Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flash Report! Naddy on Romantix in Decatur, IL

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Naddy. 

This report is very stream of consciousness, so stick with it... The action sequences are good, and worth the read.

So without further delay, here is Naddy and his first report here at The Journal.



Naddy here.  This happened just last Sunday, July 29, 2012.  Sundays are typically pretty slow at Romantix in Decatur, IL, but I happened to be free and so took advantage, knowing nothing may happen.  But.....

Had been in the theater for 2 hours, since 11am  Sunday.  No one had been in.  I was about to leave when the familiar buzzer noise sounded, and they walked in. I recognized them immediately.  John and his woman.  I had "met" them last September in the same theater.  Similar experience.

I moved to nipple high wall across the way, so they were standing behind nipple high wall at back of theater.  They were to my left, screen to my right. I knew his style, and sure enough, he left for the restroom, walking by me and leaving her there by herself. I moved right away to her side and ran my hand over her back and ass.  She had no panties on, NOTHING beneath the silky-feeling thin fabric dress.  I feel her pussy through the fabric.  I felt her tits...same.  No bra. Perky little tits, prominent nipples.

I rubbed and lifted both her tits through her dress, all the time admiring her dress, her tits, and her nipples.  I'm telling her how nice her tits and nipples are. By now, John had returned and was standing at the other wall, watching us.  (that's his thing)

I felt her pussy and tits thru her dress, and she pushed hard back against my hard dick as I stood behind her.  Pushing so hard I almost lost my footing.  She feels my hard dick. Soon I pushed her dress straps down and she eased the top down below her tits, exposing them to my groping and John's stares.  I tweaked her nipples.  Wow, they were long!  She winced and said, be careful, they're tender!
I bent to suck her nipples as I felt her pussy thru her dress, keeping hiking the hem higher but not to her pussy.

I move her hands to her side so I had free access to her tits and she immediately grabbed my hard dick and jacked it.  I sucked her nipples gently (after being cautioned, lol) and kept moving her bunched up dress lower below her waist and toward her pussy. I feel her wet pussy as she is jacking my raging hard on.

Finally I pushed the dress almost below her hips...she wiggles and lets it slide to the floor.  She is naked, accept for a necklace (nice touch). I asked her if she'd like to move around to the front of the wall and sit so I could suck her pussy.  She doesn't say anything, picks up her purse and dress from the floor and moves around the wall.

She sits back on the couch, I urge her forward to the edge of the seat.  I move, straddling her knees and she takes my dick in her mouth and sucks my hard on. I have her stop so I won't cum, and kneel as I spread her knees.  I gently push her back, lift her knees. John is watching, I know he likes this.
She grabs her legs behind her knees and holds her legs up and wide.

I lick up and down her inner thighs, so close to her pussy and clit, but avoiding them.  Lick her asshole, pussy and around her clit.  I reach up and play with her nipples as I tease her pussy.
Her pussy is shaved smooth.  I move to her clit and lick and suck it.  I nibble it with my teeth and suck it, then lick it, then her asshole, then her pussy, then her clit. 

She moans and is very wet, but I can't seem to make her cum.  I thought she did. I stand to give us both a break and she sucks my dick. She keeps it up.  I say I'm gonna cum!  She keeps sucking.  I cum!  She sucked it all out of my dick and swallows. John and the newbie is watching all this action. She pulls back and lets the last of my cum drip a lot on her right tit.

I sit beside her, as she is still sitting up on edge of seat.  I finger her pussy. Another guy enters the theater.  She doesn't flinch. He doesn't make any moves toward us at all, and doesn't the whole time I stay.  I fondle her tits as I rub her pussy.  I feel the cum drops on her right breast.  I say, you like cum on your tits?  No answer.  I swirl my cum around her nipple and her tits.

I ask what she wants.  She doesn't say anything.  I'm fingering her pussy and clit...I say u want me to leave u alone? She says,  no your alright. I tell her we did this before several months ago.  She asks my name, like that would help her remember.  I said I never gave it to her, she chuckled.

I asked if they came her often.  She said sometimes, not a lot.  I asked if she came to couples night, she said only the first one, and it was lame. I told her how much fun she was and I had a good time.  She sat there and put her dress on and got up and moved to the near wall beside her man.

The newcomer was standing near them and never moved toward them at all??

WOW!!!  and I almost left earlier...and then I did.


Doc here again... Thanks to Naddy for this report from Romantix in Decatur. IL.  Keep the reports coming, sir.


Flash Report! Asslvr on Toronto's Loft 18 Cinema

Hello Asslvr,

Glad to have you back into the fold, sir.

Here we go!


Hey Good Doctor,

Asslvr here and as promised here is another review of the Loft 18 Cinemas in Toronto last April. This place is right in the down town core and fits in with the few X rated shops still left on Yonge Street. This section of town has changed quite a bit, still seedy but the X Rated shops are not as numerous as in the past. Zanzabar Strip club is still open but many of the street ABS, Porn Theatres are gone as well as an Old School strip theatre that I used to frequent in my youth. Toronto has evolved more into a very sexually liberated city, less obvious on the streets but hidden in the numerous Swing Clubs (friendly to single men), the Strip Clubs (very liberal lap dances) and Body Rub parlours (almost full service) are everywhere.

Since dabbling in "This Thing of Ours" I mentioned this to a casual "friend with benefits" and she wanted to give it a go. She was actually more experienced at it that myself and suggested we go the the Loft 18. We met across the street at a pub and had a few drinks before heading into the theatre. She mentioned before, we may have to go into the booths if the manager catches us but we can try the theatre first.

The Loft 18 is an unusual set-up, walking up one flight of stairs to a gated pay entrance theatre, two small theatres one on each side. Poor quality rear projection, only seating about 20 each. Another small flight of stairs up I believe has another gay theatre with the same set-up but my friend and I didn't enter. At the back you go down and there are the booths but you need to pay 2.00 just to enter this section. It is a bit of an odd set-up.

In the theatre there was only a few other guys and when we started to play they left. Not sure what that was about but my friend was just getting warmed up and who was I to stop her. She pulled up her dress and I quickly asked her to bend over and started to lick her pussy from behind. She has a bit of a ass worshipping fetish so this pleased her and she got very wet. After about 10 mins of my licking her pussy, she then said my turn and started to give me an outstanding blow job with lots of licking, suckings and rubbing my cock all over her face. At this point the manager came in and said we need to go down stairs into the private booth. He was a bit of an annoying little guy but I guess he was just doing his job.

We moved to a large benched booth and continued our play but with the door open attracting quite a bit of attention. We played with each other for another 30 minutes putting on a great show but at that point, I was not interested in sharing. She was fine with this and we kept to ourselves. Next time I may be more open to include others if my friend is willing. It's actually funny that being on the other side as the performing couple was different than I expected. I always thought it would be the same but it's not.

Being the single guy and approaching another couple, I find is more accelerating. Maybe more Taboo and unpredictable which heightens the sense of excitement.

More to cum.



Doc here again... Keep the reports coming!