Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flash Report! Chauncey Gardiner at The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here, a man who some say can kick a meatball with enough force to break the sound barrier, with a Flash Report.  Senior reporter Chauncey Gardiner made a recent trip to Hartford's always awesome Art Cinema, and has filed this report with the news desk (me).

Take it away, sir...
Hello Doc and readers,
Had the chance to go to the Art Cinema on a Friday afternoon to see a couple that advertised on Craigslist that they were coming to put on a show with some possible touching at 12:00 noon.

I arrived at about 11:50, and Ralph had already started the movie for the dozen or so early arrivals, including the couple who advertised. At precisely noon, the regular feature started up, and the couple started putting on a show from the front row of the balcony, and the wolf pack started to assemble in front of the screen and the seats below.
After about 20 minutes, the couple came down stairs and apparently met a gentleman they knew in the lobby. They proceeded to the open row at the middle of the left hand side of the theater, and sat down right next to me, where I had been patiently waiting, as all experienced participants in this thing of ours do.

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT

The lady was very attractive, with shoulder length black hair, wearing a black dress that was unbuttoned down the front to reveal her black bra & panties. She started by kissing one of the guys, and then the other.

At that point, the pack swarmed around her, and most of the 40 guys who came to the theater were in her face and space. I put up a hand and said, "guys, you need to move back and give her some space." They did, but it was too late. The three of them got up and lucky for us, instead of leaving, headed back up to the front row of the balcony where they proceeded to put on quite the show. She was very vocal and at times was louder than the movie.

They played until 1 PM, and then the 3 left.Guys, I cannot emphasize this enough. You got to give the ladies their space and be patient, otherwise everyone loses. If you are that horny that you've got to swarm a woman like she's fresh meat, then you need to take a cold shower or rub one out before you get to the theater. What could have been a really fun time almost turned into a total disaster.
-- Chauncey Gardiner
Doc here again... Many thanks to Chauncey Gardiner for another insightful report from Hartford's Art Cinema.  Chauncey is 100% correct - Guys, please give the couple's space and BE PATIENT. I have been preaching Dr. Emilio's Golden rule for years now: "Be patient, and good things will happen."  This almost disaster could have been avoided if the guys took a deep breath and let things happen organically.
As you were...

Flash Report! Stick Envy Hits Airport Video in Everett, WA

Doc here with a first-time Flash report from newcomer Stick Envy. SE visited Airport Video in Everett, WA, and came up a winner (more than I ever have there).

Fasten your seatbelts...



Just discovered your site a few weeks ago. Relative newbie to the scene. I've checked out Airport Video in Everett a couple of times, never any good results. Usually the older guys sitting in the theater watching you stroke your cock.
However, this past Wednesday, 9/25, had a great time! I saw a post on Craigslist, a guy was taking his girl at around 9pm to suck some cock. So I showed up about 8:45 and got my theater ticket.
Airport Video
Everett, WA
As I was buying my ticket, a couple came in behind me. She was a bit curvy, but cute, and looked like some possible action. I saw they were buying tickets to the theater, so I hastily made my way in to find a good seat.

There were only about 4-5 others in the theater, everyone perked up when they walked in. Alas, they sat in the front row and whispered to each other about the movie, never looking back at all. When they got up, a few of us followed and they went to the video booths. Someone slipped into the booth beside them. Didn't look like much action, if any, from her going on.

However, in walked a 40-something MILF with her BF in a tight dress and looking good. They went into a booth and before I could get there, someone hopped in beside them. I milled around a bit, waiting for my turn in either booth (there were now 2 couples in the booths). I could see there was definitely some cock getting sucked by the newcomer. So I milled there with the others waiting for a turn.

The first guy left with a smile on his face and another guy quickly took his place. Apparently this guy was a dud, he just sat in the chair watching. He wouldn't leave, so they switched booths and I happened to be in the right place at the right time to get in beside them.

I peeked through the hole, she was in the chair, her skirt up so that you could see all, and her mouth working her chaperone's cock. I whipped mine out, waited for the beckoning finger, and slid through into a heavenly mouth. Being a gentleman, I politely tapped the wall as I was about to blow, she kept working on it and swallowed it all. Hoping that these ladies frequent this place often, I'll definitely be back!

And to the respectful, be cool, and don't ruin it for everyone else. Patience. The ladies will not tolerate otherwise and we want them to keep coming back!

Stick Envy


Doc here again... Many thanks to Stick Envy for his first Flash Report!  Welcome to the club, sir. Keep the reports coming fast and furious.