Monday, September 24, 2012

Flash Report! Longball's 2nd Night at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with Part two of Longball's back to back visits to Chicagoland's 15th Avenue Adult Theater.
Monday was awfully good for Longball, but how was Tuesday 9/18 at one of the top adult theater complexes in the country?
Let's see...
My apologies to leave you and your readers hanging after my report on Monday night's activities at 15th Avenue but yesterday was a travel day for me and I didn't get a chance to give proper credence to the happenings of Tuesday night until now.
After Monday night's mind blowing experiences with M&A, I couldn't wait to return to 15th Avenue on Tuesday night. I had a work dinner but figured I would be able to arrive by 9 or 9:30. My dinner ran later than expected, and during the last portion all I could do was sit at the table and nod at the conversation while my mind wandered and daydreamed of the potential debauchery that lie ahead. It FINALLY wrapped up at about 9:30 and I headed back for more.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
As I drove I replayed the previous night's happenings over and over in my mind and was hopeful of a repeat but also cautious not to get my hopes up for lightning striking twice for me. I arrived at the store right at 10pm and again there was a nice amount of vehicles in the parking lot. I paid the $30 which I now knew was well worth the price of admission and headed into the main theater. It was completely empty.
 At first my heart sunk a bit but then I realized that with the amount of cars in the lot and an empty main theater there HAD to be some action going on somewhere in the back! I headed to the booth area and there were three doors shut and occupied lights on above them but no one hanging out in the hallway. So I went ahead and buzzed into the spa area. When I entered a familiar face was standing there with a smile.
 No, not much as I had wished! It was a gentleman I had met the night before who is a regular there. I'm not a newbie at "this thing of ours" but I'm no sage veteran, either. I will say, though, that without a doubt the crowd at 15th Avenue is friendlier, and more engaging than any I have ever run into anywhere else. Where I usually go if you make eye contact with another guy at all he's trying to corral you into a booth for m2m play. Not my style. But at 15th Avenue the guys talked, bantered, helped each other out, and were actually very respectful to not only one another but to the ladies and couples, too. That might have just been a 2 night anomaly or it could be the norm.
Anyway, R, as I'll call him is a very nice, kind gay gentleman who is a regular at 15th Avenue. I immediately liked him the night before for his friendly smile, laid back attitude and demeanor. He informed me upfront he "plays for the other team" and helps out there and enjoys watching people have sex. Cool with me. R smiles as I come through the door and informs me "it's crazy tonight!" and that there are THREE couples playing in the private rooms and another warming up in the bleacher area.
Private Rooms @ 15th Avenue
I walk in at 10pm and FOUR couples are already in action! Lightning can, indeed, strike twice! The hallway near the locker room is empty and I take a familiar position from the night before where I can survey the situation. The sounds of sex are in the air, but faint. I had walked in the door less than 4-5 minutes before when one of the doors at the far end of the hallway cracks open and a man peers out. It closes, then opens again, and R walks that direction and they talk a brief moment. R turns around smiles, and tells me they need some help. I head down the hallway not knowing what to expect but as I open the door I see a very cute Lebanese woman in pigtails bent over sucking her man's cock as she's fucked from behind by another guy.
 I come in and her man tells me she's a very naughty girl who needs another cock to suck. OK! I drop trou and she starts stroking and sucking me. I literally have not been in the store 5 minutes and my balls are resting on the chin of a lovely late 20's woman as she's fucked from behind. CL, as I will call her, is in a corset kind of outfit with a collar on and pigtails and she is a naughty, naughty girl. Very sexy, thick but by no means large and lots of fun!
 She pushed me to the bed next to her man as she went down on me and he narrated telling her how bad she was and informing me and the guy fucking her that she wanted us to cum all over her face. Wow, what a great place this is!! After a few minutes the guy fucking her says he needs a quick break as he had apparently just cum after fucking the lady of one of the other couples there tonight so on goes a cover and CL lays back and spreads her bare pussy for my pleasure. I sink balls deep into her as she starts sucking her man's cock in the corner and she is nice and tight with great pussy control as I start to fuck her. She wants me to pound her and I do. Eventually I turn her over and fuck her from behind as we take turns smacking her ass nice and hard. If you missed a smack, she'd take the cock from her mouth and ask, "you call that a smack? Hit it harder!" Like, I said, naughty!
Now, it is HOT in this small room with 4 of us and the door closed, and eventually I tag out to allow the other guy another turn. We switch places and CL lays on her back as she's fucked and licks my balls as I jerk my cock over her face. She is begging me to cover her face with cum as she's fucked. I can't wait to oblige. About this time her man peeks out in the hallway to see who is out there, and I become nervous that if I don't do what she wants soon I may be shit out of luck. Once the door was opened voices were heard and laughter. A sweet giggle. One I've heard before.
