Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty Please? A Call For Reports!

Doc here, your humble feral dingo. You probably noticed that there was no 3pm CDT report today (Thursday 9-20), as usual here at the Journal.

The reason?  No reports to publish.

The activity across the country in this thing of ours has been terrific the last few weeks. Yet, very few reports.

As my esteemed colleague, Brent in Portland has put it, I am looking for sketches, claymation, and even hand shadows of your recent adult theater visits.

 Please help support The Journal of Adult Theaters, and submit a report.  Just e-mail me direct at, and I will do the rest.


Flash Report! JaxBchBum Hits Pure Pleasures outside Gainesville, FL

Doc here with senior reporter JaxBchBum, and another terrific outing he has to Florida's adult theaters.
Here we go!
Had a chance to stop by Pure Pleasures outside Gainesville FL on a recent Friday afternoon. Action certainly fell way short of the 5 couples in one evening described in my last report, but a productive visit. Things were pretty quiet for the first hour or so with only a couple of other guys there. Clerks are always good about if you don't like the movie selection, go pick one out you like and they will put it in the rotation. About 4:00 the older couple described in my last report as Bea and Mr. Roper arrived. They sat on the outside couch of the second row, the same row I was seated on. Bea was on the far side so I was afraid my view was going to be blocked, but she turned in my direction so I had a nice frontal view. Like last time, she was wearing shorts and a blouse that had an elastic band running below her breasts.
They weren't there more than 5 minutes before she reaches over and unzips Mr. Roper's shorts and her hand goes down exploring and pulls out his cock. He was pretty restrained by simply draping his right arm over her shoulder. But after a little bit his hand reached further and further down and started rubbing her right breast underneath her blouse. Then the top of the blouse kept being pulled down more and more to finally it was fully exposed.
At this point, Bea bends over and starts sucking on his cock for a few minutes. She sits back up and he pulls down her top exposing both her breasts. He begins rubbing them with an occassional lean over and sucking on her nipples. A guy seated in the back row stands up for a better look and asks Mr. Roper if it is OK if he touches her breasts. Mr. Roper nods and another set of hands begins exploring. The guy moves around to the front side of Bea and his cock is at full attention. I am sure he was hoping she would suck him off, but she would keep turning her head when his cock got within a couple of inches of her face.
Meanwhile he was rubbing and bending over and kissing her breasts. Meanwhile, the 4 other guys in the theatre got up and stood around stroking and watching. Bea reaches up with her right hand and begins stroking the guy while still stroking Mr. Roper with her left hand. After a bit, the guy says he is going to cum and Mr. Roper tells him to shoot on her tits which he does. Another guy takes his spot and Bea leans forward so he can titty-fuck her and he shoots his load. This continued until all the guys had cum. Bea leans back and rubs the cum all over her breasts and then bends over and sucks off Mr. Roper until he cums as well. They clean up and depart.
One of the quickest visits I had seen them as they were there less than 40 minutes, but most rewarding.
Doc here again... Another great report from JaxBchBum and the Sunshine State.  Keep on cranking out the reports, sir.  They are needed more than ever.