Monday, July 17, 2017

Flash Report! MHM Reports on Bush River Video in Abingdon, Maryland on 7/14/17

Doc here, a man who some say used to work in a warehouse at 250 52nd Street (across town from Avenue X at Cicero) , but always felt that the place was a powder keg about ready to blow. 

As the proprietor of this dog and pony show of a blog, it's my duty to give you all sides of the current adult theater scene. Good, bad, or indifferent. And kids, this report fits into the 2nd category listed previously.

The next positive review I get for Bush River Books and Video will be my first. I have published a few previously, and all were either neutral or awful.  The other place I never knew existed. Both are now updated on the Adult Theater db.

First time reporter MHM has filed this report to The Journal, so please welcome to him The Journal!

Take it away, sir.



I was lost in the Rocky Mountains for far too long and somehow found my way to the east coast. I decided to visit the Capital and found that DC did not have any adult establishments that lended themselves to this thing of ours. I did a quick search in the Dr.’s database and saw there was one in the entire state of Maryland. While I am sure I would have enjoyed myself much more had I made the trek to BNA, I decided to stay sort of local and check out Bush River Books & Video in Abingdon, MD.

While I was on the dark lonely road to Bush Video I saw another establishment with a large Adult Video sign in front. I passed it by and headed to my original target. In retrospect I should have avoided both. When I walked into Bush Video I was underwhelmed. The man behind the counter was halfhearted explaining the costs, I paid, got marked by a green Crayola marker on the back of the hand and was allowed to enter the theater.

New Adult Theater Power Rankings for the Week of 7/17/17

Doc here, a man who some say can play a solid defense while remaining offensive, with a quick not to let you know that The Good Doctor has just updated The Adult Theater Power Rankings on the right hand sidebar for the week of 7/17/17.

It was great to welcome back to the Power Rankings legendary adult theater/ABS Horse Cave, in KY.  It's been years since this has happened. 

Enjoy and plan accordingly.