The door opens all the way and there are the other two couples who were occupying the other private rooms when I arrive and one of them is M&A! I see M first as he peeks in the room and smiles then A steps into the door to watch. I'm very excited to see that they've returned for a second night in a row, but also disappointed because both are dressed, and I'm guessing that means they're about to head out for the evening. MY LATE FUCKING BUSINESS DINNER MEANS I'VE MISSED A SECOND OPPORTUNITY TO FILL THAT SWEET, TIGHT, ASIAN PUSSY WITH MY CUM!!
Ok, sorry for yelling, I'm better now. Not that I'm still bitter or anything! Regardless CL is a lot of fun and VERY good with her tongue and lips and it is awfully hot to think about covering her face with my cum as now there are her man, two couples, and R watching the action. And I do......I jerk my cock and cover her cheeks, mouth, and chin with my cum as the other guy continues to fuck her sweet little pussy! VERY HOT!!
As I disengage and start to gather my clothes the other couples head off down the hallway and by the time I get out of the spa area M&A are gone. I headed outside on this cool night to cool off and see them driving out of the parking lot. I wish I had been 30-45 minutes earlier. It just goes to show you that patience most definitely pays off in this thing, AND it is wildly unpredictable as to what may happen on any given day, or any given time of day! I cool off a bit and head back inside to find out what else is going on!
CL is still entertaining in the back corner booth and the other couple across the hall has apparently been inspired by the show enough that she is now on her knees in her dress in the doorway sucking the cock of another lucky fellow while her husband watches from inside the room.
 I walk to the bleacher area to check on the couple that was warming up earlier and they are watching ESPN on the television while he plays with her tits. She's a 40's white woman, he a little younger black man. I watch tv with them for a few minutes and head back to the hallway. The doors are shut and you can hear the two women being fucked. One is moaning and wailing, and I'm guessing it's CL because she was quite vocal. I walk down the hall and realize it's coming from the OTHER door!
The lady of the other couple appeared to be mid 40's and kind of had a professional businesswoman vibe going. Little did I realize that PBW was such a vocal fuck as she entertained her new friend. I enjoyed small talk with R and another guy in the locker room area waiting patiently to see what else transpires.
Eventually PBW and her husband come out of the room along with their very happy new friend.  PBW and her man leave, and I head to check the theater and booth area. Nothing happening either place, but it's ONLY 11pm! There is much potential in the air! I walk outside to cool off and a crossdresser is standing by his/her car getting ready to head inside. Not my thing, but I love the live and let live attitude here! He/She goes inside and after a few minutes of enjoying the very cool September evening air I head back in as well.
 He/She is in the hallway of the booth area, and I head into the spa again. R is still back there, and CL has another young man she's entertaining in her room. I visit with R and try to regain my steam for a potential round 2 with CL. I'm a relatively young man but as Toby Keith sang, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was!" R playfully teases me about being ready for round 2. I like this guy.
By now the couple from the bleachers have taken a position in the hallway and are listening to CL and enjoying the sound show. They only played with each other, and nothing more than some heavy petting and whispering. Eventually CL's temporary lover heads out and I decide it's now or never to try round 2. I open the door and CL smiles and says she needs more cum on her face! Her man and another guy (who we'll call Mitch McDeere) are in there with her and I undress as we all talk. This time the door stays open and R watches as we take turns fucking her as she sucks our cocks.
Eventually "Red Shirt" as she called him came to the door to watch and CL told him he could cum on her face if he could jerk himself off. Mitch McDeere and I enjoy CL's mouth and pussy and playing with her with our fingers for the next 30 minutes or so as we intermittently stroke our cocks and she sucks and licks our balls. "Red Shirt" makes his contribution on CL's nice boobs and watches the rest of the show. I desparately wanted to give CL another shot on her face, but every time I would get RIGHT THERE my cock would dry up and I'd lose the momentum so to speak.
Eventually Mitch and I came to terms that we weren't going to be able to give CL what she wanted and we started to get dressed. Her man told us to shut the door on the way out as he had a score to settle since she had taken off her collar in the final volley of play. Mitch and I headed outside and chatted a bit before CL and her man came out of the store and we all exited together.
 15th Avenue is INCREDIBLE, and I'm told by R and others that things are starting to get back to the way they were a couple of years ago there. I told Mitch it was probably a good thing I didn't live in the immediate area as I believe I'd be there WAY too much!! Although, I am already looking for an excuse to head back to Melrose Park as soon as possible!!!
Doc here again... A big thank you to Longball for a strong Flash Report on night #2 at 15th Avenue.  He hit two great nights there, and I'm glad he reported his findings to us.  Keep up the great work, sir.
BTW, I know the secret identity of the Professional Business Woman... But my lips are sealed.

Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux Hits The Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi (w/12 PICS!)

Doc here with a Fantastic way to start off the week here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours

The Bayou Boudreaux is back with another adventure (and 12 pics) from their latest trip to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.
This is a good one folks... Take a deep breath, and get ready for a down and dirty adult theater report from The Bayou Boudreaux... (Remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them)
Greetings Dr. Lizardo,
Bayou Boudreaux here with the latest report from the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.
My apologies for taking so long to get my slut out for some action, it has been a very busy past few weeks and life had gotten in the way.  In the last few days it had gotten to be too much for us both. 
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
The lil’ slut was in a short dress length tube top type dress,  and short heels, nothing else allowing easy access to her lil slut holes.  I was dressed….well nobody cares how I was dressed. 
We arrived Saturday night, eased into the theater and found a seat on the couches.  We sat for a few minutes, allowing our eyes to adjust and to get into the mood.  I would say in less than five minutes, the lil slut already  had her legs spread and was diddling her cunt.  Another couple in the theater came over and I mentioned to the gentleman of the couple my slut is a ‘full service’ slut for men and women alike.  Our new female friend was passive bisexual, so almost immediately, the lil slut wanting some action, she dove in!  Her first time coming up for air was when the new lady friend mentioned she was a squirter….my lil slut noticed it too, she was wearing it like a badge of honor!!  After a quick breath, down she went again, being the lil slut she is, she was greedy for more cum.
Of course the crowd had formed and the lil slut was being groped and fondled from all directions.  Her dangling tits, her spread ass and cunt, what a beautiful sight to see.  After completely satisfying our new lady friend, lil slut needed some cock and male cum action.  Southern Hospitality was evident by all the cocks she was offered.  These men here go above and beyond!
The first couple guys were relatively uneventful as ABS blowjobs go.  She sucked, fondled their balls while others groped her tits, ass and cunt.  The fourth cock, she said, had a head so large lil slut could barely get it in her mouth, barely.  Being the cock sucking trooper she is, she managed it very well, but wanted that action in her cunt.  Slut stood, turned around and let the fat cocked man plow her from behind.  And plow he did!  He pounded her whore hole for all it was worth.  Slut was gasping for breath and grasping for cock and as her cunt was drilled from behind.  Again, the ABS men came thru, she found multiple cocks to stroke and suck.  While slut doesn’t mind stroking cock, she prefers sucking them, she gets more cum that way.  She is a cum greedy lil whore!
A few more cocks were sucked and fucked, one DP (oral/pussy) were performed as lit slut worked for all the nut butter she could get.  In all about 8 cocks on the ‘first’ round of lil sluts cum eating night.  I don’t think she had enough cum yet, but I’ll get back to that.
Our new lady friend asked for seconds and the lil slut dove in again to get her whole face soaked in pussy juice.  A few minutes later, the lady friend and her escort asked us to join them at their hotel room.  Our new friend wanted to try eating pussy, but in a more private atmosphere.  I had the wait until there were NO cocks left to fuck/suck lil slut.
We adjourned to their hotel for a short bit, it was nice, but tonight is all about ABS action.
We returned to the ABS, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a large black crew and some other fresh hard cock had arrived after hearing about the lil slut sucking cock after cock, eating load after load of cum.
It didn’t take long to pick up where my lil cum dumpster left off.  Slut was on her knees sucking her first black cock of the evening.  She was reaching for more…one in each hand, and one fucking her sweet slut face.  One man stood her up and play with her cut/ass for a bit before slipping his cock in her cunt.  I think everyone heard her gasp as his cock pushed in her whore hole.  Slut was getting it from both ends and was loving it. 
This continued for over an hour, when one cock would cum, another was there to take its place in her mouth and pussy.  Some of the cocks were fair sized and a few of the guys were ‘long winded’, if you know what I mean
It was after 11:00 PM, there were no more hard cocks in the theater and the lil slut looked like she had just sucked/fucked 16-20 guys, oh wait, she did!  For the most part it was a stellar crowd, some repeat performers, heavy cummers and men that were clean and courteous.  That make the evening so much better.
What a night Doc, attached are a few pics of the action, my apologies on the quality.  The lighting isn’t the best, and to be honest, it is hard to concentrate on the pic quality when my lil whore is being passed around from cock to cock like a bottle of cheap wine!
And Doc, we’ll be at the same theater next Saturday, September 29,so if there is anyone in the MS Gulf Coast area that wants some of this action, come on down.  All I ask is you be clean and courteous.  You’ll get to use my lil slut.
Until next time Doc, Keep up the great work, and thanks for what you do.
Bayou Boudreaux

Doc here again... That is as an intense a Flash Report as you will read anytime soon. It was hardcore, as both the words and the pics illustrated.  Thanks to the Bayou Boudreaux for a kick start to the week here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.