Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor...

Doc here with a quick note...

I have updated the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database with 4 new entries, along with important info on each adult theater.  The new theaters are:
  • Theater X in Hawthorne, FL
  • Palatka Adult Supercenter in Palatka, FL
  • Foxes Cinema in Columbus, GA
  • Interstate News Adult Theater in Richmond, KY (Field Report on Friday 9/2)
And with that, it's time for a night cap...


Flash Report! floyd Steps Out Of the Sunlight And Into The Paris in Portland

Doc here with a report from our good friend and senior Journal reporter, floyd.  floyd is a creature of the day, and his afternoon reports from The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR are a mainstay here at The Journal of Adult Theaters. He is a persistent reporter, and this reports shows that attribute to a "T"...

So here he is, DB Cooper accomplice and excellent driver, floyd and his latest report:



floyd here with another daytime report from the world famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  As I mentioned in my last report, it has not been a great summer for daytime action at the local theater, with Red Flags (indicating couples in the house) appearing only once or twice a week. And most of them have been the inevitable “tourists,” who sit and watch the movie for a few minutes and leave.

Paris Theatre
SW 3rd, Portland
So I was not happy to be trapped on a long conference call at work when the Red Flag flew last Friday at 12:11pm.  Finishing my business call at 12:30, I was debating whether to grab the streetcar downtown and see if they were still there when the Red Flag changed to a Bedroom Flag, indicating that the couple had moved to the small enclosed bedroom area to the right of the main seating area.  This virtually always means action, and the spectators can get right up close and look over the waist-high walls at the action. A no-brainer for floyd!

15 minutes later I was paying the fee and entering the dark theater.  It was quickly apparent that there was no action in the bedroom, since there were no lookers at the walls.  As my eyes adjusted, I realized that the “couple” in the couples area at the back of the Paris was in fact two guys.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that... but not floyd’s scene (ed. note: cue sad trombone sound effect).

I stayed for a few minutes and then headed back to my office, disappointed but still in possession of my entry ticket, which is good for unlimited in-and-out privileges for 12 hours.

The Red Flag that prompted this report flew at 3:40pm, when your reporter had just about given up on seeing any action.  Back to the Paris I went, to find a couple making out in the back couples area, fully clothed.  There were only a couple of other guys in the theater and only one was paying any attention to the couple.  As my eyes again adjusted to the dark, I saw a young, tall, thin guy and his beautiful dark-haired girl.  She was stocky but not at all fat, with a beautiful round face that at first I thought looked Hispanic because of her dark complexion.  I later concluded that she probably was at least part American Indian.  She was wearing jeans and a shear lime green cotton top that did little to conceal her huge natural breasts, which clearly were not constrained by a bra.  He was feeling up her tits while he kissed her, which went on for at least 10 minutes, until I started to think there would not be any real sex action.

All that changed when he stood up and took off his pants and boxers.  He sat back down and she was down on his hard dick in a flash. She proved to be a most energetic and committed cocksucker, with great stamina to boot.  He was looking at the two of us who were watching, leaning back and smiling at his good fortune.  He was stroking her ass and trying to lift up her shirt to free those massive tits, but it became clear that she was quite shy about her body, as she was resisting his efforts. 

After many minutes of fellatio, he stood up and started to pull off her jeans, eventually revealing tiny blue bikini panties.  He took off her shirt and started vigorously sucking her nipples while sliding a hand down her panties.  She was lying back spread-eagled at this point, eyes closed. What a view!
Then she pushed him away and put her shirt back on, clearly embarrassed at being almost naked. We figured the show was coming to an end, but he resumed kissing her and playing with her pussy inside the panties.  A minute or two later he stood up and doffed his shirt, now completely naked, and laid her out on her back on the bench.

It was at this exact moment that a single lady entered the theater (ed. note: Hey now!) and asked if she could join them in the chained-off couples area.  They said sure as he crawled on top of her.  The young girl never did take off her panties to give us a look at that pussy, but her guy just pulled them to one side and entered her.

The other woman was sitting on the bench by their heads.  She was probably in her forties, a short, roly-poly blond with big tits that she popped right out of her low cut top and bra.  She put her feet up on the edge of the bench and lifted her skirt, revealing no panties and a shaved pussy, which she proceed to diddle, shake, prod and slap in a most provocative way, all the while watching the young couple fucking away mish-style right next to her. 

The couple were obviously enjoying themselves, with lots of smiling, kissing, and staring-in-the-eyes going on.  I realized then that she had not made a single sound through all of this, which I can only attribute to her obvious shyness.  Or maybe some girls are not vocal at all during sex, which I find hard to believe.

