Friday, June 21, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! T2Please & Friends at Summit Street News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from regular contributor T2Please. This lucky S.O.B. escorted two lovely ladies to Summit Street News in Warren, OH (on different days), and this is his detailed packed report.
Take it away, sir.
My Good Doctor,
It's truly my pleasure to share a quick hopefully erotic story of my recent visits to the Summit Street News in Warren with two uniquely special and equally lovely suburban housewives, both in the same week!!!
My first visit was with a stunning blond who reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow, hence the nickname "Gwyneth".  As a divorced mother it's easiest for her to slip away during the work day, so on a beautiful Tuesday in June we ventured to the Theater over lunch time.
Gwyneth wore a feminine clingy floral summer dress which hid a bright orange lace halter with matching thong panties. Immediately upon arrival we began a stir among the patrons. So we paid our fee and were buzzed into the theater. Unfortunately, Tuesday its gay movie day, which was not the most appealing to Gwyneth, however, being there to please me she overcame her hesitations and nervousness.
We picked the first couch on the right and as she became more comfortable over the next few minutes we began to undress. This was the clue for the audience to surround us and begin stroking for her to watch. Then to the delight of all she got completely naked and began to use the toys she brought, she slid down on the couch and inserted a vibe in her cunt and loudly began moaning as she fucked herself to orgasm, but the show continued as she then took out a second vibe and inserted it in her ass. Now using both hands her ass and cunt were filled being pounded by her to another orgasm.
Now to increase the thrill, Gwyneth finally invited me to play, as she turned around, got on her knees, and lifted her sexy ass in the air to the collective approval of the audience and begged me to slap her ass and pull her hair while she proceeded to bang herself to orgasm a third time. Finally, she asked for me to slide my now hot erect cock up her well lubricated ass. Obviously this is why I brought her so I proudly mounted her and pounded away to the cheers of the audience for as long as I could (3 minutes? LOL). When I could hold out no longer, I proceeded to pull out and paint her ass and back with my cum.
At this point both very satisfied, we dressed quickly as the male crowd being aroused began to spray their spunk on the floor near us and we could also see over in the corner that some of the men started to orally please each other. We thanked the crowd and left with a perverse sense of satisfaction. (Note to self, return for play on a day other than Tuesday!)
To continue with my adventures on Friday I was ready to return, this time with Alicia (you may remember our story from February, as she is the exotic dark-haired, olive skin, voluptuous South American descent beauty who loves public display). Similar story, as a divorced mother it's simply more convenient to slip away during the day, so we also arrived around lunchtime.
As we pulled into the Summit lot we noticed a man in a truck just sitting and waiting, he looked over and watched us get out. It was then he also got out, came over and said hello and proceeded to follow us in. Alicia was wearing a ridiculously hot golden toned lace bustier and a pair of skinny jeans with heels. The electricity being created in the store by Alicia was apparent as we arrived so we quickly paid our entry fee and were buzzed in.
This time a very erotic porn was playing on the screen so we moved to the front couch. Our new friend actually sat down immediately with us on the left. He politely asked the rules, we told him no swap or play but he is more than welcome to watch and stroke. Within minutes, Alicia stood and took off her jeans exposing her smooth wet cunt, the crowd around the room stood up and surrounded the couch to watch, cocks out stroking everywhere. Alicia totally hot, began to undress me, and pull my clothes off, I then dropped to my knees and sucked her clit while I finger fucked her cunt, while the audience was very appreciative of the show.
I then had her get on her knees and slid in her from behind, I tried to keep pace and timing with the  men stroking all around us but soon tired and ask her to lay down, On her back I lifted her ankles above her head (former college gymnast) and began pounding until that magic moment, I pulled out and shot all over that special wet pussy and began to suck her beautiful tits. The audience pleased also finished  and for our entertainment our new friend actually jacked off hard spraying a huge load of what appeared to be a couple feet in the air! Now that was a compliment to our show.
We thanked the men again, our friend, a regular, said she was the best he has ever seen at the Summit so far. Proudly beaming I escorted her out to the warm June air and to a beautiful country inn for lunch on the way home!
Maybe soon I can convince both lovely ladies to go with me together as a threesome! Until next time...
Doc here again... Many thanks to T2Please for his terrific report from Summit Street News in Warren, OH. Keep up the great reports, sir.
It's reports like this one that keep Summit Street News in the Top 5 of The Journal's Power Rankings for Adult Theaters. Congrats to Eric and the crew @ Summit Street News for doing a great job.