Monday, August 22, 2011

Reminder! Laney Visits The Art Cinema, Starting Today!

Doc here with a last reminder that Laney from Texas will be visiting The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT starting today, 8/22.  Details follow:

Laney From Texas

Theater Play

The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT.

Monday August 22nd, and Wednesday August 24th, 2011
4PM to 6PM EDT

Tuesday August 23rd is up in the air.

Quote From Laney:

Hey Doc, Laney here~~~I will be in Hartford Monday ~ Wednesday. Could I please get you to post something for the Art Theater for me. I will be there Monday evening 4pm till 6pm Tuesday not sure but Wednesday 4~~~6. Looking to have fun in Hartford. Thanks Doc... Laney

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Checks In

Doc here with this week's Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi...

Here's Bob!


Hi Doc,

The two weekend string of bad luck continues, only a few couples attending last night, none playing. Our school teacher lady was missed by 5 minutes and never returned to our ABS. So in closing out the report, it was a very slow night, the clerk even remarked it felt like a Sunday.

A few points, there was an extremely attractive woman (as part of a couple) that was part of the overall attending couples, they sat by themselves against the left wall. They were finally crowded out by overzealous male patrons, but she was definitely a looker dressed to play. My wish would be that they return soon. One of the regulars told me he talked to them outside, they told him they were waiting on someone.
Now, on to a few protocol faux pas, we (actually you) have a tremendous vehicle for spreading the word about adult theaters and as a follow on, some ABS activity. The superb submissions posted each week from around the country lends hope that “this thing of ours” is not completely dead, but seeing a resurgence of popularity. This gives us older trekkers hope that we can do our part to maintain that resurgence and keep this “thing” alive. The problem, as I see it, are the younger crowd, certainly not limited to them, but growing as an issue.

Many theaters have rules, it seems some people cannot or will not follow any rules, nor do they have much class or common sense. Case in point, several young guys came in Saturday night, I overheard one in the lobby (in a loud voice) ask the clerk, “Hey, when are the couples that like to fuck going show up” Still another one asked “What time do the couples that like to gang bang show up”, Then there is the constant cell phone distraction. I counted 9 cell phone lights illuminating 9 young faces, texting inside the theater. And I guess to the credit of public education, no one reads warning signs anymore. Have we really “dumbed down” our youth that much? I sincerely hope this is just newbie jitters and gross inexperience? Do they fuck or get sucked while texting? If so, I think maybe they are missing the best part of sex and that’s actually connecting with another human being. Am I angry or mad, no, just sad that no one seems to understand that it is a distraction in numerous ways. We all know, that cell phones have cameras, I don’t think porn watchers, especially couples would like the thought of their picture being taken and posted throughout the internet. Just seems the word class/common sense is going the way of the dodo bird Doc?

On a couple bright notes, the clerk finally nailed a couple of guys being admitted free under the guise as a couple, one guy tried the same thing as last week and was run out the door, another one was caught a few minutes later. So kudos’s out to the clerk, good job!!

The other bright note, one of the semi regular ladies flashed this reporter a pretty set of boobs adorned with jewelry in each nipple! So that was worth the drive! Thank you ma’am!

That’s it from the beautiful Gulf Coast Doc, still nothing on TV Saturday nights and it still beats HBO any day of the week!!!  Your’s truly will be attending next Saturday night, notepad in hand!!



Thanks Bob for the report.  There was a rash of bad adult theater behavior this weekend... I will comment on it later this week.  It really is up to management to enforce their rules, and to throw out those that can't read or behave. 

More on this topic soon...