Monday, July 12, 2010

Public Service Announcement From The Good Doctor

Doc here with a Public Service Announcement for the readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Porn star, internet goddess, and excellent driver Velvet Skye ( has asked The Good Doctor and The Journal of Adult Theaters to be her platform for announcing adult theater visits.  When she has locked in a city and day, you will see it here at The Journal as well as my Twitter feed

The Good Doctor is pleased to announce that Velvet Skye will be visiting Chicago Wednesday through Friday of this week (July 14-16th).  Her current plans include visiting 15th Avenue Books in Melrose Park, IL.  As of now we do not have a specific day or time for her visit.  Please note: She is visiting the ABS-Theater-Spa as a paying customer, not part of a store-sponsored event.

Want some advice?:
A) Sign up to follow The Good Doctor on Twitter
B) Watch for the Tweets on her visit from both myself and Velvet Skye.
C) Eat your vegatables.  Mom would want it that way.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the next day or three.

Velvet travels pretty extensively, and as she does, The Good Doctor will provide information on her adult theater location and dates.  Why?  Because I am a giver.


UPDATED! Round 7: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - Justa Reply on "The Hairdresser"

Doc here with Round 7 of the "Top 3 Adult Theater Women".  This edition is courtesy of regular Kansas City reporter, Justa Reply.  His candidate is a strong contender...Do you agree?
I hereby nominate . . . "The Hairdresser." You'd walk into one of the theaters and hear an excited whisper: "hey dude, The Hairdresser' is here." Or, "damn, man, you just missed 'The Hairdresser.' "

She was a regular in the adult theater scene in Kansas City during the 80's and 90's. She never was an ostentatious performer, but when she showed up she was always there for cock. The Hairdresser could usually be found at The Strand or The Dove, which was around 33rd and Main in Kansas City.

The Dove Theater, circa 1984

She was above average looking, had a decently nice body and a long, attractive mane of blond hair. She was usually accompanied by a trim, polished guy who always looked like he'd just stepped out of a bandbox. I don't think he was a boyfriend or husband . . . I always got the vibe he was just a friend, or a sibling . . . or something.

Anyway, she loved to be fucked. Bent over and fucked from behind, usually. She'd stand in the murky hallways at the back of the theater and let one guy after another bend her over. She and Bandbox Man also frequented Erotic City. I fucked her probably a dozen times while she was active, once going to a city park a few blocks from a theater and banging her on a picnic table just as dusk took hold.

The Strand Theater, circa 1984

I'll agree with OldBeatNik-- internet Robin was quite the theater slut, but our local talent wasn't too shabby either.
--Justa Reply
Doc here again...Great job as always by Justa Reply. 

There is STILL TIME to get in a last minute nomination for your Top 3 Adult Theater Women!  E-mail The Good Doctor at



Round 6: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - JaxBchBum on "Barbie"

Doc here with Round 6 of The Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  Longtime correspondant JaxBchBum is nominating Barbie, a former regular at the Belvedere Theater...

(FYI, check out my comments after you enjoy Jax's essay for an update on The Belvedere Theater)


Thanks for the note and the chance for a nomination. While I have seen many memorable women in adult theatres, the one that sticks out (or causes me to stick out) is Barbie from the Belevedere Theatre in Decatur GA (now closed) back in the late 80s.

Barbie used to be a dancer and although in her mid- to late 30s, still had a wonderful body and legs that would take your breathe away. To appreciate Barbie, you have to understand the layout of the Belvedere. It used to be a regular sized, twin theatre with a common lounge area with seating and vending machines. Barbie and her man would sit outside the theatre in a chair right in front of one of the theatre's aisles/doorways. She would always be wearing a short skirt showing off those wonderful legs that leg right up to her shaved pussy that she would carefully show off by keeping her legs slightly opened. As you approached and noticed, she would give you that sexy smile that said this is for your viewing pleasure.

After a bit, Barbie and her man would go into the theatre and go way down front for the party to begin. It would always start as a seductive, discrete playtime between the two of them that would last for several hours (with breaks back up to the seating area) that would end up with Barbie totally nude and sitting her her man's lap riding his cock while leaning forward and sucking another cock while jacking / sucking off 2 others guys standing on each side.
Doc here...As always, a nice reporting job from our friend, JaxBchBum.  Thanks!
As noted in my introduction, I wanted to give you an update on the tragic series of events that closed The Belvedere, and an event within the last 10 days at the former location of the theater.
The Belvedere was under a pretty consistant harrassment from local authorities while in operation as a porn house.  There are videos online of raids of the theater, and a few very unlucky people being escorted out by the local po-po.
In April of 2008, the son of the owner of The Belvedere was shot during a robbery at closing time at the theater, and died the next day.  By the next month, The Belvedere was gone.  Here is a photo after the closure of the theater:
When searching for some different images for this article, I discovered that the plaza which The Belvedere stood caught fire on June 27th.  While the theater didn't burn down, it got awfully close. See below (the theater is on the right - look for the little stars on the facade of the theater):
If the smoke and water damage to the remaining structures is too great, the rest of the plaza will be razed, and with that the last memory of The Belvedere goes with it.