Friday, July 6, 2012

Flash Report! Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi by Smraider800

Doc here with a quick and dirty Flash report from first time reporter Smraider800.  The location is Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater, the regular haunt of one Bob in Biloxi

It appears that Smraider800's luck was going strong, as he ran into a terrific scene at the theater, and did his part in this thing of ours.

Here is Smraider800 and his first Flash Report...


Hey Doc,

Was at the Biloxi Gulf Coast Adult Theater around 7pm on Sunday, June 24, 2012,  when a man and a petite blonde 115 lbs 5'3" big fake rack came in. I was sitting in the back when they sat next to me. About 20 minutes passed, when the blonde said that I was sexy and asked if she could blow me while husband jackedoff. Who am i to say no?

About a 10 minute blowjob ensued, when she decided to lower her shaved pussy onto my 6" cock. Couple other guys got sucked off, but I was the only one to fuck her. Afterwards, they gave me their phone number and said, we want you on a regular basis!



Doc here again... Thanks to Smraider800 for a solid first time report.  Hopefully your luck will continue at this theater, and you'll be there to report in.

Your reports are needed at The Journal.  Just e-mail Mr. Greenjeans The Good Doctor at with your report, and I will edit, format, and even drop in a picture or two (room allowing).  And as always, you get the byline.