Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flash Report! Old Marine Corps Guy and his Las Vegas Overview

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from senior reporter Old Marine Corps Guy.
He was in Vegas within the last 2 weeks, and has this update for us on the theater scene there.
Here we go!
I now pronounce Las Vegas officially dead.
I was there for one week and found NOTHING!!!  I went to every theater in town and didn't see a thing.  I talked to clerks and players and they all said that it is now a rare thing to see a couple in a theater.
I remember a time when it was really, "Sin City"!  If you were in a theater, almost any time of day or night, and you didn't get laid, then you didn't WANT to get laid.  It was ALWAYS there for the taking.  No more.
Soooo..., if you are in the Southwest then go down to San Diego.  The action is good down there.  Or better yet, go up and say hi to Brent and Ray in Portland and see how things used to be in ALL the theaters, like they are at the Paris.
Semper Fi,