Tuesday, May 22, 2012

House Call! Playoff Fever With Mr. & Mrs. X @ 15th Avenue in Chicagoland

Doc here with a long overdue House Call Report…

The first week of May saw The Good Doctor with a free early evening after dropping off some lab tests at a local facility known for their speedy turn-around times & thick Scottish accents. I was within a short distance of 15thAvenue Adult Books & Theater in Chicago’s western suburbs, and the Lizardo 3000 seemed to drive itself to this top notch adult theater/ABS/Spa/ Party Room.

After putting on a fresh white cocktail jacket, I entered, paid my dues at the front desk, and did the walk through.  15th Avenueis a sprawling facility, between the large theater, video arcade area, spa, the bleacher section (an occasional bleacher bum has been spotted waving there), and of course the party room.

The party room at 15th Avenue was open for a playoff basketball game featuring the Bulls and the 76’ers, and tip off was about 45 minutes away when I got there.  The place was kind of quiet, with two couples doing the spa/shower room thing, along with a few well-mannered lads.  The spa is not really my cup of tea, as it results in my mustache drooping prematurely, which in turn sends a bad message to couples.

About 15 minutes after I arrived, I heard two familiar voices… My “Lizardo Sense” (a much lamer version of “Spidey Sense”), located the source of the voices, and it turned out to be those of one of The Good Doctor’s favorite couples… Mr. and Mrs. X!

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
Melrose Park, IL
At first, they didn’t recognize me, since I was still in office attire and not in my traditional shorts/golf shirt outfit favored by many.  It had also been several months since I had last seen The X’s, so it was up to the Bravo Dottore to make up for lost time.

Mrs. X is one of those women who are very put together… Hair – Perfect. Lipstick – Perfect. Dress – Awesome. Matching lingerie – Yes please.  But don’t let that well-put together ensemble fool you, because Mrs. X is a very bad girl.  How bad, you might ask?

After catching up with each other outside the theater, the always accommodating Mr. X asked me if I would like to accompany them to the arcade area for a bit.  You know, just to catch up some more.  After closing the door behind us, I sauntered up to Mrs. X and began to kiss her neck, which based on prior meetings, was a solid ice-breaker.  As I was doing this, I was also sliding my hand inside her lacey panties, where a smooth and very wet pussy awaited. I finger fucked Mrs. X to a shuddering orgasm, as she clung to me. 

Mrs. X then took hold of the situation (and by situation, I mean my cock). Still fully dressed, Mrs. X got on her knees, undid the Good Doctor’s pants, slid off my Dr. Who boxer-briefs (David Tenant version), and engulfed my cock.  Mrs. X is tremendously gifted in the blowjob department, at times sucking slowly, at times grabbing my ass as I fucked her mouth, gagging her in the process.  And yes dear readers, Mrs. X enjoys the gagging (remember me telling you that she is a very bad girl?) while deep throating.

Mrs. X is also very focused, and it was her intention all along to take me to the finish line while on her knees.  And while making eye contact with me, I filled her lipstick rimmed mouth with a large load of cum.  This time there was no gagging…Just swallowing.

As we left the booth, Mrs. X went to pull herself together, and I talked with Mr. X.  Upon Mrs. X’s return, I had to return a patient’s call and I told them I would catch up with them later - the evening was still young.

20 or so minutes later, I caught up with the X’s once again, this time in the party room.  The basketball game had just started, and I pulled up a chair next to Mrs. X’s left, and Mr. X was to her right. While talking with them, I was fixated Mrs. X’s smooth legs… Stroking them while teasing her with some whispered dirty talk.  Mr. X graciously pulled down Mrs. X’s dress, exposing her very nice boobs and hard nipples to playoff basketball. 

As if on cue, we guys decided to each take one boob and go to town on them.  Mrs. X was moaning, and I was just beginning to tease her super wet pussy with my fingers.  She came hard several times over the course of the next 15-20 minutes of our foreplay… By this time I was fully recuperated and ready to pay back the kindness Mrs. X showed me in the booth.

After retiring to a private room, Mrs. X stripped off her clothes, including her awesome lingerie, and laid back onto the bench.  The Good Doctor proceeded to lick and nibble her pussy to 2 orgasms before suiting up, putting on my Lizardo cape, and sliding into her tight wet pussy.    Before long, the finish line was in sight, and I filled up the condom while buried deep inside Mrs. X. 

I thanked the X’s once again, and left them to themselves as I exited stage right.  The Good Doctor’s well was dry, and it was time to head back to The Valley near the small women’s liberal arts college. 

You may ask what makes Mrs. X special in The Good Doctor’s eyes. She is the consummate professional business woman by day; the one who you would never expect would have a secret (like this). But when venturing into this thing of ours, she is a bad a girl as you will see in an adult theater.

Yin and Yang, in a well put together outfit…



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