Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Feature! "On The Prowl with Kitty Kat": Chapter 1

Doc here with an exciting end to 2010... As I teased last week, I have been in contact with a couple who have dived head-first into this thing of ours'.  Kitty Kat and her guy Tom Kat will now star in a regular series here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, "On The Prowl With Kitty Kat". 

  "On The Prowl..." will chronicle the gloryhole adventures of the very sexy Kitty Kat, as she peels back her naughty side inside the mysterious world that is gloryhole sex. 
Joining the articles will be a series of very hot pics of the real Kitty Kat, in the midst of the actual stories that will unfold to you, the good readers of The Journal.  Remember to click on the pics to enlarge them, since they are hi-res images.
While their location will remain a mystery, what will be crystal clear is how naughty Kitty Kat is when she is on the prowl...
KItty Kat also has a new Yahoo Group that you should check out at HERE.
I am the lucky husband of a 30yo bi slut wife (KittyKat).   Recently we began going to local theater and gloryholes to help satisfy her sexual desires. I enjoy taking pictures of the adventures and would really like to share them with some people who are as equally  as kinky as ourselves.  Our first kinky photo shoot was a lot of fun and KittyKat was very excited to show off her skills to the camera. 
We began at home, like all couples in love, sharing our desires.  We were looking through other slut wife stories and photos. When we came across another hot wife at a gloryhole,  KittyKat's eyes began to twinkle and she began to rub her pussy. I loved knowing that this turned her, and after a short while she asked me if she could try that sometime. I told her to get something slutty on and we could go out right away. She jumped up and ran to our bedroom and  emerged a half hour later all dolled up and ready to have fun.  I grabbed the camera and off we went.
After a short drive we arrived to the adult store.  We walked around the store for a while looking at toys and showing her off to the guys lurking around. She was getting very horny knowing that she was being watched by strangers, and gave me a look and said "let's go to the back". 
We walked to the rear of the store and a few guys followed us.  We found a booth with a hole in the wall and locked the door behind us. I hadn't even gotten the money into the machine and a guy was in the room next door. I told KittyKat to get on her knees and put her fingers on the hole. Before I could get the camera out, a cock was slipping through the hole into KittyKats hand. She smiled and began to stroke it. I took my cock out and she took turns sucking the cock in the hole and myself.  It wasn't long before the man in the booth next door began to moan. KittyKat stroked the cock and her came all over her hands and chest.  He thanked her through the hole and quickly left the room allowing the next guy to enter. 
In through the hole appeared cock #2. She quickly got it hard and continued to take turns with my dick and the guy in the other booth. I told her to put both cock in her mouth at the same time, and she did.  After a few minutes or so she said he was cumming. I told her to catch it in her mouth and she was happy to.  This turned me on so much that I began to cum also,  so I put my cock into her cummy mouth and blew my load. She told me she loved having two loads in her mouth and she showed me her tongue to prove it. Then she swallowed it down into her belly and licked her lips.
The guy left the booth and the next guy entered. Unfortunately he tried to talk to her through the hole. When I told him that we weren't there to talk, he forcefully  pushed his hand through the hole and grabbed at her tit. KittyKat jumped back because she wasn't expecting this and I slapped his hand and yelled over to him to knock that off.  She was spooked at this point, and asked to leave. I agreed that leaving was a good idea, and on our way out we told the guys in the hall what had just happened.  We could hear them scolding the guy as we returned to the front of the store, and KittyKat giggled.
On our way home she said that next time we should just find another booth and keep having fun. I was happy knowing that this didn't skew her fantasies and that there was going to be a next time. 

I hope you enjoyed the story of our first visit to the gloryholes. We have a few more we will be sharing and we are planning to keep exploring our kinky desires. We have started a Yahoo Group and we would love it if you joined and let us know your thoughts. 

Doc here again... Now who is your buddy? Who's your pal? What better way to wrap up 2010 than a red-hot article and photo essay with a new girl-next-door gloryhole slut wife like Kitty Kat? (Please remember top click on the pics to ENLARGE them, since they are hi-res images). Also, remember to visit their new Yahoo Group, listed in Link-O-Rama under "Slut Wife Kitty Kat".

Happy New Year!