Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flash Report! GentleTongue Covers the State of Kentucky (well, sort of) and Visits Three Theaters

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior reporter GentleTongue. He was in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and has filed this report.
Here we go...
Dear Good Dr.,
This week I have traveled the state of Kentucky.
Although my travels have yet to complete I have visited 3 of venues of this thing of ours.
 First, on Sunday evening I visited 2004 in Lexington.  The place is still very busy with traffic but unfortunately not a good night for any couples.  It appears that the majority of the traffic is in the booth area of Theater #2, the theater for the other side of the fence.  Theater 1 is still nice with leather love seats throughout and a nice flat screen.  The cost is the $10.00 for singles and I believe couples as well.  The hours are 24/7
Metro Station
Louisville, KY
The 2nd visit was to the Metro Station in Louisville, on Tuesday evening.  Not the night I would recommend at all, since around 9:00pm it was very empty.  Eventually, after about an hour some more guys showed themselves.  Nothing has changed of note, 2 theaters and the booth area.
The most recent visit was this evening, Wednesday to Romantix in Paducah, KY.  I had reported back in June of 2012 about this venue and during my first visit encountered a new couple and we enjoyed some fun back then.  However, today's visit was not as fortunate in that no couples visited the theater.  However, a couple was in the store, and both were shopping for their own needs.  The good news is that they have added a theater, one for the rainbow enthusiasts and one for this thing of ours.  The theater for couple's was expectedly small, very clean, and had a couch/airport bench seat as well as some individual chairs to move around.  The cost is still very good, $7.00 per each theater or $10.00 for both.  You can come and go from the theaters and will be happy to buzz you in again.  The staff was also top notch.  In speaking with a couple of locals that were in the theater it is really hit and miss for couples.
However, there was a mention of another venue not far down the road that appears to have more couples activity.  This is on my list to find again. So Paducah, might be offering more than anyone thought.
Will keep you posted on any more news and anything that might be worthy of reporting.
GentleTongue - GT
Doc here again... Many thanks to GentleTongue for this wide-sweeping report. Keep up the fine work, sir.