Friday, May 9, 2014

Flash Report! Sati @ Fantasy World in Las Vegas (w/PIC)

Doc here with a report that I thought I posted a few months back, but was caught up in my draft file, from the Energizer Bunny known as Sati.

Before she moved to the Tampa area a couple of months back, she would frequent the adult theaters and clubs in and around Las Vegas.  This report is about Fantasy World on Boulder Highway, a theater I have been in a few times over the years.

Take it away, Sati!



I have decided to go back and start doing actual review type write-ups of the adult theaters I've been in.  I plan to hit Fiesta, Lido, and the theater in Biloxi on my trip across country to Tampa.  I also hope to hit the one downtown Phoenix before moving, and the little one up in Ft Mohave.  I didn't get a chance last time I was up that way.   This report is about Fantasy World...