Catching Roly-Poly’s eye, I politely inquired if she would like a floyd-style tongue lashing of that wet pussy.  Those of you familiar with my reports will remember that this is your reporter’s specialty, and practice makes perfect.  She declined, equally politely, and continued her self-abuse. I don’t think the guy came, or if he did it was silently, but the couple stopped fucking and cleaned up with some of the strategically placed paper towels. Roly-Poly put her tits away, smoothed her skirt, and left the theater without comment (ed. note: Cue sad trombone again).

I figured the show was over after the young girl put her jeans back on and he put on his shirt, but with five minutes they were making out,and then down she went again, enthusiastically sucking his rock hard cock (ed. note: Hey now - again).  I’m pretty sure he was ready to strip her again and doggie-fuck her, which would have been fantastic considering her colossal hangers, but she was having none of it, finished dressing, and they both left the theater (ed. note: Sad tombone - again).

All in all, a fantastic hour of theater sex on a Friday afternoon!



Afternoon theater sex is a very different animal than your typical later evening fare, and floyd's reports do a great job of illustrating this point.  In many cases, it is a voyeur's delight... Couples seeking refuge inside the Paris Theatre, engaging their dark side before walking back into the light (Carol Ann).

Thanks again to floyd for his usual great work, and his frequent use of the MAX in Portland.

The Good Doctor really, really needs your reports from this thing of ours. I am also looking for more of the TOP Theater Experience stories as well... Just e-mail The Good Doctor at  I will edit, format, and drop in the pics.  You get the glory.

Lastly, the first people to e-mail me the movie reference made in the above report, or the TV show/radio show reference, gets a Dr. Emilio-style shout out on the front page of The Journal.

Monty Hall Doc

Flash Report: "Private Theater GB, Part 2" - Summit News Theater

Doc here with Part 2 of "Private Theater GB" by Bill, moderator of the Summit News Yahoo Group.  When we last left this report (Part 1 HERE), things were heating up inside the private theater at Summit News in Warren, OH...


By now Jerry had realized that this group provides not only party planning but service and protection. All he had to do was sit back and watch Mary have the time of her life.

A lot of guys had now gathered around the back desk, hoping to be invited in. I know a lot of guys were saying "Pick Me" under their breath. I chose around 10 guys to start.Mostly group members,but a few from the general public.Soon myself, Jerry, Mary, one other group couple (Ed and Rae) and ten guys started the walk back to the private theater.

The private theater has 3 couches, a 50 inch television, and a mattress we laid on the floor and covered with a fresh sheet. The guys all took their places on the couches or standing around the entrance door.We got the video going on the television and shut off the over head light.

Jerry and I took Mary to the back of the theater and slowly undressed her. Our hands and mouths were causing her to moan softly and when I felt how wet she was with a finger, I knew it was time to start. I softly asked her if she was ready to do a circle suck and she responded "Yes".

She walked over to the mattress, now dressed only in her black thigh highs and high heels, and knelt down. The guys were all undressing now and encircling the mattress. Mary starting to put her soft beautiful mouth to work and the party was on. I climbed underneath her while she sucked,but I soon realized that I was causing her problems moving from guy to guy, so I got up and joined the guys.

For the next half hour or so Mary drained guy after guy. After she did her circle suck,we gently laid this beautiful lady down and the guys began to eat her, then fuck her. Mary was enjoying a full scale gang bang now. As guys had their turns on her I went back and forth to the theater bringing in new recruits on a steady basis. I certainly was a popular guy as word spread that a hot blonde was doing a big gang bang. One thing nice about the private theater that when Mary took breaks there was a chance to get to know her and Jerry as human beings. I really like that.

I lost count at 23 guys getting BJs and I'm guessing she had 15 guys or so inside her, some more then once. The highlight was when a tall thin black gentleman had Mary screaming with pleasure. Towards the end of the night I climbed down next to her ear as she was getting pounded and whispered "Are you going to get Jerry to email that Bill guy soon?" The smile on her face and the look in her eyes told me all I needed to know.

An exhausted Mary now bare foot and barely able to walk, staggered toward her car and soon Jerry and a very tired Mary were on their way home. Lou and I got into his car and phoned Rick right away. We only got his voice mail, but 90 minutes later he called and we filled a very disappointed guy in on all the details.

The Summit Theaters unique setup of both a private and public theater is a great way for a lady to enjoy a wild setting in a very safe environment. Any lady/couple interested in playing in a theater without the Penis Gallery...please email the good Doctor and he'll be glad to get you in touch with me.



Doc here again...It is reports like this that have propelled Summit News into a steady Top 5 position in the Adult Theater Power Rankings.  As Bill said, if you are a m/f couple or a single female interested in a controlled adult theater experience, contact The Good Doctor and I will get your info to Bill.

Speaking of Bill, great job on the reports!  Keep them coming my friend!