Friday, April 15, 2011

I-Team Report: Drew Park in Tampa Update From Enzyte Bob

Doc here with an important update from senior Journal reporter, Enzyte Bob.  He is keeping his finger on the pulse of the LE issues hitting Drew Park in Tampa, and in particular, Fantasyland I and II.

Take a close look at Enzyte Bob's excellent update...


My Good Doctor,

I have kept a close watch on the bookings into the Tampa, Hillsborough County Jail and have found none in the last week or two that have listed the address of Fantasyland as the place of arrest.  If LE is monitoring the FL site and/or your blog, they may be aware that the public records are being scrutinized and may have acted to make it more difficult.  What I mean is that they could easily be placing people under arrest at a different location than FL and using that as the location.  It would involve following people that are ID'd within FL and radioing or cell phoning another unit to follow them when they leave and arrest them blocks away.  Another option is to just flat out lie and say they arrested them somewhere else (no, that would never happen....Ya, right).  Another thing they could be doing is to write Notices to Appear (NTA's) and release the "suspects" with just their signatures as a promise to appear in court.  This would prevent any booking record from being made.

Enzyte Bob
Today, I checked my bank and noted that the check to cover the cost of my public records request had cleared my bank, so I suspect that the reports I requested are en route to me via snail mail.  I may not get them if they arrive before Monday.  So, I must keep you on pins and needles for a brief additional time period.  The positive thing is that the Tampa Police Department is apparently going to give me what I asked for as they cashed the check.  Had they denied the request, they would be required to return my payment with an explanation of what and why they were denying the request.

I noted that there is a cute little thing that is wanting to go to FL with her boyfriend, but is terrified of getting arrested.  I took the liberty of sending her a rather long and detailed, yet simple, explanation of how to enjoy "this thing of ours" and not go to jail as a result.  I am very curious if LE is picking the "low-hanging fruit" and just arresting the pud-wackers and or exhibitionists that do their thing in the main theater.  It is a very easy case to make, albeit hypocritical; you can watch it on the screen but don't do it live in the same room.  I wonder if there could be some Constitutional argument that it is a freedom of expression issue?  We were just offering an alternative viewpoint as to what constitutes a good blow job.  We thought what was on the screen was lame... LMAO.

Well, that's all for now.  Hey, you gonna post the Lizardo 6969, or did I miss it?

Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... We owe Enzyte Bob a round of applause for his investigative work on this ongoing issue with Fantasyland I and II.  We are doing this as a public service to you, the good readers of The Journal.  Good news or bad when it comes to this thing of ours, we will bring it to you.  Stay tuned.

Lastly, Enzyte Bob referred to The Lizardo 6969.  This is a project Bob and I have been working on for over two weeks now.  Look for the official unveiling of the Lizardo 6969 R-TIV in the next "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".

It is exactly what The Doctor ordered.