanks Mrs.Full Swing .

She ended up on the exam table with cocks fingers hands tongues and lips all over her. I'm not sure how many men fucked her but she enjoyed every hard dick and probably could have used a few more. And every time she got fucked by a new cock she would open her sexy mouth and suck the nearest dick. It was so erotic . The guys would shoot their loads into her mouth and she would let the semen linger on her lips a little before swallowing it all down.

I was standing there, caressing her , playing a little. I looked over and saw the action in the couples section was going full tilt. I missed seeing a sexy blond in boots and a mini skirt get royally fucked by her partner. But it didn't
matter. I was too busy by the exam table with Mrs. Hot Wife Sigourney So Fucking Hot and Horny.

When she and her husband moved back over to the couples section she hooked up with the big breasted blond and her smooth looking partner. The two women put on a hell of a show for us bastards . Heck at one point, I think both the men and the women were going at it. Meanwhile the other couples were still playing. I can't remember all the details now but everybody seemed to be having a good time.

A pretty blond , Tiger's wife, came in with her husband. I believe they had been in before but it had been a while. They sat at the front of the theater and before you could say "big black dick" she was sucking on one. Just like that she was surrounded by men feeling her up and fingering her while she sucked cock after cock. I got in for a closer look. She was moaning with pleasure while a stranger was fingering either her ass or pussy, while she sucked another big cock. The guys were young and good looking with a few old farts sprinkled in.

A new couple came in. She had medium dark hair , a pretty face and a great body. She was sexy in a very subtle way. At first they just enjoyed all the sex that was going on around them. Then they slowly got into each other. Kissing touching faces hands like butterflies on windows. She opened her suit top to reveal a black corset . Her breasts were round and full her nipples were hard. She had her legs spread wide and he was fingering her and she was writhing and they were kissing and playing and this went on for a while and then bam - she was naked and was getting fucked from behind and the crowd that had been with the blond who had been blowing down front or had been with Mrs. A (Full Swing) was now with her and I could tell she loved showing off and loved getting fucked from behind by her man and she had come to put on a show at The Paris and she put on a fantastic show.

He finally came inside her which, sadly, ended their visit. While they were getting dressed. she was still radiant and glowing from the theater sex exhibition. She said "This is how a girl puts on a corset." She zipped it up. I thought that was so cool. I think she had a good time Saturday.

They chose a good night to play at The Paris, hope I see them again. Spring is here and the action at The Paris should continue to be good, It was one year ago that some of the ladies decided to have a girls night out at The Paris. That was one great rollicking, freaky Saturday. It wasn't an official event but it took on a life of its own and the ladies were a big part of it. I hope it happens again but if it doesn't something just as good and unexpected will happen at The Paris….or The Oregon…. Or at a hot adult theater or bookstore near you.
In this Doctor's opinion, no one can transport a reader into a scenario at an adult theater the way Brent can.  It is a real treat when Brent authored report is published.  Thank you my friend for another terrific effort!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Flash Report! JaxBchBum Chimes In From Florida!

The Good Doctor here with a quick report submitted by regular ace reporter JaxBchBum (now with his own avatar).  Take it away JaxBchBum...

Great to hear you are back. There is a new theatre in Palatka FL. Former bookstore / DVD / Arcade booth only, they remodeled and opened a new theatre. Visited for the first time last Saturday during the afternoon. Didn't expect there to be any couples there at that time of the day, but hope springs eternal. Couples admitted free and singles are $6 (plus tax). Theatre accessed through a short hallway at the back of the store where a chime is activiated when someone walks through. Theatre has about 25 of the plastic, high back chairs. Not the most comfortable, but at least they are sturdy. As expected, no couples were there nor any came during the hour I was there.

Will send you a report from my last trip to Theatre X (formerly Pure Pleasures) in Orange Heights FL where the couches tend to attract the couples.
Nicely done JaxBchBum!  It's always good to get a report from a new establishment as well as the tried and true exisiting theaters and ABSs.  We look forward to your Theater X report!
Remember, if you have a report like JBB's, please e-mail me at

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Return of OldBeatNik! Winter Theater Overview & More

Like the swallows returning to Capastrano, OldBeatNik has returned to The Good Doctor's Journal.  His report, originally posted at the BrentsTheaterTails Yahoo Group, is now faithfully reposted for your viewing pleasure.

Take it away, OBN!
Hi guy, welcome back. I hope all is well with you. My report since we last wrote:

I went to the Lido in Dallas Tex. on a Saturday night last Xmas time. There were 8-10 couples there, 3 or 4 of them playing. I went with a woman I met on line. The Lido is still one of the premiere theaters in the country. Clean, spacious, friendly. The only complaint is the theater is too dark to really see any action among the patrons. Also something new, at least to me, a clerk told me single men are now allowed in on couples only weekends by paying $150.

Then I went to the Adult Theater in Biloxi Ms. Another nice place, comfortable couches, lit enough to see the action, if any, in the theater. The nights I was there no couples on a Fri. 2 on Sat. neither played.

Then I went to Cinema Blue in Birmingham, Al. It is a terrible place, uncomfortable and broken theater seats, a horrendous mens bathroom, and very dark theater, where you need a pen light to see any action. But for some reason it does get action. There is usually a couple there every night of the week, and several couples on the weekends. There is a yahoo group for the theater and it generates interest and action.

So to recap, bring a pen light to the Lido and Cinema Blue, get comfortable at the theater in Biloxi, but don't expect to see much action there. Be prepared to be grossed out by Cinema Blue, but also you have a good chance of seeing some action there. Hopefully I will get to some of the bookstores/theaters here in Ga. where I am spending the next month or so.

