Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank You From The Good Doctor!

Doc here with a huge thank you to all the readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  In the 8 months that The Journal has had a heartbeat, we have had over 20,000 unique visits and over 60,000 page views.  The traffic has exceeded my wildest expectations.

I set a goal when the site relaunched in March of this year to try and get to 20,000 visits by the end of 2010. Well, we hit it in July, and with any luck we will hit 30,000 visits and 90,000 page views by the end of 2010.

As the year rolls on, I will pledge to give you the best one-stop-shop for anything adult theater related.  I have tried to doll-up the site itself, and I am tinkering with a few more ideas to make The Journal even more user friendly.
If you have any suggestions about the blog to make it bigger and better, please by all means e-mail me at The Good Doctor provides this for your benefit and entertainment, and if there is something I'm missing, please let me know.

A special thank-you to my peers out there who have provided feedback and content to the blog.  Those people are Brent in Portland, Major Voyeur in St. Louis, Alex and Lauren in North Carolina, and the 13 regular contributing field reporters that keep us in the loop on "this thing of our's".

So again, from The Good Doctor's office in The Valley next to the small women's college, Thank you!


The Velvet Skye Tsunami in Chicago

If you are in the Chicago area, and on your resume under Hobbies you have "this thing of our's",  I hope and pray you have had a chance to visit our hot friend Velvet Skye on her visits to 15th Avenue Adult Book (and theater) in Melrose Park, IL. 

She just Tweeted  ( her evening last night (Friday) at 15th:

RT @VelvetSkye: @LizardoJournal partied with the gang till 5 am hope to go later today... Heading to the convention soon

The Good Doctor would love to hear from the field your opinions on Velvet Skye and her 3-night stand (and counting) at 15th Avenue Adult Books.

And if you have not visited her yet, please do. 

(who is stuck on rounds this weekend, and not happy about it in the least)

Flash Report: "The 12:05 Red Flag" by Mac in Portland

Doc here with a repost of a story so good I had to give it some space here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.  Posted in the Brents Theater Tails Yahoo Group, Mac has posted about his response to the Paris Theater's "Flag System" and an exciting and unexpected daytime encounter.

Take it away Mac..
Long time listener first time caller (ed. note: Brent's Group, not The Journal).... Never posted before but have enjoyed the postings and hot times at the Paris. Not much of the daytime exploits get posted, as the action at night is more plentiful and varied, but today was a an all time classic example of you never know!

As some of you may know, the day red flags usually don't stay long especially around the noon hour. Can't tell you how many times I have made the trek to the Paris after seeing a flag only to find an empty theater with the clerk saying "you just missed em".

Which I thought would be the case today, since 84 was backed up and I did not arrive until after 1:00 pm. I walked into the theater and immediately looked over to the couples naked body belonging to a guy stroking (never get why that is allowed during daytime) scanned the theater empty except one other older fellow. Bedroom was empty and did not appear used.

Damn I though missed them again....when will I ever learn to skip the daytime flags.

Up the stairs on the right I went on my way out...for some reason decided to peek into the men's theater....unbelievable....a super sexy slim brunette had her short skirt hiked up while her man fucked her doggie right in front of the gloryhole. With her little CumFuckMeShoes and pink Voodoo shirt on mmmm so I unzipped and stepped right up and enjoyed the action.

The place was empty except this hot couple and me! Wow! she reached up and started stroking me thru the gloryhole while he continued to fuck her silly, she was cumming and moaning like crazy. He flipped her over onto the couch, spread and pulled her legs up and put his hard cock back into her, plowing her Wishbone Style. She pulled me closer so she could continue stroking me telling us both to cum....stopping for a moment to pull that Voodoo shirt up exposing her perfect titties and hard perky nipples for a GLAZE job.

OMG felt like I was dropped into a porno shoot...he fucked her harder and as she came all over his cock again so did he and she pulled my cock even closer switching hands and pumped me furiously begging me to cum for her....all the while looking up at me then back at my cock....I dropped a massive load all over her titties....then her man pulled off his condom and emptied it out onto her glistening mounds....she still had my cock in her hand looking up with a sweet satisfied smile...(nothing hotter).

He said lunch break over and they popped up and got dressed I zipped back up and walked back out with quite a smile on my face as I passed the line at Voodoo Donuts....thinking I had the best glazed experience of the day.

Days like this keep you cumming back to the Paris. You just never know! Thanks again to that hot couple let me know anytime you plan another hot lunch  :o)

Mac is 100% on point...At The Paris, you never know who will come walking in through Ray's door, and where they will end up.  The "gay" theater has yielded some great "str8" action... Leave no stone unturned when it comes to The Paris in Portland.

Have a story you'd like to see on the pages on The Journal of Adult Theaters?  E-mail The Good Doctor at  I will edit your reports, add in some eye candy, and post it for the 1000's of visitors The Journal gets every week.