Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! Jean (from Scott & Jean) at the Gloryhole

Doc here, a man who some say was an extra in the movie X-Men 2 as a Secret Service Agent, with today's Pic of the Day.

When she isn't moving objects telekinetically, my good friend Jean (from Couple's Reporting Team Scott & Jean) like to visit adult theaters and adult book stores. And in particular, Jean loves the gloryhole.

This pic of Jean is one of my favorites, and I thought it was about time to feature it as today's Good Doctor's Pic of the Day!

Couple's Flash Report! Piper Says Thank You at the Gemini Bookstore Near Philly (w/15 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say can control traffic going into Fort Lee, NJ with the power of his mustache, with a note and 15 smoking hot images from my good friend, Piper, The Gloryhole Princess.

Piper recently issued a "Call for Cocks" through The Good Doctor for guys in the Philly area, and boy did Piper get what she wanted: Hot and hung guys for her to service at the gloryhole.

I have also included (courtesy of Piper) 15 white hot images from this visit to the Gemini Bookstore in NJ.

Fasten your seatbelts and stow your tray tables... This report will get bumpy!

Here we go!


Flash Report! C Reports on Piper The Gloryhole Princess and her Visit to the Gemini Bookstore in NJ

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from first-time contributor, "C".
C was one of the gentlemen that answered Piper's (The Gloryhole Princess') Call for Cocks, and showed up at the appointed time locked and loaded at The Gemini Bookstore in NJ. What ensued is illustrated in Piper's Report following this one, including 15 pics).
Here we go!