Take care all, play safe and be polite.
Thanks OBN!  Great report!  We look forward to your future reports... Editor's note:  OBN is one of The Good Doctor's longest running contributors, thus he was awarded with his own logo.  Congrats OBN!


Call for Work: The Good Doctor Needs Your Reports!

Doc here with a call for your reports.  Are you deeply embedded in the front lines of America's adult theaters?  Witness debauchery that cannot go unmentioned?  Then The Journal needs you!

The Good Doctor will happily accept, edit, and clean up your reports (if you like).  All you need to do is e-mail me the report at:  Tell me what you would like your byline to be, and presto-chango, your report will be posted.  Just ask Bob in Biloxi, OldBeatNik, Donny Digital, or the countless others who have contributed.

I need you, and America needs you more than ever.


Field Report: Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with an outstanding field report from regular contributor Bob from Biloxi.  Sounds like the heat is turning up at the Biloxi Adult Theater.  Take it away, Bob...


Well the weather starting to warm some, we in the South don't do well in cold climates. Last night only six couples showed up, three at one time, five out of the six played. The last couple stayed to closing (12pm) but didn't do anything. She was a fine dark haired lady with black tights and skirt, that's a shame I would have loved to see her in action. I think the vulture club may have put her off and out of the mood.

Now back to the other playing couples. The first couple I saw was young, she was a short BBW, very pretty face and great attitude, she was convinced into a licking by a dude there, she returned to favor by sucking him off, guys there told me they had been in and out most of the day. The other two couples came in together and mostly played by themselves, with the two ladies putting on a good show. The other couple came in while they were playing, and soon got in the mood and she started blowing all the guys wanting it. She was a blonde with huge tits, she was getting licked while she took care the cocks with her mouth.

Not too bad for the start of spring, I hope summer brings in more players this year. One guy said he was a newbie, so I tried to give him some advice which he ignored, and hence was left out of the action all night. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Thanks Bob!  Great report as always!  Sometimes the most unassuming looking places yield the hottest action.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Field Report: San Diego by Surfer Rell

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course means a whale's vagina."

Well, almost.  Doc here with our first field report after the relaunch, submitted by first timer Surfin Rell.  His take on San Diego's theater scene is insightful, as this community has kept things relatively under the radar nationally.

Take it away Rell...


Dr. Emilio,

I am glad to see that you are back in the saddle.  I thought you might like to take a peek at what is going on in my hometown of San Diego.  There are 4 theaters in the city of which 3 are home to regular couples fun on weekend and at times during the week.  The Gemini is the odd man out, with not much happening there.

The 1st theater is the Barnett Superstore (corner of Barnett and Midway).  Barnett has the nicest adult bookstore in the area, plus the 2 largest theaters.  The theaters have leather reclining chairs, and each theater has about 50 seats.  The theaters have 2 large screen TV in each.  2 visits ago in January, I ran into a couple in the back row of the first theater.  She was a hot blonde MILF, and had the recliner stretched out while she was playing with her shaved and very wet pussy.  Her boyfriend was helping her at time, but mostly it was a one woman show.  I plunked down in the row in front of them and watched from there. After 10 minutes, she asked the crowd if anyone had any lube.  I saw this as my chance, so I told them I would buy some for them at the counter.  When I came back, I gave gave her the lube and they asked me to sit next to her. While she played with her pussy I started rubbing her boobs (they were fake but very nice) and hard nipples.  She eventually started stroking my cock while I rubbed her pussy.  This went on for awhile, and eventually I bent her over the recliner and fucked her hard. 

Less than a mile from Barnett is The Adult Depot, which is near the back side of the San Diego Sports Arena on Kurtz St.  Parking is in the rear and very private.  Small adult bookstore, and two smaller theaters.  My last few trips in there I have seen some couples fun, but did not join in as my timing was off.  Best time recently was being able to finger fuck this guys wife in the back row.

Across town near SDSU is The Jolar Theater on University Ave.  Parking is in back of the theater/bookstore.  The theaters are smaller than Adult Depot, and have maybe 15-20 leather recliner seats each (2 theaters side by side).  Last week I was there and saw a couple playing in the first theater.  She was laying back in the chair while her young boyfriend ate her pussy.  Did not play with the others there, but put on a good show.  This place also has live showgirls who put on fantasy booth shows. 

I have found that the activity in the theaters picks up in the summer, so I will report back when the heat gets higher inside and outside.


Wow, nicely done Rell!  Who knew that the scene in San Diego was this active and hot?  If anyone else has a San Diego yarn to spin for The Good Doctor, please e-mail me at:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And Now For The Good Dr.'s Next Trick...

Call me Houdini.  Call me Harry Blackstone Jr. Call me Doug Henning (on second thought, never call me Doug Henning).

Yes, the Good Dr.'s blog disappeared in late October.  Unexpected things happen, you try to correct them, and in the process it ends in blowing up, real good.

I received countless e-mails on the disappearing act, and I want to thank those of you who did e-mail.  The site was receiving upwards of 400 unique hits a day, and page views nearing 900 a day.  Hopefully you will find your way back to The Journal.

That brings us to now...

Luckily, and how I'm not sure how, I was able to retrieve the archive of Version 1 of this journal.  There is some material missing, but luckily 90% of it came back to life.  You will find it posted below and in the blog archive.  In time, I will add additional features back to The Journal, along with weekly new reports.

The Journal lives on the great reporting skills of  people like you. People like Brent in Portland. Like Donny Digital and Old Beatnik. Bob in Biloxi and JaxBchBum.  And last but not least, Alex and Lauren in North Carolina.  Hopefully you will find your way back to The Journal.  Five months of reports are lurking out there, looking for an escape. 

If you have a report, no matter how short or long, please e-mail me at:

Thank you...And now back to our regular programming.